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After my bike ride, I packed it up and headed out to the suburbs for Easter with the family…
a bit “untraditional” with fresh handmade guacamole & fajita dinner at a Mexican restaurant…

Followed by a wonderful Easter Egg cake handmade by my niece Taylor!
With an extra special surprise peanut-buttercream frosting inside!
Good thing I pedaled “a few” miles before feasting all day!


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And this week in my pottery class we went all medieval on it… with the special new GAME OF THRONES Oreo Cookies!!! Sure, they might be calling them “collector’s items”… but they taste just the same!!!

And what’s better than one pack of OREOs???… FIVE PACKS of OREOs!!!
Thanks Patti & Jon for the big bag of cookies!


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Last night in class we had some delicacies from Japan… after “searching” all of Japan for OREO’s, my student Michelle returned from vacation with “biscuits” which were as close as she could find. Yummy… but still not an OREO.

And to seal the deal, she also brought Japanese Kit-Kat candy bars!!!
Sure they may have been GREEN matcha tea flavor?!!!!.. but still Michelle ROCKS!!!

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To celebrate the last class of our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class, we threw another potluck. And I decided to make a cheesecake… with homemade hot fudge… on a handmade platter. I considered it my own personal “throwdown.”

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It’s the last week for my pottery classes… and we like to celebrate with some potluck yummies. Last night we had a great spread… much in thanks to Patty for bringing this beautiful tray of delectable yumminess!

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Always fun to see one of my mugs “pop-up” in someone else’s Instagram Story… with just a hint of green to help celebrate the day! Thanks Allison – you’re Irish Soda Bread looks YUMMY!!!

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Sometimes it’s too easy… or too tempting… when it’s Pi(e)Day and you’re at the studio… knowing that the First Slice Pie Café is right downstairs… and they’re offering special deals when you buy TWO slices of pie. So how could I not participate in the celebration? Tough choices… but I ended up with Cherry and Peach-Blueberry.

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Celebrating Pi(e) Day by wearing this sweet little necklace by my talented metalsmith friend Amy Taylor. I love having talented friends… especially when they know you THIS well.
Sweet treats!!!

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To kick-off our party last Wednesday night, my students took on the “FACE THE COOKIE” Challenge from Minute-To-Win-It. Basically, you put a cookie on your forehead… and then slowly move the cookie down with just facial muscles & expressions… until you get the cookie in your mouth! So I made a challenge… succeed with the cookie in the mouth in one minute and they would get an additional “five minute advantage” in one of the two challenges in class that night.

Crazy fun for everyone… perhaps too much fun… as we got shooshed a bit…
and told to keep it down. How dare we have too much fun in class?!!!

And yes… they “forced” me to give it a try too… harder than it looks…
but the REWARD of success is pretty darn sweet!





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It would be wrong to NOT celebrate a national holiday, right!?
Well we would never dare…

Instead, we celebrated National Oreo Cookie Day with LOTS of them in class
last Wednesday night! Two of my students brought a whole selection of cookies…
and I brought the milk!!!

And to top it all off, we also had “OREOs” from Cuba!
Patti & Jon were there for a biking vacation, and they brought back treats for me….
the closest thing they could find to OREO’s while in Cuba!