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Handmade Pottery Aprons

Every potter loves playing in the mud.
But that doesn’t mean that they want to wear it all the time.
So a new potter’s apron might just be the perfect gift for your favorite potter... or yourself!

Even my friend & fellow potter Greg Schultz wears his apron proudly…

Specialized Potter Aprons : Handmade by my Mom!!!

Here are some quick details about the specialized pottery aprons:
* Durable & washable heavy broadcloth fabric
* Lower section splits into two panels to cover each leg as you sit at the wheel
* Patch pockets on the back of each hip
* Straps actually go over the shoulders to avoid neck strain & fatigue
* Three buttons for height adjustments
* Three buttons for width adjustments
* One size fits all….for the most part.

Listed below is the current pottery apron inventory.
If you are interested in purchasing an apron please send me a quick e-mail
to “secure” your choice…

They are $50 each which includes shipping & handling in the contiguous United States.
They are first come, first serve! Don’t miss out.

A retro-vibe with a musical flair.



Again, just let me know if you would like to purchase an apron.
Send me a quick e-mail to “claim” your apron…
First come, first served!!! Grab’em while you can!!!

My Mom would be thrilled to  sell some more of these custom pottery aprons…
which then means she can make some more!




March 9th, 2015

Hello. Awesome blog! Your mom does great work on the aprons. I was curious if she does any custom if you want a certain color/pattern? I have a sister who teaches ceramics and jewelry making who is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan so would be curious to know if something could be done in either the team’s colors OR in her school colors. Any info would help. Thanks!

March 9th, 2015

HEY TONY – I pretty sure she could figure something out. It doesn’t sound too hard to me. We may not have specific Indy Colts colored fabrics in the Chicago area, but I’m pretty sure she could “patchwork” some of the pieces together to make it happen. I’ll forward your message and e-mail to her so she can contact you directly. GARY

Maureen Lochey

January 31st, 2016

I would like a apron …how much are they and how do I go about getting one

Maureen Lochey

January 31st, 2016

Sorry I do see the price but sill haven’t found where to order J

January 31st, 2016

All you need to do is send me an e-mail saying which apron you would like. I think there are three currently in the inventory. I will forward your e-mail to my Mom the seamstress. She will be SO excited to sell another one. She has the aprons at her place, so you’ll send your check directly to her and she’ll mail the apron to you. Easy-peezy. Just start with an e-mail to gary@firewhenreadypottery and we’ll get it started for you. Thanks for checking in – GARY

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