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Another sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln! A beautiful cobalt blue glaze with carved sgraffito patterns through black underglaze. Another addition to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!

But there’s only one.. first come, first served!!!

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A green sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln… just in time for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW with socially-distanced appointments that begin tonight! A beautiful green glaze over black underglaze… and a pretty sweet spiral to boot!!!

Click here for more details & appointment times!

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In my Advanced Wheel class on Thursday, I did a little sgraffito demo for them on the demo platter I had thrown the week before. It’s a little different as I’m used to white clay with a dark slip… whereas this one is a dark clay with a light slip. I used a colored flashing slip, so “the plan” is that this will go into a soda kiln at some point… just to see what happens. I’m not sure the carving is done yet… but this is as far as I got during the class demo with my DiamondCore Carving Tools. I’ll do a bit more carving & cleaning up before I let it start drying.

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Last night in my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class, one of my students wanted to do a bit of sgraffito carving… some creepy & scraggly trees just in time for Halloween! So what better way than to let her borrow my assortment of DiamondCore Tools to get her carving groove on!!!

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Sure, I could have left this bowl with the simple ombre colors gradating from blue to orange… but MORE IS MORE, right?! So I decided to do a little carving through the colored slip with my DiamondCore Tools instead!

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Before teaching class this morning, I did a little more sgraffito carving on this large platter. I started the carving as part of last week’s class demo for my Intermediate class… but then kinda “forgot about it” under plastic in my studio. So now I’ve done a bit more carving & cleaning up with my DiamondCore Tools.

I think it looks a lot better than how I had left it after class?!

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Tonight in class, Kelly had a plate that she wanted to decorate. She had hoped to do some stamping, but it was a bit too dry already. So she did some sgraffito carving instead. And to make her carving lines cleaner & sharper, I brought down my collection of DiamondCore Tools for her to try out. Always a good choice for crisp carving lines… and I’m always willing to share!!!

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In my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class today, I did a little sgraffito carving demo for them… using my favorite DiamondCore Tools! They learned how to throw platters in class two weeks ago… it only seemed right that we “finish” the demo platter with a little “demo” sgraffito!!!

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Pre-pandemic we were just finishing up our Great Lillstreet Throwdown class… just a couple days later the world shutdown! So now, several months later, some of my students are just now getting around to glazing their pieces. These are two pieces by Jacob… a sgraffito carved bowl and his Volkswagon VW flower brick!!!

A far cry from Jacob’s penchant for dipping all of his pots in a plain lavender glaze like he did for the first couple years!

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I mean, if you’re going to show off some of my handmade bowls… THIS is how you do it!!! Not only did they put ice cream in them, but also some homemade rhubarb crisp!!! I can practically taste it from here!!! Thanks for sharing Keith & Julie… next time you make this I might just need to make a quick road trip?!!!