Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Let the slimey & messy fun of plaster gauze begin!!! My BIG SCULPTURES summer camp has started adding layers of plaster gauze to their sculptures! We’re trying to cover all of the “armature” first… and then they’ll move on to details & textures… and then painting to finish them off!

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So yesterday my summer camp kids finished their sculptural flowerpots… and have moved onto their BIG SCULPTURES!!! We’ve built the “armatures” out of cardboard, dowel rods, wire hangers, newspaper and a LOT of masking tape!!! Next, they’ll start covering everything with plaster gauze… kinda like paper mache’ on crack!!!

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After the bike ride, I stopped of in Schaumburg on the way home to have ice cream with my Dad… and we found this sweet sculpture in the park… SPIRIT OF THE PRAIRIE.

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Well, I got to Hinsdale a bit early this morning ready to set-up for Day Two of the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL. And I did a little “photo shoot” of the Robert Frost sculpture sitting in the center of the park by the fountain. Such a great sculpture with such detail & emotion as he now sits forever writing in Burlington Park.

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Another surprise find during my trip to Omaha last weekend was running into these two masterpieces by ceramic artist Jun Kaneko. I’ve seen a couple of these dango sculptures (Japanese for “rounded form”) before at SOFA CHICAGO… but never this up-close & personal. Little did I know that his studio is in Omaha too… I learned that fact when I got home!!! Too late… maybe next time?!

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One of the highlights from this past weekend’s trip to Omaha was the amazing sculpture installation at PIONEER COURAGE PARK.

Incredible bronze sculptures immortalizing the pioneers who traveled west on the Mormon Trail & Oregon Trail. Created by sculptors Blair Buswell & Ed Fraughton, these amazing sculptures cross two large parks… and everything in between! Including flying geese & buffalo running through flower beads and through buildings!!! Such an amazing installation… and a “must-see” if you’re ever in Omaha!

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A sculptural sign of the times. Public art with a powerful message.
Directly across from Buckingham Fountain at Queen’s Landing.

Black lives matter. Demand Justice.

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with a wonderful cement-block carving I found along the lakefront. In Chicago, a lot of the shoreline is protected by oversized cement blocks that also make seating areas. This block has been carved with some traditional imagery… no idea how long something like this would take?!

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A new show has popped up in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex on the second floor. Sculptural works by one of the new Artists-In-Residence… Corran Shrimpton. I was struck by this piece as it was the first one to show-up in the gallery space. Striking & powerful… as she reaches for the chalk eraser!

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After a quick stop into the studio, it was far too nice outside to stay inside! So I decided to check-out another one of the local cemeteries. Beautiful setting, wonderful craftsmanship and a quiet moment to relax & reflect. This one is St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery in Chicago. Not as “grand” as Graceland, but still impressive.