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Okay, so those cylinders I made yesterday actually do have a purpose… SURPRISE!!!

I’ve coated the outsides of the cylinders with black slip. The perfect blank “canvas”
for my class tonight as tonight’s POTTERY THROWDOWN is going to tackle sgraffito!!!

Everyone gets a cylinder. Everyone has to carve a beautiful sgraffito design…
with a one hour time limit!!! Class starts in a minute or two… so I guess it’s safe
to reveal the surprise now?!





February 28th, 2018

Can you share the process? How are they glazed and fired?
Very fun assignment!

March 17th, 2018

HEY MELODY – Thanks for asking… it was very basic sgraffito. Basically you just throw your pot, then add a layer of dark slip or underglaze on the top surface. When it dries up a bit to leatherhard, you take a sharp trimming or carving tool to carve away the background to reveal the image. It’s kind of like a woodcut, linotype or scratchboard drawing. They will all be bisque fired, glazed and fired again. I have encouraged them all to glaze them with a thin translucent glaze so the details show through clearly. I don’t have photos yet… but I’ve told them all to send me photos when they’re done & fired. If I get some of the finished pictures… you know I’ll be posting them!!!

March 28th, 2018

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