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So tonight in my pottery class it was Kate’s BIRTHDAY! And since we can’t “share” a package of OREO’s anymore during these crazy days… I decided we should be able to celebrate with individual serving packages hermetically sealed & safe for everyone.

So I added candles… got ready for class to surprise her…

Only to find out that Kate didn’t come tonight!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah…
So the real question… do I save them for next week?…
or do I eat them… and do I get some bonus points for at least trying???

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For class tonight I did a couple demos of throwing plates & platters. For this dinner plate I channeled my inner Steven Showalter… trying out some of his amazing textural slip work! Thanks Steven for being such a great teacher & sharing so much online. Love your work, your techniques & your willingness to share! I just payed it forward!!

Be sure to follow Steven on Instagram – @stevenshowalterpottery

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Here’s your chance to come play in the mud with me!!! New for the Fall session starting next week… I’ll be teaching Advanced Wheelthrowing on Thursday mornings from 10:00am-1:00pm. There’s still a couple openings… even though my Beginning & Intermediate Wheel classes are already booked.

Check out to register for Fall classes!!!

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And not to be out-done… Melanie had a pretty adorable final piece in her Matryoshka set as well. This teeny-tiny little cat jar was just PRECIOUS!!! Also worth the wait… finally glazed after several months of waiting & sheltering-at-home!

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After the mug “trading-exchanging-stealing” game at my final Intermediate Wheelthrowing class… I came away with these two beauties! One faceted, twisted & textured mug by Christi, and a carved texture & shino swirl mug by Stephanie! Both wonderful additions to my ever-overflowing Mug Collection!

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As part of the final class of my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class at Lillstreet, I had challenged them to bring two matching mugs for a fun “trading-exchanging-stealing” game! I made my mugs for the game… although I couldn’t make it to the final class as I was at ART IN THE GARDEN.

My substitute teacher Chelsea covered the class, and they all decided to trade the mugs – but to mix up the pairs so people would get two different mugs by two different people! Looks like Stephanie got one of mine!!!

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It’s always fun to see student work on the carts at Lillstreet where your “influence” can be seen! Darcy took my online stamp-making workshop a couple months ago… and has clearly been giving her new stamps a little workout! These look GREAT Darcy!!! Keep it up… but be careful, it’s a VERY slippery slope!!!

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So one of my Saturday morning “Intermediate” students bought her first few DiamondCore Tools… and then quickly set-off on carving a tall vase. Looks like she’s already well along the way down that proverbial “slippery slope”!!! Way to go Stephanie – looks great. Love all the crazy-cool textures!!!

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In my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class today, I did a little sgraffito carving demo for them… using my favorite DiamondCore Tools! They learned how to throw platters in class two weeks ago… it only seemed right that we “finish” the demo platter with a little “demo” sgraffito!!!

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After I stamped the demo platter, Olivia felt inspired… and ready to tackle her first stamping project. So she borrowed one of my “favorite” stamps and made a double ring around her newest mug! I told her to be careful… it’s a very slippery-slope!