Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like Cory has one last batch of colorful fun to wash with underglazes, glaze & fire quickly for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. I’ve been enamored with Cory McCrory, her work, her textures & her whimsy ever since we met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair several years ago… and we’ve been fast friends ever since! So much fun to have talented friends!!!

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Totally loving these cool beaded bracelets that Lynda Wallis has made with some of my soda-fired beads!!! She’ll be bringing them to Glenview this weekend for ART IN THE GARDEN… fun in the garden with MASKS and a lot of cool collaboration projects you won’t find at any other art fair!!!

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What a difference a little underglaze can make?!!!
A whimsical “paint-job” by my “cohort in collaborations” Cory McCrory on her bowls for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. We’ve been working on this little project for awhile now… and now we’re both in our final kiln firings!!! Getting ready to put our collaboration pieces together in Glenview for every one to see!

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With ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend… we’ve all been scrambling to get our work ready, especially our collaboration projects!!! Part of what makes this show so special. And it looks like Cory has been working on building and putting some finishing touches on her part of our collaboration project – racing to get everything into a kiln!!! Can’t wait to see everything when it all comes together this Saturday & Sunday in Glenview!

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Looks like Cory isn’t the only one who is working on her part of the collaborations… metalsmith Amy Taylor is doing her part here! A small glimpse of her masterpiece of a collaboration… and MORE to come!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone is doing for ART IN THE GARDEN!!! I just love having talented friends!!!

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Looks like my pal Cory McCrory has been making a few little parts & pieces for our ART IN THE GARDEN collaboration… okay, one of TWO collaboration projects we’re doing together!!! I can’t wait to see her creative solutions to my “challenge” come together this weekend in Glenview! Stop by Saturday & Sunday from 10am-5pm for the “Big Reveal.”

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Just a little bowl of fun for TEXTURE TUESDAY.
Fun shapes. Fun colors. Fun textures… and what makes them even “FUNNER”???… they all rattle just ‘cuz they can! Come play with them this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview!

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Looks like Kristin Conneely has been working her “mosaic magic” getting for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview. We’ll be gathering at a new location just down the street from last year for this wonderful grassroots art fair! Not only will Kristin’s mosaics be there… but I also know that we’re doing a couple collaboration pieces just for this art fair!!!

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It was a VERY late night last night as I started to add some “character” to the newest addition to THE GHOULS COLLECTION. Typically “revealed” at Art In The Barn in Barrington… but since that was cancelled four months ago, the new Ghoul will be coming to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!!! As long as I get them done?!!! Pressure’s on.

But first?… back to another day of Summer Camp!!!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a collection of stamped & soda-fired mugs that will be making their appearance at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend! Saturday & Sunday, August 29th & 30th from 10:00am-5:00pm in Glenview, Illinois.

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