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Homemade Pottery Aprons

Every potter loves playing in the mud.
But that doesn’t mean that they want to wear it all the time.
So a new potter’s apron might just be the perfect gift for your favorite potter... or yourself!

Even my friend & fellow potter Greg Schultz wears his apron proudly…

Specialized Potter Aprons : Handmade by my late Mom!!!
Sadly, my Mom passed away in August 2019…
so these aprons are the very best of her sewing legacy!

My pottery buddy Catherine showing of her new apron… her first apron was literally threadbare where she wipes her hands on her thighs every day. Not too bad though, as she has been wearing that apron practically every day for over a decade!!!

My Mom made these aprons for several years, making & selling well over a hundred of them over the past decade. She always loved to sew, and these aprons definitely made her feel like she was a part of my pottery adventure. We designed the pattern together to fit every potter’s needs… and then she went to town making aprons. Sadly, she’s no longer with us… and these pottery aprons will be part of her legacy.

We miss you Mom!