Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Mother Nature’s entry for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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Such a beautiful color to start your day!!! That purple is practically GLOWING from the center out… morning “glory” indeed!!!

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Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with an orange two-fer!
Sticking with my favorite color… one soda-fired & one draped in my living room windows!

Categories: color, flowers, garden

Still enamored by these vibrant red lilies just down the street. Every morning when I pass them on my bike I think to myself… “I need to plant some of those beauties for next year.” And then I forget… until the next morning!

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It was a beautiful day to get outside and play hooky on my bike. Strange how different this all looks during daylight hours?! Huh.

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Another healthy lunch up in Stevens Point… loving the colorful mix of healthy!!! With a base of spiraled zucchini. Who knew you even could do that… spiraling?… I kinda thought zucchini only came as bread??? Beautifully contrasted against one of my bright blue bowls with a wavy rim! Thanks again for sharing Kristy!

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Classic red Asiatic lilies blooming in my front yard.
Simply saturated color.

Categories: color, garden, textures

Some colorful coleus leaves on my front porch…
Mother Nature’s striking entry for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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Beautiful blankets of blue covered with spreading scillia plants.

A wonderful blue carpet with an occasional “pop” of daffodil yellow!
Spring is wonderful!!!

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So I’ve been a fan of tie-dyed t-shirts for a VERY long time.
And for those who are not at Lillstreet on a regular basis, you might be surprised that I wear one pretty much every day that I’m in the studio! I think it’s the colors, the patterns, the fun activity of making the tie-dye… and some sort of childhood flashback to Summer Camp fun. Yes, my very first job ever was a Summer Camp counselor… and look at me now… STILL a Summer Camp counselor!!!

And with Summer Camp coming up again… and PROJECT RUNWAY focusing on tie-dye as high fashion last week… I felt it was time to step-up my game and make some new t-shirts!!! And thanks to my friend Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks for inspiring me with a little tutorial advice on how to ice-dye! Didn’t sound too difficult… so here I go…

No need to tie them all up with tight rubber bands… more of a crumpling and “holding in place” with a couple rubber bands. Its going to be the ice and the dye that does all the work! So I decided to start with four shirts… two new white ones, and two colored shirts that have a couple stains “to be creative-camouflaged away.”

And then I covered the four t-shirts with a bag of ice cubes from the convenient store.
I tried my best to cover every part of the shirts.

Then you sprinkle dry dye powder on top of the ice. It’s kind of “random” as you’re sprinkling… I’m more accustomed to dipping into colors where you can “control” what part you dip into what. Sure, the folding, twisting & crumpling are all part of the pattern & end result… but I’m not so confident on the colors I”m going to get out of this pile of ice & color?!!! I’m thinking this might come with practice… but this is my first try… so here we go!

As the ice melts, the powder dye dissolves and kind of “travels” with the water as it drips & seeps into the fabric.

And it seemed like this batch went well… my first time ice-dying…
so why not do two more quick while I’m all set-up?

So here’s a quick peek at my new tie-dyed shirts… actually more “ice-dyed”… but you get the idea. I’m pretty excited for these new designs & patterns. I’m kinda digging the ice-dyed technique. A lot easier, quicker and “newer” than traditional tie-dye with a ton of rubber bands! Don’t get me wrong… I still have rubber bands… I still have dye… and I still have t-shirts… never say never!

Unfortunately, these still need to be washed to get some of the extra dye out…
which is also when you lose some of the beautifully vibrant colors.
I wish there was a way to keep them this bright… but they’re just t-shirts, right?!!!