Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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HAPPY EASTER… and enjoying this hidden bunny amongst the coleus garden! Just a reminder that I will be doing a PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP SALE in the Peoria area on Friday, May 13th & Saturday, May 14th. Plenty of homegrown coleus, hostas, annuals & houseplants… along with lots of pottery!!! More details to come!

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Celebrating NATIONAL ORCHID DAY with this beautiful orchid re-blooming again down near Peoria. I think this might be the healthiest & happiest orchid ever… must be the handmade flower pot. Thanks for sharing this stunner Rosene!

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Huge thanks to my friend & former teaching assistant Cynthia for sharing her homemade marshmallows with me & my class… a nice ziplock bag full! And since I have the palate of a four-year old… of course I LOVE marshmallows… and it’s hard to top Cynthia’s homemade gooey-puffy-sugary treats!

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Looks like my friend Jen just enjoyed a yummy lunch.. and decided to share her remains with us! Even food scraps look better in handmade pottery bowls!

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Another day… another national holiday to celebrate… and who am I to question why?! Today was NATIONAL SOMETHING ON A STICK DAY!!! So of course I had to celebrate with a couple yummy “s’mores on a stick” from MAURIES SUGAR SHOPPE in Eureka, Illinois! As recommended… a mere 8 seconds in the microwave makes them all gooey & marshmallowy!!! Thanks for making my holiday yummier Keith & Julie!

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Looks like “shared-birthdate-buddy” Allyn is enjoying her mornings a bit more with her new handmade mugs!!! A perfect way to celebrate another Mugshot Monday!


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So much fun hanging with my friend & master metalsmith Sarah Chapman this afternoon… after her pop-up gallery show in Evanston this weekend. She makes such cool stuff… so talented, so creative. You should definitely check out her work… and then come see her this spring at the One-Of-A-Kind Show in Chicago!!!

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Looks like my pals Allison & Terry were back at Illinois Beach State Park yesterday to continue their scavenger hunt for the “elusive” hidden fortune cookies… for their third time! Looks like they found three more “cookies” this time… which makes up for their second trip where they found none! Looks like it was a beautiful day for hunting… and much easier to find them before last night’s snowfall.

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It might be freezing cold outside today, but it looks like Keith & Julie are staying toasty warm inside with a hearty meal of ham, beans & corn bread… in a large stamped & soda-fired bowl!

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Looks like my friend Rosene has been in the kitchen again…
using her stamped & glazed pie plate… this time for MEATLOAF!!!

And I quote…“Yep, meatloaf… with some new light orange squash… yummy… I really don’t like to cook!!!! But I love playing with my pottery!”