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Back in the studio for another VERY quiet night alone… stamping some more porcelain patterns! One-by-one. All the way around. So much more fun when there are people around the place to distract me from getting my work done!

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Tonight I got to do a little stamping here & there… and there… and there… just a few more porcelain cylinders working their towards becoming more mugs!!!

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Still staying safe… still social distancing… still trying to get some work done. I’m hoping that when all this craziness passes… people will be flooding to the art fairs to stock-up on some new pottery… and I want to be ready!!! Until then, I’m gonna keep making pots to help keep my own “sanity.” I hope everyone out there is staying safe, staying strong & staying healthy!!!

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Celebrating TEXTURE TUESDAY with a little stamped texture around the rim of this platter. Stamp by stamp. One by one… by one… by one!!!

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Just a little early morning stamping going on… no sunrise bike ride in the rain!!! Instead, playing with some stamped patterns on these little porcelain bowls.

All stamped for now… back under plastic so they can stiffen up a bit more… and then I get to trim some footrings onto the bottoms of them!

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We kicked off NATIONAL OREO COOKIE DAY just a little bit early… last night when one of my THROWDOWN students made a mini ceramic OREO!!! Yes!!! Christine found this amazing metal stamp online and knew “we just had to have it”!!! Oh, the possibilities!

Now let’s not get crazy…
I’m still eating actual OREOs today to celebrate this momentous occasion!!!

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Last night I finished off the latest batch of mugs with some final accents & detailing with colored flashing slips. So now they’re drying before they go into a bisque kiln… and then glazed… and then into the soda kiln where these flashing slips will change colors as they get hit with the flames & the soda atmosphere!

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So I spent part of the day today stamping my latest batch of cylinders destined to become MUGS!!! You know they’re my favorite thing to make… and my “default” if I don’t have a real plan going into the studio! So it was a good day… lots of stamping… lots of patterns… lots of FUN!!!

And making it a little “extra” fun… these are the first cylinders that I’ve stamped using the new batch of stamps I made a couple weeks ago! It’s always fun to see what patterns they actually make after bisque firing… both as single stamps, as well as in multiple repetitions!

Mug A

Mug B

Mug C

Mug D

Mug E

Mug F

Mug G

Mug H

Mug I

Mug J

Mug K

Mug L

Mug K

And for now they’re all under wraps for the night. I hope to get them trimmed tomorrow… and quite possible get some handles on them too!!!

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Working in the studio tonight doing a little stamping.
Looks like more mugs in the making. Go figure.

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It’s another Texture Tuesday… and another two-fer!
One in the studio and one at the Conservatory.