Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The third member of the Sculpture Show in Evanston this weekend was Steve Skinner from Black Tree Studio Pottery… and it was these large platters on the wall with miniature houses that caught my attention. For more information on Steve’s work, click on

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As part of the Sculpture Show in Evanston this weekend, another one of “My Talented Friends” was showing off her sculptural work too. Darlys Ewoldt makes these amazing metal sculptures… hollow forms assembled & colored. I have no real concept of how she makes metal do this… but they are always crazy cool forms that draw you right into them! For more work by Darlys, click on her website at

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This afternoon we set-up our Sculpture Gallery Show for my summer campers’ last day of SCULPTURE CAMP. A great way for them to show-off their oversized sculpture masterpieces for their parents, guests, visitors & other summer campers! They were so cute acting as artists, docents & greeters… a great way to end another fantastic week of Summer Camp!!!

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So my Summer Camp kids are rushing towards the end of their week with me… which means tomorrow is finishing touches on their sculptures!!! Followed by their SCULPTURE GALLERY SHOW at 3:00pm tomorrow afternoon. They’ve worked hard on their pieces all week and are anxious to show-off their talents.

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Yep, another week of gooey-sloppy fun playing with plaster gauze building our larger sculptures! They start with building an armature structure out of cardboard boxes, wire, chicken wire, newspaper, more wire and a LOT of masking tape. Today they covered the armature with a layer plaster gauze. Tomorrow we add on details & textures… and then start painting to make them really come to life!

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Our SCULPTURE CAMP “Gallery Show” was a huge success! My summer campers were so proud & excited to show-off their sculptural masterpieces to the parents & guests that stopped by. They worked really hard all week… not only making their sculptures & flowerpots… but also memorizing over forty famous artists along the way “thinking” it was just a game!!! Little did they know I masterminding a few fun art history lessons along the way!

JANE – Orange Fox

ABBEY – Her Painting Art Table

BLYTH – A Large Bowl of Macaroni & Cheese with a Cat & Mouse Swimming in it!

MAXINE – Stacked Earth… ala Robert Indiana style!

AMAY – An Elephant Head

AVILEY – Chocolate Labroador

CECELIA – The Panda

SOPHIA – Vintage Movie Camera

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So my summer camp kids spent a lot of time painting their pieces for SCULPTURE CAMP yesterday & today. They were kind under a deadline as their “Gallery Show Opening” was at 3:00pm this afternoon. We finished painting just before lunch as planned… giving the acrylic paints a chance to dry before sending them home in their Mom & Dad’s clean cars!!!

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So if anyone is around Lillstreet this Friday at 3:00pm, my summer campers would like to invite you to their SCULPTURE SHOW. We’re going to turn our classroom into a gallery space to show-off their sculptures & flower pots. They will be setting up the show with proper gallery displays & signage, and work the show as docents to explain their work to the guests (parents) who stop by! They’ve worked hard this week… and they would love to show it off!

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Let the slimey & messy fun of plaster gauze begin!!! My BIG SCULPTURES summer camp has started adding layers of plaster gauze to their sculptures! We’re trying to cover all of the “armature” first… and then they’ll move on to details & textures… and then painting to finish them off!

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So yesterday my summer camp kids finished their sculptural flowerpots… and have moved onto their BIG SCULPTURES!!! We’ve built the “armatures” out of cardboard, dowel rods, wire hangers, newspaper and a LOT of masking tape!!! Next, they’ll start covering everything with plaster gauze… kinda like paper mache’ on crack!!!