Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Stamping another large platter for another Texture Tuesday! With just two handmade stamps doing all of the hard work. One-by-one pressed in while the clay is leatherhard… creating a groovy textured pattern for the glaze to play with later!

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Looks like a yummy way to start a snowy Sunday morning down in Central Illinois. Thanks for sharing your breakfast Gerry & Rosene!

Categories: platters, stamped, stamps, surface decoration, textures

Stamping a large platter… adding a textured border around the edge using just two stamps! Each one pressed in one-at-a-time! Making single impressions that add-up to a beautiful textured surface. Perfect for another Texture Tuesday!

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Words to live by… WASH THE PLATE!
Especially when one of those plates is that handmade stamped green platter hidden in the far back corner!!!

Handpainted signage by my friend Merryn… a young design student & daughter of my college friends! Feel free to follow her artistic adventures on Instagram – @merryncreates

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Looks like Kristy has been getting creative in her kitchen again… baking up a yummy loaf of Cheddar & Jalapeno Bread. Looks so good… and what could be better? Homemade bread on a handmade plate!

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Looks like Kristy is kicking off the New Year with a yummy bundt cake… lemon & blueberry!!! Of course it doesn’t hurt any to put a homemade cake on a handmade platter!!! A beautiful way to kick-off the New Year!

And here’s a fun New Year’s Resolution for YOU… when you use my pottery at home, be sure to send me a picture so I can share it with everyone here!…

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Wishing you all a wonderful New Year… and huge thanks to everyone who has stuck it out during another tough year! Thanks for following me & my pottery adventures throughout the year. Thanks for supporting artists. Thanks for supporting small businesses. Thanks for all of your comments & kind words. Here’s to a better New Year… with less pandemic & more pottery for everyone!!!

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Great visit & great cake! Coincidence, I don’t know?

But it’s always extra “sweet” when your friends bake a chocolate carrot cake with raspberry filling & an amazing chocolate cream cheese frosting in anticipation of your arrival! Oh sure… the plate ain’t too shabby either!

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And what would Christmas be with only one dessert???…
so I just HAD to make TWO!!! Right?

A batch of homemade decadent chocolate brownies on a handmade textured platter. Seems like the perfect combination to me!!!

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When tasked with bringing a dessert for Christmas… there are certain expectations. I mean, who wants a store-bought dessert when I can make this for my family??? Yummy vanilla cheesecake with chocolate & cherry accents. Oh yes, and some hot fudge to put over it all just in case you want even more!!!

As you know… MORE IS MORE… especially at Christmas!