Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This week in class we also enjoyed the newest OREO treats! Sure, they made “Thins” so they would have fewer calories. Sure, they made them “Mini’s” for a smaller treat. But then they counteract all of that good by dipping them in FUDGE!!! Yes, please! Do it again… and again… and again!!!

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All the way to New York for a car wash?… NOPE.
But this really cool car wash is on 47th Street across the street from The Intrepid.
But it’s not JUST any car wash… really fun lights… and SO MUCH MORE…

Just a few feet, and a thin sheet of glass away from the foaming & splashing car wash
there’s fresh handmade DONUTS!!! Yummy!!!

And the donut making contraption… also just feet away from the foaming cars!!! You can see a pane of glass behind the fryer!!!

If you happen to find yourself in New York City near The Intrepid… cross the street…
and treat yourself at Underwest Donuts. Click for more information!!!

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Another class. Another OREO.
Last night we had the new Chocolate Hazelnut flavor.

I know I “should” like them… but why “ruin” my chocolate with that darn hazelnut flavor?!
I actually preferred the red-hot cinnamon ones!!! Yes, I have the palate of a four-year old.

Thanks to Taylore & Ryan for “importing” them for class last night!!!


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Surprise treats in pottery class tonight… I hadn’t even heard of this flavor yet, but somehow, somewhere Sara found a bag and brought them into class! I will say the flavor combination was a LOT better than I had first expected… and need I say we polished them off!!!

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After a great matinee, we also found cheap seats for CHICAGO at the Ambassador Theater. My friend Tiffany got “day-of” discount seats for us… in the SIXTH ROW!!!

Another fun Broadway show…
followed by a late-night subway adventure down to Greenwich Village for pizza at Joe’s…
a New York culinary institution with celebrity photos all over the walls.

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When in New York… cheesecake is ALWAYS the answer.

And if you can’t decide, get two for lunch!!!…
and then a third slice for dinner before the show! So sue me.

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Luckily, I had the morning & afternoon free in New York so I stepped out of the hotel “intending” to go for a run in Central Park. Somehow I got turned around in Rockefeller Plaza and head off in the wrong direction. It wasn’t until I made it to Bryant Park that I realized my mistake… MANY blocks in the wrong direction. Too much to see. Too many distractions to notice.

So I embraced the adventure and went to Herald Square and the Garment District while I was down there.

And of course, some NY pizza to “fortify” before heading back!!!



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And as if the gift-giving couldn’t get any better, THIS box of amazingness showed up!!!
So remember back when my favorite restaurant closed last year after 25 years?…
and along with it went the amazing Rose Angeli’s Bread Pudding with the even more AMAZING hot caramel sauce!!!

Well, my friend Pam pulled out all the punches and had the chef of the now defunct restaurant whip up a batch of the infamous caramel sauce JUST FOR ME!!! So now my freezer has been re-stocked… and Pam has been nominated for “holiday-gift-sainthood”!!!



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Sweet little Santa’s chillin’ and ready to go… at LICKETY SPLIT!!!

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Retro candies & other sweet treats make the perfect stocking stuffers at LICKETY SPLIT.