Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Kickin’ off a little pre-art fair with a stop at my favorite Glenview hot spot!!!
After a VERY windy & wave-crashing clouded “sunrise” bike ride…
it’s great to find out that a half dozen donuts is really NINE at Joe Donut.

Now I’m not good at math, but?… and I’m not complaining either!!!


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Just sitting around snacking on the sofa & watching TV…
and “pondering” how much better this snack would be in handmade pottery dishes?!
Now if only I knew “someone” who could make a large flat bowl for the chips,
and a smaller fun bowl for the dip?

Wonder where I could ever find one of those???
Thinking… thinking… thinking…

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I glazed & wadded ALL DAY long… and just finished loading the soda kiln… with about 15 minutes until Margie’s Ice Cream closes for the night. The timing seemed oddly perfect. Like I somehow just HAD TO go and “celebrate” finishing up the kiln. Karma, right? Just gearing up for a long soda firing!


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Okay, so by now you’ve probably figured out we have a “thing” for crazy-flavored OREO’s. Until now I thought these two new flavors were just an urban legend… but this video sure does make them look legit. Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wings. So now I just need to figure out a way to import them from China?! Any one traveling? Going on business? Anyone out there who can hook me up? They sound kinda gross… but I’m up for the challenge. Bring ‘em on!!! Xièxiè.

Click here for a little preview video.

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Not that I’m proud of this, but those BBQ Rib Tip Nachos were pretty darn amazing
at Smoke Daddy in Wrigleyville… not-surprisingly... emphasis on WERE!!!


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Love when my mugs are actually being used… and making breakfast even better!
Also love randomly running across this photo on my friend Allison’s Instagram stories this morning!

If you’re posting photos of YOUR breakfast using my pottery?… or lunch.. or dinner…
be sure to tag me @firewhenreadypottery.


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After checking in at the Chicago Triathlon Expo, we were tagged and ready
for some pre-race carbo-loading Eleven City Diner with Chris, Beckie & Dave.

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After “surviving” several weeks of Summer Camp without any good nicknames… and trust me, the kids tried out several new ones… look what showed up this week at my Tuesday night class potluck!!! Very clever.

But isn’t popcorn always WHOLE GRAIN just by the nature & physics of popping a kernel of corn? Just sayin’…


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My pottery class starts in just a few minutes… and my students should be excited that I scored the two newest flavors to share in class tonight!!! Rocky Road Trip and Strawberry Shortcake!!!

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Retro cool vintage decor everywhere you look at Lombardino’s…
like being locked in a time capsule. We were there just for some homemade ice cream,
but eye-candy was pretty sweet too! We each had a flight of three scoops… chocolate, salted caramel and sour cream flavored ice cream! Yes, SOUR CREAM!!!…. kinda tasted like New York style cheesecake!

But I couldn’t decide… if a wall is tiled and painted… is it a mosaic or a mural???