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Well lookey here… look what I just brought home from the studio!!! Just in time for tomorrow’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. Sure, most people do sgraffito’d porcelain in black & white… but I think color is more fun!!! Limited quantities… these might go fast?!!!

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And it’s just not sgraffito platters… I made a few “companion” bowls to go with them too! Truth be told… “just” platters don’t fill a kiln very effectively, so a few smaller bowls helped fill in some of the spaces between the platters!

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Here’s a little bit better look at my new platters as they were coming out of the kiln… in fact, some of the shots are actually of them still IN the kiln!!! It’s gonna be first-come-first-served tomorrow morning at my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito

Right on schedule… out of the bisque, still black & white… but then glazed and right back into another kiln. When they come back out they will be assorted shades of greens, blues and browns!!! Still on track to have them all ready for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

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Two views of each of the final sgraffito porcelain platters for the day. I told myself that whatever I could finish “today” could still get through the process and make it to my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW next weekend. They may still be warm, but… and now I’m done! For now.

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

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Carving up a few more porcelain sgraffito platters with my DiamondCore Tools! Clean lines, crisp edges and comfortable finger grips… which you may not think is important until you spend a full day carving platters!!!

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Playing with porcelain carving black & white patterns
with some of my favorite DiamondCore Tools!!!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito

More carving. More sgraffito.
Another porcelain platter “racing” its way towards next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito

Another sgraffito platter carved while firing the kiln today!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito

It was a very productive day today while firing…
cleaning, glazing, carving with my DiamondCore Toolsoh yeah, and firing too!!!