Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The circus is back in town!!! And last night we had a wonderful night under Le Grand Chapiteau for an exciting performance of Cirque du Soleil’s new show “VOLTA”!!! We had a great picnic along the lakefront before the show, and were surprised to find the whole place engulfed in fog after the show. Another wonderful night with my favorite Cirque du Soleil… under their new gray & white tent!!!

Everyone was taking their photos… including my friend Pam!

And the fog rolled in… and created a glowing haze over Le Grand Chapiteau!



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Loving the beautiful mosaics downtown at the Gallery 37 Gallery… made by the talented kids from After School Matters. Quite impressive… beautiful colors, striking patterns & great craftsmanship. Keep up the good work kids!!!

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Another cloudy morning with a bit of a wind coming in from the west.
Watching flags fly as the sunrise tries its best to make it through the clouds
at the east end of Navy Pier.

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A beautiful afternoon hanging out at the park on a non-game day. The sun was out, the weather was great… and it looks like they’re building my new “favorite spot” inside the park?!

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Lots of clouds for a very dramatic bike ride this morning.
Mostly clouds. Mostly wind. Mostly gray

Yet with a sudden splash of color… that lasted but a few minutes!

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So cloudy this morning without much chance for a real sunrise! The wind was strong, the waves were crashing & parts of the trail were already closed!!! But it was fighting the headwind all the way home that was the real challenge!

And then I turned around to head home… and into the wind… and yes, that flag is flying SIDEWAYS!!!

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After being cooped-up in the studio all day firing my soda kiln, it sure felt GREAT to get outside Sunday for a wonderful bike ride along the lakefront. My own “urban jungle” with dandelions popping up everywhere… and to think like a week ago we had snow?!!!



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Quick sights at the Montrose “L” stop yesterday as I was headed downtown for the ONE OF A KIND SHOW. Love the geometry, the typography, the rusty metal and all things industrial.

And a little “leftovers” from yesterday’s snow fall…

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And if that first panorama shot was “pretty”…
a couple minutes later it was STUNNING!!! Big sunrises need big photos!!!

Enjoy... I know I sure did.

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Big sky shows sometimes require a panoramic shot…
showing the clouds moving in and blowing across the horizon!