Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So much fun last night with the Krenz clan playing with the clay & getting all muddy at the studio last night. As always, some were better than others… but all of them had a great time!

Suddenly not as easy as it looks…

“Maybe if I watch him doing it… it might make more sense?”

Uh… Kel’s bowl is flopping… save it… save it…

But it looks “someone” found the Mystery OREO’s a bit more enticing than throwing on the wheel.




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And as if the gift-giving couldn’t get any better, THIS box of amazingness showed up!!!
So remember back when my favorite restaurant closed last year after 25 years?…
and along with it went the amazing Rose Angeli’s Bread Pudding with the even more AMAZING hot caramel sauce!!!

Well, my friend Pam pulled out all the punches and had the chef of the now defunct restaurant whip up a batch of the infamous caramel sauce JUST FOR ME!!! So now my freezer has been re-stocked… and Pam has been nominated for “holiday-gift-sainthood”!!!



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Just spent a wonderful day with friends for some post-Christmas festivities.
And some fun gift exchanges… like this handmade beauty from Roscoe my favorite canine friend… err, well… okay my guess is that maybe his momma had a hand in it. Thanks to my talented friend Sarah Chapman for the amazing new IRONMAN necklace… and Roscoe too!!!



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Here’s to hoping that you’re headed towards a wonderful holiday
filled with family & friends. Be nice, give gifts, be gracious and have FUN!

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I just LOVE surprise care packages in the mail… especially when it’s a beautiful handmade ornament just in time for Christmas! This beauty was made by my friend Pam of NorthWind Pottery. Sure, I may have purchased it online a year ago, but I definitely forgot all about it thinking that I would just “pick it up” from her at some point… making this care package an especially great surprise!!!

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Huge thanks to everyone who came over yesterday for our Mud & Metal Holiday Home Show. Amy and I had so much fun playing with all of you, chatting it up and selling off a few holiday gifts for your friends & loved ones. In case you missed the festivities, here are a few tiny peeks!

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Looks like Amy Taylor has some last minute pieces on her workbench for tomorrow’s Mud & Metal Holiday Home Show at my place! I’m sure she’s hammering, smoothing & polishing like crazy getting everything ready for tomorrow! Her work is beautiful… and makes perfect holiday gifts!!!

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Little late night cheesy yumminess after taking down Sarah’s booth at One Of A Kind. Always a good time with Sarah & Pam… even better with deep dish pizza with extra cheese!!!

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Another afternoon of fun hanging out with the talented Sarah Chapman
at the “One Of A Kind Show.” Lots of beautiful work, baubles & shadowplay!


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Looks like my friend & talented metalsmith Amy Taylor has a lot of shining beauties on her workbench getting ready for next weekend. Remember, she’ll by my Guest Artist again for this year’s Mud & Metal : My Second Holiday Home Show on Saturday, December 16th. Mark your calendars!