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Another sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln! A beautiful cobalt blue glaze with carved sgraffito patterns through black underglaze. Another addition to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!

But there’s only one.. first come, first served!!!

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A green sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln… just in time for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW with socially-distanced appointments that begin tonight! A beautiful green glaze over black underglaze… and a pretty sweet spiral to boot!!!

Click here for more details & appointment times!

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So here’s a little photo quickie… the same glazed platter before & after the kiln firing!!! Big difference. Pretty sweet, huh?! Just one of the large platters available at MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this week!

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Bright & sunny outside… but I’m trying my best to stay focused & productive inside! The sun is streaming in through the studio windows and creating some cool shadows as my platters continue to dry.

Okay… truth be told… MY studio has no windows! But my friend & studio-neighbor Karen has windows and plenty of unused table space! Well, “unused” until I needed to spread out just a bit. Thanks Karen… we miss you!

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Did a little stamping again… go figure.
Always fun to see what kind of pattern emerges using just one stamp over & over again! This pattern & this stamp are quickly becoming one of my new favorites!

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After my sgraffito demo Thursday morning, I also did a quick stamping demo for them as well. One stamped impression at a time… one after another… all the way around!

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Tackling the bottoms of some new stamped platters in the studio today. To trim a clean footring across such a wide expanse, it helps to have sharp trimming tools… like this favorite from DiamondCore Tools!

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Before teaching class this morning, I did a little more sgraffito carving on this large platter. I started the carving as part of last week’s class demo for my Intermediate class… but then kinda “forgot about it” under plastic in my studio. So now I’ve done a bit more carving & cleaning up with my DiamondCore Tools.

I think it looks a lot better than how I had left it after class?!

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So after a full day of playing hooky in the perfectly beautiful outdoors… I did feel a tiny tinge of guilt… so I stopped by the studio to do a little stamping… and then THIS happened!!!!

So I just finished stamping another large platter.
One “magical” stamp doing most of the work!!!

Starting with just one line along the perimeter…

And if one line looks good… why not make it TWO?!!!

Two is good… but let’s go all the way with FOUR!!!

And here’s the handmade clay stamp that did “all” of the work!!!

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It’s always gratifying as a teacher to see your students soaking up everything you’re showing them, embracing the project and then doing the demo themselves in class. So it was fun to see Darcy “loving” every part of the stamping demo… soaking up every little trick… and then working her magic on her own platters that she threw last week in class.

But here’s a question…
Is there such a thing as teaching them TOO WELL and now their work looks like mine?… or perhaps I just found my first studio apprentice??? HA!!!

Well done Darcy – your platters look GREAT!!!