Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It was also perfect timing to find the Gold Star Families Memorial sculpture all lit up with sunrise reflections. Just south of the Museum Campus, between the harbor and Soldier Field… a fun moment as you pedal up the hill to be greeted by this sunrise surprise!

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As part of my Sculpture Summer Camp, I like to teach the kids some art history along the way… this time focused on famous sculptors! I made a set of flash cards for some famous sculptures – many of which are in Chicago that the kids might have seen. I also tried to show them at least two pieces by each artist so they weren’t just memorizing one photo… but trying to get them to learn about their style, subject matter and time period. And just to keep them on their toes… there are a few duplicates along the way!

The trick to using flash cards is to make it a game… so at some point, they’re so excited to play a game that they don’t even realize they’re learning stuff at the same time! By the end of the week, most of the kids have memorized all of the following artists… first and last name!!!

Like this game on Friday where I turned it into the classic game of “MEMORY” where they had to match up the cards – finding two cards by the same artist. Keeping safe social distances with a LOT of hand sanitizer along the way!

Not the sculpture name, but the actual artist… first & last name!

I must admit I had to Google a few of them myself.
I mean… do you know who made the Venus de Milo???
… and his name is NOT Milo!!!

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Along my ride yesterday through the Skokie Northshore Channel Park, I passed this statue to Gandhi… with some very thoughtful, caring & appropriate messages especially during these trying times.

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Another wonderful sculpture on the Loyola campus. More of that wonderful patina color & texture I love so much… plus cool angles & lines!

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Some smaller wall pieces by metal artist Darlys Ewoldt. Each one perfect it it’s own right… but even “perfect-er” when grouped together. I mean… more is more, right?!

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Two AMAZING sculptural metal wall pieces by Darlys Ewoldt… hollow constructed forms with amazing color & patina surfaces. Just one of the talented artists at the Pop-Up Gallery Show this weekend at Space 900 in Evanston.

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Just a couple of Sarah Chapman’s sculptural wall pieces… each with an actual pendant necklace that works into it now… but can easily be taken off to wear out as a piece of jewelry!!!

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There’s a new sculpture along the lakefront!!! A new Keith Haring piece installed alongside Belmont Harbor. It went in late last Fall, and it’s still surrounded by construction fencing… probably until the memorial gardens are planted this Spring. It’s a large piece… see it in comparison to my bike!!!

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Now if only we had a little more snow…
I could totally get outside to make one of these “tasty” snow sculptures! HA!!!
Thanks to Snow Art Zone for the inspiration!

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Okay, so who else remembers these?!… or maybe it’s just a Chicago-thing???
Automatic plastic molded sculptures while you wait!!! Who doesn’t want that?!

The sound of the machine cranking.
The clear bubble to let you see it working.
The smell of the molten plastic.
Pulling them out of the slot while they’re still hot.
Having to carry them upside-down while the plastic cools & solidifies!!!
Whenever we went to the Zoo or a Museum, we would get to choose which ONE of these little statues we wanted as a souvenir.

And every time I smell that melted plastic… I’m eight years old again!!!

For even more about the MOLD-A-RAMA… click here!

I’d like to add a little side note… maybe a little bit of a “Spoiler Alert”???

While I was in the Primate House, the Mold-A-Rama technician was there cleaning the machine and putting any of the errant plastic back into the reservoir. I mentioned how much I loved the Mold-A-Rama as a kid… and how the smell was such a childhood flashback. Then he mentioned that they’ve been working on trying to make a candle that actually has that classic Mold-A-Rama scent!!! Yes, please!!!