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You gotta love when your birthday turns into “Birthday Week”…
and the final treat is a chocolate carrot cake with raspberry filling and quite possibly
the best chocolate cream cheese frosting ever!!!

Oh yeah, and the stamped blue plate ain’t too shabby either!

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Stamped-not stamped.

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Another large stamped platter and the tools that did “most’ of the work.
Sure, it’s a LOT of individual impressions one after another…
but the final result is pretty darn cool.

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Adding a band of black slip onto a couple of white porcelain platters.
Sgraffito coming soon!

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Porcelain platters. Simple spirals.
Black slip & some sgraffito carving coming soon.

Categories: platters, process, stamped, stamps

Another platter stamped… all done with just one stamp pressed in over & over & over again!
Did I mention over & over?… again & again???

Categories: platters, stamped, stamps

Spending some of Saturday stamping again! Like this large platter from last Tuesday’s class demo! Before & after… and the stamp that did all the magic!

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Two sgraffito carved porcelain platters ready to be bisque fired.
So fun carving through the band of black slip with my DiamondCore Tools.
Crisp lines & sharp carvings!

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So much fun to see this pop-up in my INSTAGRAM feed… thanks to Ria V. Ceramics for sharing her “yummy masterpiece” on one of my stamped & glazed platters! Seriously?… you can only smile when you see this!!! SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!!

Direct from her INSTA feed…
My @firewhenreadypottery platter came in handy today when I was looking for
something to use for my fruit platter. The design didn’t quite turn out the way
I wanted it to… but it was still eaten!


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So then this happened tonight!!!
I subbed for the Thursday night Soda Firing Class at Lillstreet.
We did a lot of chatting, solving all of the question of the pottery world…
and did a little stamping along the way!