Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Little tiny pots need little tiny stamps, right???
I mean, just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they should go unadorned!!!

That would just be wrong…

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Just finished my first week of Summer Camp…
and just decorating another platter in my studio after the kids have left!

Categories: platters, stamped, stamps, surface decoration

Another plate. Another stamp.
Just added a textured rim around this dinner plate!

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In one of my classes, a student asked if they could borrow my stamps… and I said “no”… but I’ll show you how to make some of your own! I happened to have some of my MKM Pottery Tools with me in class, so we rolled some slabs, textured them with the handrollers… and then cut out sections of the pattern. We attached little nugget handles on the back, and then bisque-fired them. They now work as stamps… and they all had a great time in class “making their own stamps!!!

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After the “surprise” rain this afternoon… it was back into the studio to do a little more platter stamping. Changing a plain wheelthrown platter into a decoratively textured platter. All with just one handmade clay stamp pressed in over & over & over again!

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Celebrating another #FloralFriday with some pretty flowers in one of my stamped & soda-fired oval vase. One of the benefits of an oval vase it is keeps the flowers tight, and spreads them wide so you can see more of them. Enjoy… hope they brighten your day!

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A little cloudy this morning, so I went into the studio for another 10×10 challenge… and I tackled a batch of rectangle tiles that I’ve been formulating a “plan” for! Some of the tiles were made with my MKM Pottery Tools … while others were made with my own handmade clay stamps.

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Time for some more stamping… using one stamp pattern for each pot. Just making each one a little different… all the while hoping the stamps line-up & don’t overlap in some crazy way when I get back around to where I started!!! Fingers crossed…

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By now you know my mantra… MORE IS MORE.

Why stop with a smooth platter with a good spiral?… when you could create a cool texture?! So much more fun when you start stamping with one handmade stamp. One stamp, two stamp, three stamp, more! Over & over & over again… just one stamped impression at a time!

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With a gray & gloomy start to the day… instead of biking, here’s some “sunrise stamping” to kick-off my morning. One handmade clay stamp… pressed in over & over & over again. Racing a deadline to get these done… seems I work best under pressure?! HA!!!