Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Woke up this morning with the first dusting of snow in Chicago.
With a forecast of more to come. I’m SO not ready for this!!!

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Gloomy eyes. Dreary day.
Incredible new street art at The Purple Hour on Damen.
Wonderfully moody imagery by Daniel Wilson.

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Hard to believe it is already October?! How did that happen so fast? I still like to “think” that it’s Summer… but the cold weather & strong winds definitely say Fall.

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A windy morning provided some gusty fun along the lakefront. Waves were crashing up over the shoreline. Wind whipping every which way. Seemed like it was “always” A headwind!!! But still, a beautiful ride with some nice photo-ops down on Chicago’s Navy Pier.

My chariot awaits…. ready for a very windy ride home with the flags flying horizintally!

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Beautiful day on Chicago’s Navy Pier.
How much do I want to be out playing in the sun today?!

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Sweeping sunrise colors across the lakefront & skyline.

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Clear skies. Beautiful colors. Nice silhouettes.
And quite a few waves crashing over the banks and up onto the bike trail.
A beautiful sunrise ride before heading up to Madison
for what will be a very exciting weekend!

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Hey, at least we had sun for a few hours before this cloud front moved in.
You can almost see Tom Skilling’s row of dashed lines & triangles up in the sky
right along that line of clouds!


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Another cloudy start to the day. Good sunrise potential that was never quite fulfilled. All those gray clouds never quite finding their time to shine in a blaze of sunrise colors. So close

The Chicago Skyline looked pretty great though…

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Well, after yesterday’s storms, the clouds were still hanging out and the winds were quite strong. I was at camp and in the studio ALL day yesterday… apparently the storm was worse than I thought?!