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Just one hour left… I’m starting to assemble the “official” POP-UP POTTERY SALE Photo Album that I’ll post only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page at 7:00pm CST.

Once it’s LIVE… the first person to comment with “MINE” in the Comment Section of a single photo gets that pot! It’s first come, first serve… and a bit old-school. But it seems to work for me… as everyone can see what’s been claimed already, and what is still available.

You’ve seen a lot of previews today…
we’ve got just about an hour until the shopping begins! WHOO-HOO!!!

Click HERE to go right to my Facebook page!!!

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Just one of the sgraffito platters that will be part of this evening’s POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page… just four hours away! They’re each hand-carved & one-of-a-kind… so when they’re gone, they’re gone! Starting tonight at 7:00pm CST.

Special thanks to DiamondCore Tools​ for kick-starting my sgraffito adventures… a few great carving tools and look what happened!!!

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You know how I LOVE a good spiral…
even more when it’s surrounded by a fun sgraffito carved pattern!…
thanks in part to the best carving tools from DiamondCore Tools​!

This is just one of the porcelain platters that will be included in my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! The fun starts in just five hours… 7:00pm CST. Click on this LINK then to see the “official” Photo Album to shop from!

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Just seven hours away… the kick-off of my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!! Come back at 7:00pm CST to see the official Photo Album when I post it. The first person to claim a piece on the photo in that album gets it! Easy-peezy…

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In the continuation of my pal Gerry’s birthday party in quarantine… looks like Rosene made some freshly baked brownies for him to celebrate… all decked out with candles and a special handmade platter! Sure there may not be frosting… but I know there are extra chocolate chips sprinkled in to make up for it!!!

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My original plan was to have these sgraffito platters ready for my first art fair in April. Well, that’s been cancelled… but I’m still trying to stay on top of things. So here’s some of my latest sgraffito fun in the studio. Working on a few platters using my favorite DiamondCore carving tools!

Platter #1

Platter #2

Platter #3

Platter #4

Platter #5

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Getting ready for a little geometric sgraffito carving session… made so much easier with my DiamondCore carving tools. Gotta get these plates decorated before they dry out too much! And who knows what the next couple days might bring?

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Still staying safe… still social distancing… still trying to get some work done. I’m hoping that when all this craziness passes… people will be flooding to the art fairs to stock-up on some new pottery… and I want to be ready!!! Until then, I’m gonna keep making pots to help keep my own “sanity.” I hope everyone out there is staying safe, staying strong & staying healthy!!!

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Celebrating TEXTURE TUESDAY with a little stamped texture around the rim of this platter. Stamp by stamp. One by one… by one… by one!!!

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Painting black slip on white porcelain… kinda antithetical,
but setting up a good “canvas” for a little sgraffito carving!

So it’s never quite as easy as you would think.. it takes several layers and several paintbrushes full of black slip before you start to get a nice even banded layer. But with a bit of paintbrush perseverance…. I finally got them done, back under plastic waiting for them to set-up a bit more… and then some day soon I’ll start carving some sgraffito patterns into the black banded areas!