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For this Tuesday’s potluck, one of my new students pulled out ALL the stops!!! And made homemade OREO’s in four flavors… almond, raspberry, lemon and chocolate mint. And oh, but wait there’s more… she also STAMPED the cookies with a symbol to show which flavor was which… and made a “legend” too! AMAZING!!! Jen sure rocked this potluck… and her way into my heart… and stomach!


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For this week’s final pottery class of the session, we had a fun potluck & pottery exchange! Ashley suggested we go with a potluck theme and chose “tropical”… which goes against my “all-chocolate instincts.” So I went with a pineapple cheesecake with coconut cookie crust.

But the real question… who cuts a cake from two different sides at the same time? What? I was confused.

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Last night we played with clay to celebrate Kieran’s upcoming nuptials.
The “bachelorette” group had already been to the Art Institute, and had pizza for dinner,
next stop was the studio for some terra cotta fun! They all made textured slabs
that they turned into vases & mugs. So much fun to see them working together
through the generations. Such a wonderful group of family & friends…
which I’m honored to say I’m part of!

Who’s to say what “trouble” the girls got into though after they left the studio?!!!

Lots of fun & laughter… lots of encouragement & support… a lot of great pots!
All of which ended with little Ryann scrubbing down the tables!








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So he’s at it again… the carving addiction has taken a hold of my student Dave.
My class demo intrigued him… so he bought his own DiamondCore Carving Tool
and now he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s definitely found a new direction for his work.
I can’t wait to see where this new passion takes him!!!

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Tuesday night during class, one of my students gave me one of the cutest gifts EVER!!! Catherine has been making these adorable porcelain lidded jars for awhile… and they keep getting smaller & smaller… and even cuter & cuter!!! Thanks to Catherine, this little cutie came home with me!!!

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This week in my pottery class we were ROCKIN’ THE CASBAH!!!
With original cream & chocolate filled OREOs “imported” from Morocco!
One of my students brought them back from vacation to add to our class obsession.
Fun to see the wrappers written in Arabic! Not quite as sweet as our local OREOs…
but we still chowed them down! Thank you Patty!

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One of my pottery students just bought his first DiamondCore Carving Tool after last week’s class demo. Looks like he’s already channeling his “Inner Carver”! I especially love the little carve-through accents!

Just a few swirls in and he was already hooked!!! I know that cutting through was a mistake… but like that he left it there and fully incorporated it into his overall design. After this we discussed “dribble glasses.” Ha!!

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Last night in class we discussed some surface decoration techniques… stamping, colored slip, slip trialing, sgraffito, sprigs, more colored slip and carving. I shared my love of Diamond Core Tools with my class… and let them all give them a try. They too loved how sharp they are and how they create such clean & sharp edges!

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I have the “sweetest” students… especially when they make sweet sugar cookies for class!!!
And the fact that they were Halloween pumpkins made them even SWEETER!!!

Thanks Dan for sharing the sugar!!!

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Last night in my pottery class we had a bit of pre-Halloween fun with trick-or-treat goodie bags that I made up for my students. Filled with candy, toys, trinkets, pottery tools.. and one special bag had a Pumpkin from the GHOULS COLLECTION!!! Congrats to Catherine for picking that lucky bag!!!