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Well, this weekend was “supposed to be” the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival… which was of course CANCELLED due to all of this corona-craziness! Sadly, no art fairs this weekend! So I’m going online with a new “socially distant” set of mugs from A to Z!!!

So I”m hosting an online sale only on my Fire When Ready Pottery FACEBOOK PAGE! Same as usual… the first person to claim a mug in the Facebook Photo Album by putting “MINE” in the Comments section of each mug photo will get that mug! I’ve also added the “back side” of each mug in the inset photo so you can picture it better as some of them have dramatic flashing effects. I will then follow with a message & shipping details. Each mug is food-safe, dishwasher-safe and $55… which includes packing & shipping with the continuous US.

So start shopping on Facebook… although I know it’s NOT the same as shopping in person at the art fair! I am already missing all of your friendly faces, chatting with everyone & hanging outside with all of my art fair friends!

Hopefully we’ll get to squeeze in one or two actual art fairs a bit later in the summer season?! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and pretend this is an art fair ONLINE!!! Thanks!

Here’s the selection of mugs… but remember…
you can ONLY claim them on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!!

MUG A ———-

MUG B ———-

MUG C ———-

MUG D ———-

MUG E ———-

MUG F ———-

MUG G ———-

MUG H ———-

MUG I ———-

MUG J ———-

MUG K ———-

MUG L ———-

MUG M ———-

MUG N ———-

MUG O ———-

MUG P ———-

MUG Q ———-

MUG R ———-

MUG S ———-

MUG T ———-

MUG U ———-

MUG V ———-

MUG W ———-

MUG X ———-

MUG Y ———-

MUG Z ———-

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More MUGS for Memorial Day Weekend… coming soon in a “flash online sale” to a Facebook page near you!!! Details very soon… quite possibly at 10:30am this morning… just sayin’…

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So this weekend was supposed to be “ART-A-WHIRL” up in Minneapolis… a big studio tour & art sale in the Twin Cities. And I was planning on being the Guest Artist of my friend & amazing metalsmith Sarah Chapman before this corona-craziness shut us all down!

Want to see more of Sarah’s work… click here!

Needless to say, I’m NOT in Minneapolis, and Sarah’s studio is not open for the tour. But she is hosting a “virtual” tour on her website! So if you’re looking for some amazingly cool jewelry to spruce up your “quarantine look” – check-out the link below for more info! Her work is incredible… I just wish I were there in person this weekend to play with Sarah… while we both would be showing off our wares! Maybe next year?!

Click here to shop Sarah’s website of beautiful things!!!

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Okay, so here we go…
With art fairs being cancelled left & right, we’re all figuring out different ways to get our work out there. You know I LOVE art fairs… but desperate times call for desperate measures! So I’ve created a little online pottery store on my website. Nothing hi-tech, we’re staying old-school. Just a bunch of pieces & photos with a short descriptions.

Click here to go to the Online Pottery Shopping!

If you see something you want, shoot me an e-mail to claim it and I’ll remove it from the website selection. First come, first-served. Full details on my blog. And then in the next few days I’ll start replenishing the “store” as pieces get shipped out. We’ll see how this goes… my fingers are crossed… it’s a learning curve for all of us, so please be patient!

You can also find the Online Pottery Shopping by clicking on the Page in the top right corner of my blog!

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Working through a lot of pieces over the past couple days… taking pictures, making measurements, getting ready to post ’em online. Like this assortment of bowls in different sizes & colors! Online shopping information coming VERY SOON!!!

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More bad news today as yet another art fair in my schedule has been cancelled. We heard today that ART IN THE BARN will not be happening in 2020… which was scheduled for the last weekend in September. I know that a lot of us artists were hoping that by then we might have a chance of art fairs coming back. Guess not.

And then coincidentally, my sister Jen sent me a link to this video. Which was so thoughtful, caring, inspirational, a little sad, and yet so moving. A little “bedtime story” that makes you think about the situation we’re all facing, what the outcome might be and why hindsight is 2020… and appropriately, it’s called “The Great Realisation.” As I think we are all beginning to realize the longevity & after-effects of this historic pandemic. Reality is setting in. So far… not a fan of the “new normal.”

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As “shelter-at-home” continues on & on… today is a weird day for many potters as the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour was forced to go “virtual” this weekend for the first time EVER. I’ve gone to the big Minnesota Pottery Tour for MANY years to see a lot of incredible pottery, meet the artists, network, get inspired, play with friends and add to my own pottery collection! It’s become an annual tradition. But this year… it is all online! Which might be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future. But I don’t like it. I miss playing with my friends. I miss touching & holding pottery. I miss a lot of things! But we’re all in this together… so show ’em some love and check-out their online Pottery Tour Sale!!!

Click here to go to the main Minnesota Potters web page… and then go shopping by artist!

And just to whet your whistle… a jew photos from how it “used to be”!!! If you want more, you can also go back in my blog here to see some of my adventures in previous years! Do a SEARCH for Minnesota Pottery Tour and see a bunch of great times & great pottery!

Not so much for this year… mwah, mwah, mwah…

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Desperate times call for desperate measures! So glad to see that my friend Julie has been taking care of herself & staying healthy with a little “retail therapy!” And supporting artists & local businesses at the same time! Thank You so much Julie… we all appreciate it! Distinct bath & body, Bachor pothole art… and ME!!!

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Stopped by the check out the new location for ART IN THE GARDEN… as our lovely hosts have moved right around the corner. Bigger space, more garden and literally a river!!! Now we just have to hope that “things” calm down enough that ART IN THE GARDEN can still go on this year… with proper precautions!!!

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We’ve gone LIVE!!!
Check-out the “official” Photo Album on Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page to start shopping for that one-of-a-kind, handmade gift for Mom… or yourself… or that special someone!