Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After landing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany last week, I was well-rested from my flying-nap on the plane… so I set off to see some of the city. Strolling through town, across the River Main and towards museum row. Loving the older architecture already… like this old “castle” built in 1886 which is actually a sculpture museum!



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When playing downtown, I’m always reminded…
some may call it Macy’s, but it will always be MARSHALL FIELDS to me!!!

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Always impressed by the over-the-top beauty & craftsmanship of The Cadillac Palace Theater. It never ceases to amaze me how they used to build these magnificent buildings… and that somehow a few of them have been saved & restored to their original beauty!

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I’m always in awe of the decorative architectural treatments whenever I visit The Cadillac Palace Theatre. Such amazing craftsmanship… even the amazing dome over the audience with just a hint of hi-tech lighting encroaching.

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I know it’s been “awhile” since I’ve been in school, but I went to my niece Taylor’s junior high school musical last night… and was oddly transfixed by these little goodies on the wall. Groovy industrial retro vibe!!!

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Last Sunday we pedaled over a hundred miles in hundred degree weather through the rural farmlands around Kankakee. We followed along both the Kankakee River and the Iroquois River and had a wonderful trip putting in the miles… and finding little treasures along the way. Like this really cool old building from 1911… abandoned & left behind… but not before someone added a pay phone??? When was the last time you saw one of those???

And then a bit of humor found in the fields…

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Sure, the art collection inside the Art Institute is pretty darn AMAZING. But outside is pretty cool too… with a great mix of modern architecture on the Modern Wing juxtaposed with the vintage Chicago Stock Exchange arch by Louis Sullivan.

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So then THIS is happening today!!!
All new windows in our condo building. A lot of pounding, chipping and vacuuming.

Old wood. Old windows. Lots of debris to clean before the new windows go in.

I’m going to miss the vintage charm of my old wood windows…
but LOVE the convenience, improvements & thermal-ness of the new ones!!!

Out with the old and in with the new!




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There’s some beautiful architectural details on The Bank On Broadway a couple blocks from my place. Unfortunately the bank is now-defunct and has been sitting empty for a long time. My fear is that some developer will swoop in and tear the place down to build condos or some other soul-less edifice. Which would be such a shame with historic craftsmanship like this still lingering in the Edgewater neighborhood.

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A bit dreary downtown today. It can’t quite decide if it wants to rain or snow?!