Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like things are coming along nicely in Cory’s studio…
more of the collaboration pieces she’s working on for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!
Hopefully our pieces & parts will “play well” with each other!!!

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More from Cory’s studio… more teasers of the collaboration project we’re working on
for ART IN THE GARDEN. Textures & curves… more to come!

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And speaking of ART IN THE GARDEN collaborations…
here’s another one I’ve been working on with Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks!
Looking forward to seeing what she does with these porcelain buttons…
of course after they’re glazed!

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So I’ve been working on these little “pocket” pieces… still not quite sure why?! One of the best parts of ART IN THE GARDEN is the collaborations that happen amongst the artists. These were “designed” by metalsmith Amy Taylor for our collaboration. She came up with an idea, and I’m always willing to play. I’m still not quite sure what she’s going to do with them after they’re soda-fired… but I’m sure it will be something really cool… like everything Amy does!!!


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Working on my collaboration project with Cory McCrory for ART IN THE GARDEN. She may have had a bit of a head-start… but I think I did pretty good at catching up today!!! More to come…

Okay, now let’s not get crazy…
these are three views of the same cylinders!!! It’s NOT over  a hundred cylinders!!!

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HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out to ART IN THE BARN this weekend…
especially all of those who went home with one of our limited edition collaboration pieces!!!
It was such a beautiful weekend, and so much fun hanging out with so many talented artists
and supportive friends & family. It was a great way to finish up my summer art fair season.
Thanks again!!!

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One last “sneak preview” of a few of the collaboration pieces that we’re bringing to ART IN THE BARN this weekend. My friend & multi-media painter Cheryl Holz and I have been working on combined works. One of her beautiful paintings in one of my stamped & soda-fired picture frames. They are a limited edition of twenty… so come out to Barrington early to get your own “clay & paint” collaboration masterpiece!!!

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So Cheryl Holz has been narrowing it down. Finalizing the pairings of her multi-media paintings with my stamped & soda-fired frames. Once she decides, and stops second-guessing herself, they will be adhered to the picture frame. Then they will all be making their way to ART IN THE BARN this weekend. We will reveal the collaboration in both of our booths… she’ll have half of them upstairs, and I’ll have the other half downstairs in The Barn.

Be sure to stop by… quantities are very limited!


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So Cheryl has been putting in more time than we expected matching up her paintings with my soda-fired frames. It’s kind of amazing how changing a frame, switching a painting, flipping the pair, etc. can make such a huge difference?! It’s like a big shell game trying to find & put together all of the perfect pairs. Glad it’s her and not me… and we thought making the art itself was the hard part?!!!


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I’m sure all of the artists showing are frantically getting ready for ART IN THE BARN this weekend. I know that my friend & master painter Cheryl Holz is cranking out a lot of new work… including these minis with paint, encaustic, inclusions, etc. The best part is that these minis are destined to live in the soda-fired picture frames that I made. It’s been a fun collaboration project… coming soon to ART IN THE BARN. We’re both in The Barn… Cheryl is upstairs, and I’m downstairs!!!