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To celebrate the last class of our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class, we threw another potluck. And I decided to make a cheesecake… with homemade hot fudge… on a handmade platter. I considered it my own personal “throwdown.”

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Another platter ready to be stamped. I like to call it “on the soft side of leatherhard” when I stamp. It’s dry enough to not be sticky or floppy, but still wetter and more malleable than when you would normal trim the plate.

And then the stamping fun began…

Round & round & round…

And the tools that did all the work… two clay stamps, a wooden tool... and my fingers!

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Another night working with “dramatic task lighting” in my studio…
only benefit being that the photos have great contrast to show off the stamped textures!!!
So here’s a sneak peek at the “before & after” on another stoneware platter…
and the tools that made the textures & patterns!


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A little bit of sunlight to help accentuate the stamps & colors of this shallow bowl?…
platter?… bowl?… bowl-platter?… bowlatter?!!!


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After a bit more trimming, and a lot more spiraling curls, I finally finished another sgraffito platter… nice & clean with my DiamondCore Tools!!! These new sgraffito pieces got a good bit of lovin’ just before the holidays, so I thought maybe I should make some more?!!!

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HOLIDAY GREETINGS from my good friends in Goodfield, Illinois…
who celebrated with some holiday bread served on a stamped platter
making their day more festive and their bread more tasty!!! Just guessing.

Thanks Keith & Julie for sharing your holiday photo!

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A little holiday yumminess at the Jackson Family Christmas yesterday…
with a homemade mint chocolate cheesecake with a toasted marshmallow top!!!…
and a few mint M&M’s on a handmade platter to make it extra festive!!!


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And a third sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln! Since getting my DiamondCore Tools, I’ve started doing some carving of patterns through black slip. Not that I’m going to stop stamping any time soon… but I’m kind of enamored by these new sgraffito platters. Pretty good chance there will be more coming soon!!!

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Another sgraffito platter that came out of the kiln today. Black slip on white porcelain – carved through with my DiamondCore Tools to make crisp lines & designs! And then sprayed with a green cone six glaze!

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Also in the kiln… a couple sgraffito platters!!! They’ve been sitting bisqued in my studio for awhile and I finally got around to glazing them. And I’m LOVING them! Gotta love a good spiral!!!