Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Monday night we had a very fun “sweet surprise” in my soda class!
Patty found the new PB&J OREOs!!! Crispy cookie childhood flavor flashback…
and we loved the side-by-side, ying-yang PB&J filling!

Not the best OREOs, but we quickly finished the pack nonetheless… and wanted more!

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Today is one of my favorite holidays…
and if you’ve got it, toast it, squish it, goo it… and do it again.
Go ahead… have s’more!!!



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It’s Day Two of Wheelthrowing Camp… with a quick chocolate treat after camp.
You know, those yummy Dove Dark Chocolate “Promises” with a little message inside
on the foil wrapper?… well, here’s today’s message… yep, got that covered!!!

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My friends Gerry & Rosene are going through a lot of construction at home after some storm damage, and today made everything a lot better when they made a lemon verbena cake with lemon frosting! Which I’m SURE was so much better with fresh lemons hand-squeezed on a handmade citrus juicer!!!

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Don’t forget that today is a BIG HOLIDAY!!!… today is 7-11… and you can celebrate with FREE SLURPEES all day at your local 7-11 store. I know where I’ll be cooling off after Summer Cap today!

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So fun to see my pottery in use… this time it’s my cousin Kim gathering sour cherries! They look amazing together. I told her that the only way they would look better is as a PIE!!! And better still… she already has a handmade ceramic pie dish to bake them in. Bring it on Kim… you bring the pie, I’ll bring the ice cream!!!




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Uh oh… this could be dangerous. You know how I LOVE a good s’more.
Bring on the marshmallows & chocolate!!!

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Stopped by the Farmer’s Market on my way home from the studio…
and found I had the perfect oval for my fresh beets!


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This week we kicked-off the summer session of classes at Lillstreet with some more new OREO’s!!! I’m still a bit unsure of the “Thins”… you just need to eat twice as many, right?!!!

As for the coconut… tastier than I expected.
Although someone said it tasted like suntan lotion..
let’s just say that still didn’t stop us from finishing them!!!

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One of my students made this incredible Ursula covered chip & dip bowl in my class last session. Last night, Stacey brought it back for our last class potluck. Even better when filled with goldfish crackers, fish cookies and gummy Swedish Fish inside!!! Too funny. Too yummy!!!