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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Yesterday was a beautiful day for the Chicago Triathlon. Well, beautiful except for the crazy waves in Lake Michigan. So crazy that they called off the entire swim portion, and changed it to a Duathlon – run, bike, run. Always a fun day “racing” downtown with one of the best bike courses EVER!!! Up & down Lake Shore Drive, through Lower Wacker Drive and down along the Bus Lane… all 100% closed to traffic! Always a fun day playing downtown with my Tri-pal Tracy!

And this is what happens sometimes when you ask a total strange if she can take a few pictures for you. Still not quite sure what happened… some errant filter somewhere maybe? At least she tried…

At the Finish Line… thousands of medals are waiting for the Finishers! The Chicago Triathlon is the city’s only downtown Triathlon… and one of the world’s largest with over ten thousand athletes competing over the weekend!

Also after the Finish Line, there are an assortment of vendors, team tents, recovery stations and medics. My favorite of course is the Rapid Reboot tent. We’ve tried them many times at both Chicago Triathlon & a few IRONMAN Expos… and so much better when you get to use these AMAZING compression pants after the race when your legs could really use the boost! #rapidreboot

A rare Selfie... with a bit of a post-race afterglow much attributed to the compression pants massaging my legs at this very moment. Thanks to Clark and the fun folks at Rapid Reboot!!!

After the race, we decided to “walk it off” with a nice stroll through Millennium Park since the day was so gorgeous!

After having the SWIM portion of our race cancelled…
the day just didn’t feel complete without getting a little WET!!!
So we decided to play in the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park.

Scroll through the next few photos quickly, and you’ll see my friend Tracy doing her best Snow Angel Stroke in the fountain… to “complete” the third leg of our Triathlon!

And notice my still sealed, never-been-opened Swim Cap and extremely dry goggles!

We still lined up to start our race at the Swim Start arch… even though the lettering had been removed already. I guess to avoid confusion?! As we would basically be RUNNING the swim course instead of swimming it!

All in all, another great day downtown for the Chicago Triathlon… even if it was changed to a Duathlon! Always fun to get another medal to add to the collection… even if it is the THICKEST & heaviest medal yet!!! Rumor has it that if you were to complete all of the Lifetime Triathlons in the series, your medals would stack up to look like a replica of a sports water bottle!


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Cool & breezy this morning… but so much fun with the waves crashing in all over the place! Okay, so sure… not quite so safe, but if you’re smart it’s okay… and quite entertaining to watch those who aren’t!!!


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And not to end on a dreary & cloudy note…
here’s a more impressive sunrise from Friday morning down on Navy Pier.
Beautiful clouds, colors & silhouettes down on The Pier.

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Blue skies. Clear skies… and a couple geese! Could it get any more BEAUTIFUL?!!!


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Crazy winds & crazy waves this morning! Not quite the beautiful sunrise we’ve gotten used to this week… but still great fun playing along the lakefront early this morning before the temps soar back up!!! Guess I picked the wrong day to “start” my swim training?! Maybe I’ll start tomorrow?… or not. Ha!!!

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After a wonderful string of beautiful sunrises, we knew that it had come to an end at some point. But maybe not quite yet today. While today was another hot & steamy ride, the beautiful colors were fleeting… stunning at first, then pastoral & serene… before the gray clouds moved and the sunrise was blocked and back then to gray… and still SWEATY!!!


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With a hazy-foggy start to the day… the skyline was engulfed in fog & dappled clouds.

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With all of the rain we’ve had this Spring, even Lake Michigan is FLOODED!!! The orange railings are “supposed” to be at the water’s edge… with a water level being about a foot lower than the cement edge. Needless to say, the water is high enough to cover the jogging path… and almost makes it up to the bike lanes!!!

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I’ve always said that “the best part of biking, is stopping.”
Especially when the end of the ride is across the street from Superdawg…
which was extra tasty after our wonderful day of riding!!!

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With a surprising start to a surprisingly nice day, it was good to see that sliver of sunrise color coming through before the sun went away behind the clouds. The forecast wasn’t so good for this weekend… but it looks like we’re off to a good start… with another BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!!