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What better way to end out the year than with some studio cleaning, de-decorating
and turning out one last batch of reclaim clay?! Here’s to “free” clay in the New Year!!!

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Well, look who’s the Featured Artist for October on the website… ME!!!

So excited to invited by the Aftosa Team to be featured this month.
I’ve been purchasing ceramic tools & supplies from them for years.
Check them out at





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Looks like something special in the works?! This is the kind of “magic” that happens when artist friends get together and collaborate. Come to ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend to see the final results. Amy Taylor is amazing!!! And let me just add two more enticing tidbits… “Limited Edition” and even better… “interchangeable.”

So we started with some textured clay “cabachons” or disc inserts.

Then Amy made some great metal “cases” to hold the discs. Practically everything Amy makes has a hinge on it somewhere, so it was no surprise that these do too!!!

A little cleaning up… and then polishing…

Insert the ceramic disk… and voila’… PERFECTION!!!
She’s amazing… and this one may just have to be mibe?!

And again… interchangeable ceramic disks in the hinged sterling case…
but VERY Limited Quantities this weekend only at ART IN THE GARDEN!!!


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Starting to wonder if it was smart to throw tonight, or if I should be home relaxing, carbo-loading and preparing for tomorrow’s race?!

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Don’t eat these ones – your dentist won’t be happy!!! My teaching assistant Erin made these amazing ceramic OREO’s for everyone in class! While everyone else exchanged ovals, Erin had a fun little OREO for each of us! A perfect complement to our OREO ADDICTION!!! Thanks Erin!


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After a few days of drying on a large plaster bat, my reclaimed porcelain slurry has set-up enough to start wedging. After a bit of manual labor, I now have a few more bags of porcelain. A few more bags of potential.

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Every Thursday during a typical Wheelthrowing Camp is Terra Cotta Day!
I try to tell them in advance that it’s going to be messy. A lot messier than stoneware.
Generally they scoff at it. And think that I’m exaggerating. And then THIS happens…

Gooey-gloppy messy hands… and arguably the dirtiest wheel EVER!!!
Good thing we have Rule #3… “Whatever mess you make, YOU will be cleaning up.”
And she did.

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My reclaim bucket was full of slaked down porcelain scraps. Pulverized porcelain scraps soaked in water, and then evaporated until it was gooey, but not puddley. So I thought today would be a good day to glop it all out onto a large plaster bat to get it to start setting up. After a few days of drying, I will be able to start wedging. You gotta love free clay!!! Especially when it’s porcelain… Thanks again Emily!


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After a full day in Evanston, I swung by the studio last night to do some last minute throwing. I’m teaching a Soda-Firing Workshop next weekend and I need to make some more pots quick to help fill the kiln… and replenish some of the pieces that went to good homes during the art fair!

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It’s another week of Summer Camp!!! This week I’m teaching Wheelthrowing again….
and the mud-covered shenanigans have started already!!!