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Last week during my Tuesday night pottery class, my teaching assistant Susan did a little sgrafftio demo for the class. We made “bowls on purpose” the week before and introduced colored slips as a decorating option. This was one of those bowls… continuing the week a week later! So Susan explained what sgraffito is… basically decorative carving through a colored slip to “reveal” a design using the base clay color as a contrast. She showed our students how to do it, and then continued during class to make this beautiful “rose” pattern around the interior rim of the bowl.

To see more of Susan’s sgraffito work, follow her on Instagram! – @susanslogoff

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Another culinary treat from my friend Julie. This time some sort of chocolate torte with a raspberry glaze. Looks pretty yummy on a blue sgraffito platter! Thanks for sharing your masterpiece Julie… now if she could just share a slice of that torte too?!!!

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I mean, who doesn’t like a quick snack of spinach dip & crackers???… but it looks so much more impressive when served on a green sgraffito plate! So fancy for a quick appetizer Julie… thanks for upgrading your dip!!!

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Always fun to see my students so pleased with their work. Like Helen & Susaan showing off some of their sgraffito pieces carved during our SURFACE DECORATION class last session!

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And just in case you were wondering… here are a few finished pieces by My Talented Friend Susan Slogoff. She helped with our sgraffito class last night and brought these examples to share with my students. Crazy cool, right?!

Be sure to follow Susan on Instagram @susanslogoff

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Here are some of the sgraffito projects that my students created… along with Susan’s demo pieces from last night’s SURFACE DECORATION class. They had a great time playing with their little porcelain plates, as well as our “guest artist” Susan Slogoff. Such a fun night at Lillstreet!

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As part of last night’s “Sgraffito Surprise” demo in my SURFACE DECORATIONS class… I brought in my pal Susan Slogoff to show off some of her superior sgraffito skills. She’s one of our best sgraffito artists at Lillstreet and I knew that she would be a welcome “surprise” guest artist for my class! Susan shared info & did some demos before we unleashed my students to do their own sgraffito on some small porcelain plates I had pre-prepped for them!

Susan has been my teaching assistant for years, but with reduced class sizes at Lillstreet, we’ve also lost our assistants. It was so great to have her back in class with me… and looking forward to getting back to larger classes & having Susan back teaching with me!

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Tonight in my SURFACE DECORATION pottery class, we’re tackling a little sgraffito!!! I’ve got a couple surprises ready for them… and sharing my collection of DiamondCore Carving Tools for them to play with!!!

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So I kinda forgot about this bowl… trimmed & under plastic… still a remainder from our first night of SURFACE DECORATION class! We started with an ombre’ blend of green & white slips… which could have been enough. But more is more, right?! So I finally finished it off today with some decorative carving using a P1 curved tip carving tool from DiamondCore Tools. So much better now!

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Looks like Tracy is all decked-out for the Easter Bunny already… with her new green basket-bowl & cobalt blue sgraffito platter framing the colorful & “egg-citing” festivities!!!