Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Here’s a few of the collaboration salt & pepper shakers sets that went home yesterday. It’s a “mix & match” your own perfect set collaboration. You get one Cory shaker, one Gary shaker and one tray by either me or Cory. A fun game to put together your “perfect” set… a little harder for some with far too many combination options! Remember, again today only at ART IN THE GARDEN. We have a lot of great shakers & combinations left to play with!!!

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Amy Taylor made an amazing pendant using a ceramic hand made by Cory McCrory!!!
Just another collaboration you’ll see at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend
in Glenview!!! Stop by Saturday or Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm.

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Here’s another “sneak peek” at some of the collaboration pieces that ART IN THE GARDEN host & master metalsmith Amy Taylor made with my textured tile “cabachons.” Limited quantities… come early to snatch yours up!

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So I got a quick sneak peek at some more of the collaboration pieces that Amy Taylor has been working on with whimsical clay body parts by Cory McCrory & wood-turned pieces by Ken Skaggs. Can’t wait to see them for the big final reveal at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend in Glenview!!!

Here’s the full information for ART IN THE GARDEN… tomorrow & Sunday!!!

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So Cory has added a thin layer of glaze on her pieces. Looks like her trays have been dipped… while she has a brilliant “trick” to keep the glaze out of the ole of her salt & pepper shakers!

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Looks like Cory has been adding some color to her pieces too.
The underglaze might look a little muted now, but if you know Cory and her work…
you know they’re going to be a lot more vibrant later!



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It’s the Collaboration Countdown… and my partner in crime has been cranking out her pieces too!!! Stop by ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend to see the final results when Cory McCrory and I put everything together!


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The “original plan” was to make 30 shakers each. But have you met me? I just couldn’t help myself. Once I got started I was kinda on a roll. One more lead to another… and soon enough I had NINETY!!!

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With my collaboration shakers coming together nicely, it was time to finish them off with some colorful flashing slips and underglazes. Since Cory McCrory’s work is so bright & whimsical, I kinda felt I had to brighten my color palette. Up my game a bit. Fingers crossed that some of these bright underglazes work well in the soda firing!!! We’ll find out tomorrow night when I unload the kiln… and then Saturday morning when they are “revealed” at ART IN THE GARDEN.

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So I’ve been working hard trying to build my portion of the collaboration project I’m doing with Cory McCrory. Lots of assembling, lots of stamping, lots of drilling. It’s been a fun project, and it’s all finally coming together on my end. And I’m pretty sure Cory’s are coming along nicely too. I can’t wait to put everything together when we get to Glenview this weekend for ART IN THE GARDEN.