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Fall is in the air… even though tonight it feels a bit more like Winter!!!
And it’s always fun to see people using my pottery in their homes…
especially to dress up their table with some candles, acorns and a stamped red platter
by you know who! A beautiful combination.

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This week in class I did a “demo-on-demand” on how to throw plates. Sure, I could have left my demo plain, but what fun is that?! Always better after a bit of stamping!

And the stamp that did most of the work…


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The sun has set in another art fair weekend… and on another stamped platter!!!
Huge THANKS to everyone who came out to the Glenview Summer Art Fair this weekend.
So many pots finding new homes, so much fun, so many smiling faces…
and perfect weather too!!



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Spiraled & stamped… and you know how I LOVE a good spiral.
Another new platter fresh out of the kiln and headed to the
GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR this weekend on the grounds of Lyons School.
11:00am-5:00pm both Saturday & Sunday.

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Last night was the last class of the Spring session of my Beginner’s Wheelthrowing class. Every session I challenge them to make a piece to trade & exchange at the final class. This session the “theme” was plates & platters. This Josh Blue & sprayed temoku plate was my entry into the Exchange Game… which one of my students gladly went home with!!!

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Another platter fully stamped with one stamp all the way around…
one by one… by one… by one…

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One of my former THROWDOWN students brought in his
glazed sgraffito platter to “show off” the results! Love the colors! Love the carving!!!

Little did I expect that he would have possibly the “best” S-crack ever!!!
Right through the entire plate… just hanging on by one rim.
He suspected a small crack after the bisque firing in the center…
perhaps something heavy was stacked on it so it couldn’t “shrink & move” during the firing?
I dunno… something’s fishy!

That Ryan is one heckuva over-achiever!!!
Shame because his carved fish were amazing!!! No bueno!