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Okay, so those cylinders I made yesterday actually do have a purpose… SURPRISE!!!

I’ve coated the outsides of the cylinders with black slip. The perfect blank “canvas”
for my class tonight as tonight’s POTTERY THROWDOWN is going to tackle sgraffito!!!

Everyone gets a cylinder. Everyone has to carve a beautiful sgraffito design…
with a one hour time limit!!! Class starts in a minute or two… so I guess it’s safe
to reveal the surprise now?!



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Tonight we saw the sequel. The first Phantom was AMAZING!!!…
this one, not quite so much.

Enjoyable, but not quite amazing. But what I DID learn tonight..
apparently love never dies… and it never dies… it never dies… never dies!!!




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It’s been a productive day! This time with another batch of basic cylinders…
can’t wait to see what these turn into?! So much potential in a plain cylinder.
Cuz’ you just can’t leave them like this, right?!

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And now they’re even starting to look a bit like ornaments… as I just did some stamping & trimmed off of the “stump.” Next I need to handbuild caps & rings to hang them from!!!

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These little cuties got even cuter (if that’s even possible)
with mini stamps & tiny accents of colored slip!

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Apparently it’s all about small plates & dishes today?!…
otherwise those berry bowls & flower pots would just leak all over the place?!
And that would be no bueno!

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Another pile of slop! This time it’s a creamy blend of porcelain reclaim sitting on my plaster bat. Should be ready to wedge in a day or so… and then it’s FREE CLAY ready to go!!!


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Adding some colored flashing slips to help accent my berry bowls prior to bisque firing. If all goes as planned, these slip colors will become more vibrant and show some flashing effects after soda-firing.

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Fresh from the bisque kiln… my latest batch of NEW STAMPS!!!
So now I can give them each a little test-run to see which ones I love….
and which ones I’ll learn to love!

And yes, I do write my name on the side of all my stamps… as they have a tendency to “travel” down to the classrooms on occasion for demos and such. And I’d kinda like to get them back when I’m done demo-ing, right?


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Sure, the holidays SEEM far away… but it’s always fun
to make a few ornaments & mini’s on a wet & soggy rainy day!

Plus, there’s only 308 days until Christmas!!! Giddy-up!!!