Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Still prepping, pricing & packing!!! Trying to get everything ready for the SCHAUMBURG PRAIRIE ARTS FESTIVAL this weekend. Working in the basement finishing up these hybrid mugs… and splitting them up so I’m sure I have enough for each of my next three shows over the next three weekends!!!

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With three art fairs over the next three weekends, I knew that I needed to really “bulk-up” the inventory in advance. So I’ve been busily working in my studio trying to make LOTS of pots! I hope I have plenty of “hybrid mugs” for the three shows. Tomorrow I gotta start prepping, pricing & packing… dividing the inventory in three… something for everyone at every show!!!

Texture patterns created using my favorite MKM Hand Rollers. @mkmpotterytools

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Handles attached and setting-up a bit. A lot of scoring & slipping… attaching & smoothing.

I tell my students all the time… I love making handles & I love making mugs.
Two relatively unpopular opinions!

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Hybrid mugs moving another step forward…
after going back on the wheel for some nicely trimmed footrings.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE trimming??? Well, I do!!

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Texture, texture… TEXTURE. Yep, a lot of that going on in the studio today! Assembling my latest batch of “hybrid mugs” with great textures made with my MKM Pottery Tools! Wheelthrown bottoms with handbuilt sides… combining to make my “hybrid mugs”!

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For those of you attending NCECA this week… the national clay educators conference & trade show… be sure to check-out the folks at MKM POTTERY TOOLS! They’ve got some amazing hand rollers to try out… and some fun postcards they’re passing out!!!

Hey, lookey there… it’s ME!!! …and some of my soda-fired “hybrid mugs” on the MKM postcards!

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You know how I promised you more… we’ll here are the last of them for today!

More textures. More patterns. More colors.
More flashing effects from the soda kiln.
And wonderful textures from my collection of hand rollers from MKM Pottery Tools!!!

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Even more textured fun for TEXTURE TUESDAY! You know I love pattern, texture & color… and how perfectly the soda-firing process works to make it all come together!!!

Categories: hybrid mugs, mugs, soda-fired, textures

Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with some beautiful textures fresh out of the soda kiln! These are just a few of the surfaces created with my hand rollers from MKM Pottery Tools. Along with a bit of colored flashing slips, some glaze accents & the beauty of the soda kiln all coming together to make some great surfaces! More to come…