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So sometimes you just can’t decide… so I didn’t. When I asked the waitress if she’s had the new European Truffle pie, she pretty much gasped & squealed in glee. So I HAD to have that one too!!! Right?

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Just because I LOVE my students…
and it’s almost Valentine’s Day…
and these look pretty darn tasty!

But did I mention I “LOVE” my pottery students?!!!

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After posting a photo last night about my Bowl Demo…. the one where Stacey challenged me to do a triple split rim which people quickly referred to as “the churros bowl”… look who started following me on INSTAGRAM. Ha!!!

A quick refresher… here’s “the churros bowl” again…


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And oh, but wait there’s more… and THEN at the end of class last night, Stacey shows up with this OREO treat from Argentina!!! Layers AND dipped in fudge!!! Tasty… but I still LOVED The Most Stuf more!!!

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So I thought my OREOs from Germany would be a hit with my pottery class last night…
and they were… UNTIL Katie showed up with these!!!

Some thought it was too much…
but those of us with the palate of a four-year-old LOVED THEM!!! More is more!!!

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When in Germany, shop for OREOs right?
My most “important” souvenir to share with my pottery class tonight.

Including these “new-to-me” OREO Joy-Fills which look like
little crunchy nuggets of yumminess!!!


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All over Frankfurt there are open markets & beautiful displays of food. Beautiful AND yummy!!!

Tons of breads, cheeses, sausages, sandwiches, olives, chocolates and so much more…
including possibly the biggest sausage EVER!!!

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This week in my Tuesday night pottery class, we were treated with even MORE OREO’s!!!
This time with three new flavors “imported” from Thailand.
Thanks Kate for making class just a little “sweeter.”

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And oh, but wait there’s more!!
My students came into class tonight with about fourteen packages of OREOs!!!
Including this flavor I had never seen?! THEY ROCK!!!…
and we now have plenty of OREOs for the next couple weeks!!!

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Tonight we start a new session of pottery classes.
And what better way to kick it off than with some NEW OREO flavors?!!!