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Stamping up another batch of small cups & tea bowls.
Adding texture as my Holiday Home Show is just two weeks away!!!

MY HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS : Saturday, November 23rd & Sunday, November 24th

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So I just sub taught Lisa’s Sunday morning pottery class… where we did my favorite “Demo On Demand.” We tackled stamping bowls, throwing off the hump, lidded casseroles… and sharing all of the tricks & tips I could pull out along the way. So much fun… those three hours just flew by!!!

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Another large stamped platter and the tools that did “most’ of the work.
Sure, it’s a LOT of individual impressions one after another…
but the final result is pretty darn cool.

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Another platter stamped… all done with just one stamp pressed in over & over & over again!
Did I mention over & over?… again & again???

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Spending some of Saturday stamping again! Like this large platter from last Tuesday’s class demo! Before & after… and the stamp that did all the magic!

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Last Tuesday in my pottery class, some of my students ended the night with a little stamp-making seminar! We talked about how to make them, what to keep in mind design-wise… and how they should just make a LOT of stamps with the hope that they’ll run across a few that they love using!

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Working on another set of porcelain mugs… stamping patterns & textures into them.
So here’s the before & after shots, as well as the stamps that did all of the magic!

Mug One -

Mug Two -

Mug Three -

Mug Four -

Mug Five -

Mug Six -

Mug Seven -

Mug Eight -

Mug Nine -

Mug Ten -

Mug Eleven -

Mug Twelve -

Mug Thirteen -

Mug Fourteen -

Mug Fifteen -

Mug Sixteen -

Mug Seventeen -

Mug Eighteen -

Mug Nineteen -

Mug Twenty -

Mug Twenty-One -

So for now they’re all wrapped up under plastic… waiting at least another night until they stiffen up enough for me to start trimming the bottoms. Once trimmed, they will all start getting handles to become mugs!



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Last night in class, one of my students was making a masterpiece of her own… stamping a shallow bowl with one of her own handmade stamps and adding final touches with the side of a paintbrush to add a bit of texture around the outer rim. I feel like a “proud papa”!!!

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Another batch of cylinders on their way to becoming MUGS!!!
Of course they needed to be stamped… soon to be trimmed and have their handles
attached. Until then… they’re just kinda pretty cylinders!!!

Cylinder #1 -

Cylinder #2 -

Cylinder #3 -

Cylinder #4 -

Cylinder #5 -

Cylinder #6 -

Cylinder #7 -

Cylinder #8 -

Cylinder #9 -

Cylinder #10 -

Cylinder #11 -

Cylinder #12 -


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We’re in our third week of my Beginning Wheel class. They’re moving along nicely, but at some point they’re going to be ready to start decorating… and “quite possibly” do a little stamping. So last night in class we sat down to have them make some new stamps for themselves to use. Of course they  need to dry and be bisque fired first. But then they’ll get to play with texture & pattern. Two of my FAVORITE things!!!