Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My very first Noodle Kugel homemade by my friend Pam. Quite yummy…
and even yummier in a handmade Bob Briscoe bowl.

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A “sweet” collaboration to finish off our festivities last night. My niece Taylor’s decorated sugar cookies on one of my stamped & soda-fired platters!

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Sure, the presents have been sweet. Time with family… sweet.
Games. Toys. Stories… sweet, sweet, sweet. But I’ve always been one to push it one step further… so it’s time for dessert!!! And the SWEETest part of the day!!! Homemade chocolate cheesecake to polish off the holiday meal. Please sir, I want some MORE!!!

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Just finishing up one last “project” before kicking off the Christmas Eve festivities!
Needed some red & green to perk up tomorrow’s dessert… and then once you start,
it’s SO hard to stop. Especially when there’s melted chocolate to be playing with!!!

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And here’s what’s left AFTER you’ve pulled all of the red & green ones out!!!

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While running holiday errands today I “just happened” to pick-up a yummy bottle of egg nog. Couldn’t wait to break it open… and it’s good for me, right? It’s a dairy product… for strong teeth and bones! Ha!!!



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So you know how I LOVE sweet treats. And how I LOVE my Talented Friends!!!
And how special it is when they both come together. Like today!!!
Look what was waiting for me when I got home today!!!

A very “sweet” care package from a Facebook Friend in Alabama. Donnalee and I have been friends online for a few years now as she follows my Facebook page as a fellow potter and fan. She’s purchased a couple mugs online and shared Selifies you may heve seen here recently. But when I found out that she lives on a farm and produces natural honey… errrr… back it up… FRESH HOMEGROWN HONEY?!!! Who doesn’t like fresh honey??? So we decided to do a little trading. Who doesn’t like a good trade?!

So my good box arrived in the mail today. I quickly opened it and was thrilled to find a couple different kinds of honey, all homegrown in Pelham, Alabama at Blankenship Farms! A couple different jars of honey and some fun sticks of honey.

And oh, but wait there’s more… PEPPERMINT HONEY???
Who would have thought? It sounds perfect for the season…
and I can’t wait to give it a try!!! Not sure in what?… with what?… or just on a spoon?

So if you like honey as much as I do… and like supporting small, family-owned businesses, please click here for Blankenship Farms. And when you do, tell Donnalee I sent you to Blankenship Farms!!! Their Facebook page can link you a few different options of where to find their honey.

Would you love to get some of this…




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A perfectly warm bowl of soup on a snowy winter day.
Thanks Allison for sharing your cozy meal. Looks like it’s almost gone…
might be time for a refill. I suggest a hot fudge sundae!!!



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One of my students stopped by my Holiday Home Show just now and dropped off a sweet holiday gift. Somehow she knew it would the perfect gift! Thanks Taylore… she knows me too well.

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Nothing says Thanksgiving like a plate of deviled eggs. Especially when they’re served on a stamped & soda-fired platter… and topped with a bite of caramelized bacon! Not to mention the sweet little fingers of the egg-Chef – my niece Taylor!!!