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After my sgraffito demo Thursday morning, I also did a quick stamping demo for them as well. One stamped impression at a time… one after another… all the way around!

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Doing some more repetitive stamping on a couple larger pieces tonight… row by row, layer by layer… one stamp at a time!

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Making some mini vases in the studio today…
and of course, mini vases need mini stamps, right?!

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As part of me “demo-on-demand” teaching philosophy… we also tackled a quick demo in stamp making tonight in class. I’ll try to get them bisqued quickly so my students can start using them next week in class!

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So I’ve been stamping another batch of mugs! A little “something” different as they wre made with a new kind of clay. A tilemaker friend of mine bought some new clay and didn’t like how it “felt” when he started using it. And then when he fired his tiles, they all cracked during the firing. So he believes there might be something wrong with the clay?! He passed it on to me to give it a try… and here I did. I will agree it felt a little goopey & sticky… a little more finicky… but ultimately I made some cylinders for mugs. It was a little tougher to get them to stand up & hold their shape. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it… as he’s planning on passing his “bad” clay onto me!!! Bring it on… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Mug 1 – before & after…

Mug 2 – before & after…

Mug 3 – before & after…

Mug 4 – before & after…

Mug 5 – before & after…

Mug 6 – before & after…

Mug 7 – before & after…

Mug 8 – before & after…

Mug 9 – before & after…

So for now

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Just doin’ a bit of stamping again… on another batch of mugs again! Handmade stamps making textures & patterns on handmade mugs!

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So after a full day of playing hooky in the perfectly beautiful outdoors… I did feel a tiny tinge of guilt… so I stopped by the studio to do a little stamping… and then THIS happened!!!!

So I just finished stamping another large platter.
One “magical” stamp doing most of the work!!!

Starting with just one line along the perimeter…

And if one line looks good… why not make it TWO?!!!

Two is good… but let’s go all the way with FOUR!!!

And here’s the handmade clay stamp that did “all” of the work!!!

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Spent a little time making some more bowls. They’ve were thrown yesterday and kept under-wraps overnight. So today they were just a little too damp to stamp. But after leaving them set out for a half hour or so, they were good to go. So I did some stamping… because I’m addicted… and because MORE IS MORE!!!

So here they are… before… after… and the stamp that did most of the work!!!








So for now, they’re all back under plastic so they can dry a bit slower. They still need to be trimmed & dried… and then bisque fired… glazed… and fired again! Still a ways to go – but they’re looking pretty good so far!

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MUG UPDATE: Trimmed, but not handled.
TEST TILES: I got a little side-tracked tonight by starting a new batch of test tiles. A friend gave me a new clay body to try out… and I’ve been wanting to make new test tiles for some of my studio glazes. Apparently tonight was the night to get the project started. Not like I’ve had a couple “free” months to work on this…

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During class last Saturday, I showed my students how to throw dinner plates. My demo piece has been under plastic in my studio… and it was finally time to do a bit of stamping!!!

I also showed my Saturday students how to throw a larger platter… which gives you more space to decorate! More space, MORE STAMPING!!!…

And you know my motto… more is more!!!