Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Here we go again…

Unfortunately, neither South nor West!!! Still in the snow…

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Sometimes the best part of a road trip is PIE.
I couldn’t decide at the Norske Nook… so I had both.
Fresh Rhubarb AND Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Then back on the road…

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After a busy week in Dover and the studio, we’re finally off to Minneapolis!
This weekend is the Minnesota Pottery Tour and we made it up north after a long, rainy drive. The tour starts tomorrow, but first, my parents and I stopped by my cousin’s place tonight for dinner and some great fun with their kids. Always fun to play with them… and to hear all the stories from their recent “Make-A-Wish” Trip to Hawaii. Yes, unfortunately, their youngest Christopher has been battling with cancer. He’s made it through his chemotherapy rounds like a trooper and is now “in the clear” and feeling so much better. So it was great fun to see him smiling & laughing… and playing with Uncle Gary!!!

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So I finally made it to Boston and they’re predicting a Nor’easter. A what?!
I’m not really sure, but you know it’s never a good sign when your rental car
comes complete with an ice scraper on the dashboard!

So it was a little rainy. A little blustery. But I still felt obliged to walk around Boston
to see a few of the sights. I’ve been there before, so the novelty wore off quickly as the
storm started getting worse.

Faneuil Hall

And here’s a little “sneak peek” of my “glitter gig” and what I was doing fron city to city.
Dallas was 20-feet tall, Washington DC had a 12-foot tree and Boston was the smallest
& easiest at a mere 9-feet. Each city got easier as my Whirlwind Tour came to an end.

And once all three trees were done. And all three cities had been covered. I felt as though
I deserved a treat. And luckily for me… next to the Boston store was a Cheesecake Factory.
I couldn’t quite decide… so I got both!


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Not so clear, not so nice. Seems like a storm may be heading in, as I am heading out.
My whirlwind Tour continues as I head to airport to catch a flight to Boston!
But not too soon that I can’t stop off a couple times along the way!

Arlington National Cemetery

Iwo Jima Memorial

So that was my Whirlwind Tour of Washington DC. So much to see. So much to do.
One of my favorite cities. I just wish I had had a little more time to play while I was here!


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So after I played along the Potomac, I felt oddly “obligated” to go to The Mall to see
some of the memorials & landmarks that make Washington DC such a tourist attraction.
Sure, I’ve been there a couple times. But I still had the whole afternoon to go sightseeing.
Either that or take a nap in my hotel? And I’m not much of a nap guy. Especially when
I knew I could rent a bike! And so… I headed off to see the landmarks!
Even more of a whirlwind tour!!!

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Vietnam War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

DC Veterans Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

The White House

The Capital Building

The American Indian Museum

World War II Memorial

After my day pedaling around the Nation’s Capital, I had to go do my “glitter gig” at night.
And then back to the hotel for a quick night’s sleep before heading back to the airport!

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Day Two of my whirlwind tour took me to Washington DC.
Coincidentally enough I ended up in the Nation’s Capital on Election Day!
Yes, I am possibly the most non-political person ever. So it’s oddly ironic
that of all people I end up there on the first Tuesday of November!

I knew that I didn’t need to do my “glitter gig” until later that evening, so I
decided to start the day with a beautiful hike at Great Falls National Park.
Who knew that the Potomac River could be so wonderfully exciting just miles
up the river before it so calmly pass through the Capital?

It was beautiful & sunny with just a hint of chill in the air. And since it’s Tuesday and most
people are working, the park was incredibly empty. Like I had the whole park to myself!
It started out like many other National Parks. Woods. Water. Trails. Serene.

And then the river widens as it goes across a viaduct. So calm before, a little crazier after!

A little ways down the river from the aqueduct, the river gets crazy & the sound gets louder!
Then the river kind of opens up and creates this wonderful waterfall! Such a stark contrast to
the river before the falls, and the river after the Capital.

Just a few days after Hurricane Sandy worked its way up the East Coast, and wreaked havoc
in New York & New Jersey, it was interesting to see how this park had been affected too. If
it weren’t obvious enough from the sandbags stacked up everywhere, you could also see how
high the water was from the leaves that were “plastered” on most of the branches along the
river bed. And apparently it’s not the first time they’ve gotten a lot of water… they even have
a tall souvenir marking the floods over the years. Hurricane Sandy hasn’t been posted yet!

It was great to have yet another “Fall” this year too! I got an early blast of color up in the
Wisconsin Northwoods for ART DETOUR in October. Then the Fall colors came through
Chicago a couple weeks later. I was kind of surprised that Autumn was still hanging on
when I got to Washington, DC.



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Heading off for a whirlwind tour across the country as part of my “glitter gig.”
You know by now that I work part-time as the Creative Director for a special
events company in Chicago. And here I am, heading off to Dallas for an
overnight Christmas tree decorating gig!

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Getting ready for a whirlwind tour… three cities in four days!
The “glitter gig” is sending me out to do some holiday decorating for our client.
So first I’m off to Dallas. And kind of excited to get out of the cold weather in Chicago!
Ready to enjoy the sun & warmer temps in Dallas. Too bad I’ll be inside most of the time!