Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With Summer coming all-too-quickly to an end, and a BEAUTIFUL day last Wednesday, I decided to take the day off and play hooky!!! I drove up to Rock Cut State Park in Rockford.

We used to go camping there all the time as kids, so it was a bit of a flashback! Such a beautiful day hiking around the lake a couple times… logging in some good miles of beautiful scenery… and a very relaxing & much needed day off!

And after a LOT of beautiful scenery… of course we had to have a bit of reality! Which of course is totally fine by me… I have a strange attraction to roadkill. The whole “circle of life” thing I guess.

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Smoke in the sky… feathers in the sand.

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On my way home, I also saw this guy cooling off at Jackson Harbor. Always fun to see a Great Blue Heron hanging out in the water fishing. Keenly watching the water waiting for breakfast! I’m always amazed at how large they are, kinda prehistoric… and that we have them in the City?!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with these stamped & soda-fired pieces! Loving the color, the soda “orange peel” finish… oh yeah, and the shadow!!!

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So I met a friend down along Montrose Harbor this morning while taking pictures of the clouds moving in! And by friend, I mean a high-spirited squawking & chirping red-wing backbird making quite a ruckus to show me I was in HIS area… and should move along… complete with a flew “fly-by’s” as he swooped around my helmet!

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Still on our bikes Friday… and yet another reason to STOP!!! I mean, how many times do you get to stop and see a flock of emu running around?! Crazy cool birds – so odd, pretty ugly & kinda prehistoric! All good reasons to stop my bike to see the emus!!!

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While the clouds roll through today, it was a beautifully sunny day yesterday… perfect for a bike ride up to where the “path ends” and back again. Such a pretty day pedaling north to the Great Lakes Naval Base, through Fort Sheridan, Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Chicago River North Branch Trail.

Great fun to find my friends Allison & Terry at Openlands…
while he was busy trying to balance more rocks along the lakefront!

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With the past couple days of rain, and a LOT of rain
it was no surprise that much of the North Branch Bike Trail was FLOODED!!!

But the weather this afternoon was so nice that I couldn’t let a little “closed” sign deter me too much! But a lot of the bike trail and its surrounding areas were flooded… new ponds & streams where they’re not supposed to be! Still a great ride if you know how to work around the floods… and always fun to see the deer hanging out along the way!

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Another wonderful sculpture on the Loyola campus. More of that wonderful patina color & texture I love so much… plus cool angles & lines!

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And for the record…
YES there are elk in Elk Grove Village!!!

Okay, so let’s not get crazy. I grew up in Elk Grove Village so it is no surprise to me. However, they’re all “contained” in a fenced-in area of the Busse Woods Forest Preserve. It’s not like I just happened upon him in a clearing while hiking… which would have been SO much cooler & such a better story to share!!! Still very majestic and always to cool to spend time playing out in nature.