Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So tonight in my pottery class it was Kate’s BIRTHDAY! And since we can’t “share” a package of OREO’s anymore during these crazy days… I decided we should be able to celebrate with individual serving packages hermetically sealed & safe for everyone.

So I added candles… got ready for class to surprise her…

Only to find out that Kate didn’t come tonight!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah…
So the real question… do I save them for next week?…
or do I eat them… and do I get some bonus points for at least trying???

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What could be better than a hot fudge sundae on a Sunday?! TWO hot fudge sundaes… in handmade pottery bowls. Looking yummy Gerry & Rosene!!!

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So yesterday was “National Guacamole Day”… and did anyone feel “obligated” to celebrate besides me?! Yummy nachos solely for the observance of this auspicious holiday.

Thank You Big Star for the extra guacamole & extra cheese!!!

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My cousin Kim likes to grow them, but doesn’t like to eat them!
So this is where I come in… enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Loving how much homegrown vegetables taste so much better than store-bought… and EVEN BETTER when stored in a beautiful bowl?!!! Just sayin’…

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Looks like Martin is starting his morning off right… with some tea & crumpets before he starts painting! And I’m sure his tea is extra tasty this morning… in one of my mugs that he got from our pottery class mug “exchange-stealing-trading” game!!!

You can check out some of Martin’s amazing paintings & other artwork by clicking here for his website!

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It’s that time of the year… time when there’s an abundance of cherry tomatoes in everyone’s gardens. Well, those of you who HAVE a garden?!!!… sadly, not me.

But I digress… anyway, pretty little tomatoes need a pretty little bowl! Thanks Heidi for sharing your colorful harvest!!!

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When Rosene sent me this picture of her grocery produce “harvest” on some of my pottery… it looked a little too much like she was setting up a still life to do a painting!!!

So I went ahead and made it for her!!!

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Looks like Kristy was making something yummy for a little Labor Day get-together… or maybe just a fun lunch?! Loving the color contrast with the cobalt blue bowl!

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After a nice sunrise bike ride… what could be better than some gourmet donuts?! They’ve kind of become an annual “tradition” for Day Two of ART IN THE GARDEN. I like to stop by JOE DONUTS in Glenview to pick-up these yummy treats for the artists before the show starts! I cut them all in half so you can try more than one kind without feeling too guilty about it. Not too unexpected… but I ate MORE than my share as the box ended up behind my booth when the art fair started!

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Looks like my buddy Allison is serving up a yummy breakfast this morning before her high school classes start remotely this morning! Also enjoying some handmade pottery for her morning ritual… and looking forward to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!!