Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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While most people would use it as a spoon rest…
looks like this bearded dragon prefers it as a BED?!!!

So good to know that my pottery is so multi-functional. Ha!!!
Thanks for sharing Chrissy-Chick!

Categories: animals, summer camp

Kathryn’s adorable cat cup in the works! Ya’ gotta love Summer Camp creativity!


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Thanks to everyone who offered up some adorable names for my niece Taylor’s new puppy. And after my “lobbying” for the obvious choice… OREO… she decided to go with one of her original three names… RILEY.

Still cute nonetheless!


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It was a wonderfully windy Century bike ride yesterday… The Udder Century…
with more than half of it straight into the wind or gusty side winds!!!
But nearing the end of our 100 miles, we ran across this farm with friendly folks
wanting to play! I’ve often said “The best part of biking is stopping.”
I’m always ready to check out a new adventure along the route!