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I just found two bowls that I made “awhile” back, and painted the interior with colored slip. I wrapped them up in plastic… and then apparently forgot about them. And it’s been “quite’ awhile… so they were harder & drier than I would like them to be. But with my one of my extra-sharp DiamondCore Tools they still carved like a dream!

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So much fun to see one of my Tuesday Night pottery students “test driving” her new V-tip DiamondCore Tools for the very first time… first time with this tool AND first time carving all together!!! Looks like Jen is off to an AMAZING start… a little carving prodigy in the making!!!

Categories: patterns, sgraffito, tools

Carved with my DiamondCore Tools!
Just needs a little brushing to clean-up the scraps after they dry!

Categories: bowls, sgraffito, tools

One of the ONLY “benefits” of working in my studio while the ceiling light fixture is not working is that I get some really dramatic photos from the tabletop task lights I had to install in the meantime. Like these carving through an ombre-slipped class demo bowl with one of my favorite DiamondCore Tools!

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After a bit more trimming, and a lot more spiraling curls, I finally finished another sgraffito platter… nice & clean with my DiamondCore Tools!!! These new sgraffito pieces got a good bit of lovin’ just before the holidays, so I thought maybe I should make some more?!!!

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And while I was firing a cone six glaze kiln, I not only glazed the sgraffito platters, but I also glazed some more sgraffito bowls too! They used to be white with a black band…now the colored glazes make them more fun & colorful while still allowing the carving detail to show through!


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Just a quick reminder of what these porcelain sgraffito bowls looked like BEFORE glazing. White porcelain with a band of black slip. Then I carved the patterns around the rim using my favorite DiamondCore Tools. Crisp, clean lines to reveal the white porcelain patterns through the black slip.

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And a third sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln! Since getting my DiamondCore Tools, I’ve started doing some carving of patterns through black slip. Not that I’m going to stop stamping any time soon… but I’m kind of enamored by these new sgraffito platters. Pretty good chance there will be more coming soon!!!

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Another sgraffito platter that came out of the kiln today. Black slip on white porcelain – carved through with my DiamondCore Tools to make crisp lines & designs! And then sprayed with a green cone six glaze!

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Also in the kiln… a couple sgraffito platters!!! They’ve been sitting bisqued in my studio for awhile and I finally got around to glazing them. And I’m LOVING them! Gotta love a good spiral!!!