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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I know I did…
and some yummy leftovers will keep it going tomorrow too!!!

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A little congratulatory “whew-another-show-down” frozen custard treat with my Mom & Dad at one of my favorites tonight…. LICKETY SPLIT. This time it was pumpkin flavored frozen custard blended with an actual piece of pumpkin pie!!! Yes, please… again!!!


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Last night in my pottery class, my students rocked one of the best potlucks ever for the last class of their session. Korean wings, homemade sushi, tandoori chicken, stuffed dates, charcuterie plates, fruit pies, ice cream and so much more!

But let us not forget the new flavor of OREOs that I also brought in
to push us over the top!!!

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Weren’t we all told as a child to “not play with your food”???
Well, my friend Allison has been playing with her food on top of one of my textured tile trivets.
And boy am I glad she is… too much fun!!!

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Sweet treats staring back at me as I enjoy a little post-glazing treat with my friend Pam. I had to introduce her to the “concrete” shakes made with pumpkin custard and a piece of real pumpkin pie mixed in at Lickety Split on Western.

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Great fun to return to the studio and find that someone has left you a surprise care package!!! The NEW MYSTERY OREO’s!!! Congrats to Pam for being the first to get them to me. She wins a FREE mug for her efforts… and a slice of the money if & when we win the big prize!!!

As for the mystery flavor… when you first open the package, the smell is quite pungent and very citrus-fruity. My immediate guess was Fruit Loops cereal. But the more refined palates in my class believe them to be more like Fruity Pebbles cereal. Others have guessed Dreamsicles, Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, etc. Definitely fruity… and definitely NOT our favorite flavor! And yet we still finished them off.

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If you see it on the Internet it HAS to be true, right?!
Well, it sounds like there will be a new OREO cookie out there soon…
and I need to get my hands on them pronto!
A mystery flavor and a chance to win fifty-thousand dollars??? I’m in!

So here’s the challenge…
the first person to get a sealed package of Mystery OREO’s to me will win a FREE MUG!!!
You can ship them, deliver them, hand them off, bring them to class, drop them off in my studio… whatever. But whoever gets them to me first WINS!!! And “when I win” the big money prize, that same winner will get a LOT more than just that free mug!!! Bring it on!!!

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Celebrating NATIONAL TACO DAY at Big Star in Wicker Park. My first time there.
Great fun, great food and keeping the “fun” in Queso Fundido!!! Muy bueno!!!


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Okay, so I’ve never had Cookie Butter.
Never heard of Cookie Butter.
Not really sure what Cookie Butter is supposed to taste like.

So this latest flavor of OREOs was kind of lost on me.
It tasted like, well… a cookie. So I guess it worked???
Either way, we still finished them off in class Tuesday night.

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So nice to have “real” tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!!!