Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Pretty perfect puffed & powdered pastries
on a pinkish-purple patterned pottery platter!

Now say THAT ten times fast!!!
Thanks for sharing your yummy treats with all of us Julie!

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Excited to be part of this year’s Winter Fundraiser “A Time To Unite”

One of my stamped plates is part of the Silent Auction that started online today! Click on the link below to see my plate, as well as pieces by many other talented Chicago artists… some of them My Talented Friends! The auction will be live online until Thursday, March 4th… so check it out, place a bid, buy some art and support Chicago’s public art scene!

Click here for the Silent Auction info…

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Looks like Kristy & Matt had a special Valentine’s Day last weekend… celebrating with sweet treats and some sweet pottery! Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us!

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a large stamped platter. Started as a plain class demo piece last week… but one single stamp pressed in over, and over, and over again made quite an impact. I’m digging the “starburst” effect that radiates out from the center!

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I’m always intrigued by how one little stamp
can change the whole look of a simple dinner plate!

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It’s always rewarding as a teacher when you do the demo in class, and then your students actually try the same demo and SUCCEED with their own plates… some of them for the first time ever!!! Yeah Team!!!

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Last night in my pottery class at Lillstreet, we tackled plates & platters with some of my more Advanced Beginners. I showed my students the basics with two plates & one platter. All safely up in my studio now awaiting a bit of stamping activity… hopefully later today!!!

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So, unbeknownst to many… today was a National Holiday!!!
And it would just be “rude” if I didn’t celebrate, right?!

I like holidays… especially when it’s NATIONAL PIZZA DAY!!!

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Kudos to my former student Kimberly for making it to the “Show-Off Shelves” at Lillstreet! A couple people have asked me if it was MY platter… to which I proudly said “No”, but she was one of my students! Congrats again Kimberly… your platter turned out GREAT!!!

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For today’s class demo, we tackled throwing larger platters! Of course I showed my students my “typical” platter with a flat flared-out flange area which ideal for stamping!!!

But then I was “challenged” to do another one with a smoother curve and no delineation between food surface and… I don’t know… the curved “rim” area? The second big challenge might be “where & how” do I stamp this new shape??? Can’t wait to find out…