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This week in my pottery class we were ROCKIN’ THE CASBAH!!!
With original cream & chocolate filled OREOs “imported” from Morocco!
One of my students brought them back from vacation to add to our class obsession.
Fun to see the wrappers written in Arabic! Not quite as sweet as our local OREOs…
but we still chowed them down! Thank you Patty!

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I have the “sweetest” students… especially when they make sweet sugar cookies for class!!!
And the fact that they were Halloween pumpkins made them even SWEETER!!!

Thanks Dan for sharing the sugar!!!

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Also enjoyed a sweet treat this afternoon at SPRINKLES… an their amazing Cupcake ATM!!! Yes, you walk up to the machine outside of the store, tap the screen to make your selections, then pay with your card as the robot inside is pulling your order and placing it in the little box to the right. When the window slides up, you pull your boxed cupcakes out! Freshly made bakery cupcakes with amazing flavors… and even better FROSTING!!! So much fun… and so yummy!!!


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BIRTHDAY WEEK… Day 6!!!... the actual birthDAY!

Today’s my birthday… so I’m gonna splurge if I want to!
We started out with OREO ice cream and brownies at work. Yummy!

After work I stopped by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for my FREE birthday ice cream!
A trio flight of Salted Caramel, Sweet Potato and Toasted Marshmallows
and my favorite Bangkok Peanut.

And as I was leaving Jeni’s, I just happened upon a Farmer’s Market and found PIES!!!
I couldn’t decide so I got TWO!!! They’re small… so it’s not quite as bad.

Then I went to the studio and worked for a couple hours…
and then ended the night with my FREE birthday ice cream from Margies!!!
Just had to bookmark my birthday with ICE CREAM!!!


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After work, my friend Tiffany and I decided to go out for a birthday dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants… SMOKE DADDY in Wrigleyville. Mostly because they have some AMAZING nachos… one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

And with a little spicy tingle on my tongue… and a short walk to my car that “just happened” to take us past Jeni’s Ice Cream in Wrigleyville…. we just happened to cool off the night with some yummy ice creams from Jeni’s!

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Boy those Amish sure make good pies!!! Red raspberry pie at the end of the ride.
Best way to finish off my Hilly Hundred Weekend. They didn’t sell pie by the slice…
so I had a decision to make. And apparently a pie to carry on my bike for the last few miles!!!

And yes I shared… but it was BYOF… bring your own fork!!!

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So I had to go downtown to renew my Driver’s License today. As I was leaving I noticed the Farmer’s Market across the street at Daley Plaza. So I just “had to” stop by for some Fall fun at the Farmer’s Market. Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables, colorful flowers, LOTS of pumpkins & gourds… and “quite possibly” some pies, cookies and other yummy baked goods!!!


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Tonight in my pottery class we celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!!!… and what better way than Mickey OREO”s??? And yes, we polished them off quickly… go figure!

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So when I learned that my friend & co-worker Sandy had NEVER had a milkshake before, I knew we had to take care of that!!! Apparently she didn’t like milk as a kid, so she never drank it. And as she got older, the “no-milk” concept including MILKshakes! But c’mon.... it’s a MILKSHAKE!!! So much better than milk… and I think she loved it! She finished it with an amazing smile and a thumbs up!

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Tonight is the first night of a new session of pottery classes at Lillstreet Art Center. And my class will be kickin’ it off with a bit of international flair!!! Some unique OREO flavors imported from France by my friend Tracy. New flavours?… OUI, OUI. Merci beaucoup Tracy!