Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like a “Breakfast of Champions” down in Bartonville! I mean, who doesn’t want to start their day with the smell of bacon wafting through the kitchen?! Thanks for sharing your morning ritual with us Gerry & Rosene!

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And yes, if the dishes on Chris’s Thanksgiving table look familiar… that’s because she just picked up her special order dinner plates the night before Thanksgiving! Just in time for the big holiday feast! She requested a set of dinner plates that are all different… different stamps, different squiggles, different coloring… but at the same time would still “read” together as a group.

Remember, your pottery collection does not need to be all matchy-matchy…

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Sure, we had pumpkin pie & my cheesecake for dessert yesterday… but who doesn’t want some chocolate brownies too?! My niece Taylor made a batch of brownies to add to the celebration yesterday… just one more yummy platter on the table!

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… which I’m sure won’t survive the rest of the evening!!!

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Since I know someone else is bringing the pumpkin pie… I decided to go with a classic cheesecake… with a little splash of chocolate & cherries! I hope they like it? And again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you!

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Trying to make a little last-minute magic in my kitchen for today’s dinner festivities! Still a work in progress…

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Here’s hoping everyone is celebrating the day with plenty of family, friends & pumpkin pie! Relaxing, making memories, and gearing up for the festive holiday season to come! Special THANKS to everyone who has been so supportive & encouraging over the years! You are all very much appreciated. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you & yours!

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Fresh from the kiln… one beautiful purple platter for this weekend’ HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Full stamped with a beautiful aubergine purple glaze. There’s only one… and it might go fast?! No dibs… just first come, first served!!! Good luck…

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Another night in the studio… and some more stamping done! I had a class demo platter under wraps in my studio that I kinda forgot about. So I was relieved that it was still wet enough to do some stamping on it tonight. One-by-one… by one… by one…

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So I did a plate-throwing demo in class this week… but who wants a “plain” dinner plate?! Not me… more is more, right?! So I just did a bit of stamping to make it a bit more fun… all done with one handmade clay stamp pressed in one-by-one-by-one-by-one!