Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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One of the funniest collaborations at ART IN THE GARDEN last weekend were the funky chickens made by Cory McCrory & Jill Miller. As artists we love the chance to “play” with another artist to see what happens! I’m sure these two had a great time creating these fantastic creatures… with Jill dyeing the fabric & Cory making the ceramic body parts!!!

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Enjoying a little sunshine this afternoon lunching on the Lillstreet Rooftop with my Summer Campers… along with a black swallowtail butterfly who seems to be enjoying his floral lunch as well.

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Hard to believe that it has already been two years today since my Mom passed away. And you know I don’t believe in all that “mumbo-jumbo hoodoo-voodoo” stuff. But… when a “sign” shows up and slaps you in the face… sometimes you take notice!

I was on my back porch this afternoon talking to my neighbors and Melanie asked how my Dad was doing these days. At that very moment, a hummingbird appeared flitting around my geraniums. It was the first hummingbird we’ve seen… and at the VERY moment Mel asked about my Dad?! Really???… c’mon Like my Mom was there telling us that everything was good… and that my Dad is doing great.

If that was a “sign”… I’ll take it!

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Another day, another sunrise… another “later than normal.” A quiet morning with a few big clouds, followed by some great shimmering reflections. A wonderful morning biking along the lakefront.

And yes, just in case you’re wondering, that is indeed a dog on a paddleboard being pulled by a swimmer in the morning sunrise.

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A little surprise visitor this morning… waiting for me on my third-floor deck when I returned from my morning bike ride! Looks like he’s waiting to get into my neighbor’s place… even though he doesn’t live there?! He was friendly enough… but I think he’s one floor too high. I believe he lives on the second floor and might have gotten locked out overnight???

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Making friends along the lakefront. Stopped my bike to dip my feet in the lake… and along came this family of geese. Cute little goslings, feet paddling a-mile-a-minute! Adorable… until Dad hopped out of the water and started hissing at me!!!

“Hey Buddy, I was sitting there first!!!”

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And then THIS happened!!!

This little cutie was a brave soldier and came over to say hello! He just sauntered over while the other deer stayed a good “social-distance” away. This guy didn’t care… he just wanted a little human interaction… much like the rest of us these days!

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While biking through the forest preserves yesterday, it’s always fun to try to spot the deer along the way. It was a little tougher than normal yesterday as everything is BROWN still!!! But still a great game… and I counted a total of twenty-eight! Another good day!!!

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Yesterday afternoon I made it out for a beautiful bike ride up to the Chicago Botanic Garden and through the Skokie Lagoons. I found this wonderful area that has become a rookery for Great Blue Herons!!! There were at least 35 nests up there… many of them with a heron perched on top!

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The beautiful old facade of the Medinah Temple downtown. I remember being a little kid and going down there every year to see some Russian Circus performing in this beautiful building… back when circuses were circuses… with overly-trained dancing bears in human clothing that even way back then I knew wasn’t quite right!