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My friend Tracy was sharing her fragrant Lily-Of-The-Valley blooms with a neighbor for her birthday… and just needed a nice handmade vase to put them in! So glad we could work out a no-contact “delivery”… and a good time to chat & actually see a friend face-to-face for a change!!!

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Apparently it’s Monochromatic Monday!!! Who knew?! Yummy red cherries in a red glazed berry bowl. Great combo. Thanks Braxton for sharing!

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Looks like my friend Nancy is surviving her quarantine with heart! Enjoying a cute little beverage after getting an espresso maker for Mother’s Day, and a pitcher & latte pen for her birthday to froth all that milk! Looks like she’s “sheltering-in-place-in-style” with that cute little cup too!!!

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So this weekend was supposed to be “ART-A-WHIRL” up in Minneapolis… a big studio tour & art sale in the Twin Cities. And I was planning on being the Guest Artist of my friend & amazing metalsmith Sarah Chapman before this corona-craziness shut us all down!

Want to see more of Sarah’s work… click here!

Needless to say, I’m NOT in Minneapolis, and Sarah’s studio is not open for the tour. But she is hosting a “virtual” tour on her website! So if you’re looking for some amazingly cool jewelry to spruce up your “quarantine look” – check-out the link below for more info! Her work is incredible… I just wish I were there in person this weekend to play with Sarah… while we both would be showing off our wares! Maybe next year?!

Click here to shop Sarah’s website of beautiful things!!!

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What have we learned in quarantine?…
Eating right from the container with dribbles on the scarf.
Eating from a sweet little ceramic bowl… NO DRIBBLES!!!

I think we all now know that the bowl made all the difference!
If you need to stop YOUR dribbles, just let me know!
Or you can always click HERE to go straight to my online shop!

Thanks Kristy for the photos…
and thanks Matt for being such a good-sport!

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Bringing some of Nature’s beauty inside to avoid overnight cold warnings… Tracy was showing off her tulips in her new porcelain vase from my “Quite White Collection.” Love how the colorful tulips really “pop” against the crisp whiteness!

Kinda wondering if I should re-visit this white collection???
It’s been a while.

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One of the highlights of my “surprise walk” was running into Team Lavender!!!

Two of my pottery students from Lillstreet. Jacob & Molly have been in my classes for quite awhile, most recently the Lillstreet Throwdown class… twice! We’ve even celebrated some momentous occasions with them in my class… engagement, wedding, baby shower!!! And now they’ve recently moved into my neighborhood and we just happened to cross paths today. It was great to see some Lillstreet friends again during quarantine! We even had our own socially-distant “hug”!!!

But then THIS was all their fault… they were eating frozen custard from Lickety Split. And I couldn’t get it out of my head… so this yummy indulgence was all their fault!!! Not mine.

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Today I was surprised by my doorbell… who expects a doorbell when everyone is self-isolating still?! Well, not me.

But it was a wonderful surprise to find Pam & Carla downstairs just to say hello! They were on a socially-distant & face-masked walk… so I went out with them as it was such a beautiful Spring day! A surprise afternoon with friends!

Just what I needed today.

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In the continuation of my pal Gerry’s birthday party in quarantine… looks like Rosene made some freshly baked brownies for him to celebrate… all decked out with candles and a special handmade platter! Sure there may not be frosting… but I know there are extra chocolate chips sprinkled in to make up for it!!!

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With this whole self-isolation lock-down thing going on, we couldn’t celebrate Gerry’s birthday together today! Yet I felt somehow “obligated” to celebrate from here… so I “just had to” make some brownies & topped with my favorite ice cream… and a candle just to make it “official.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY… I was there in spirit… and in brownies!!!