Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It was the “calm before the storm” this morning as it was terra-cotta day at a Wheelthrowing Summer Camp today. Notice how “clean” everything starts out… before the kids arrive!

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Today was the first day of another Wheelthrowing Summer Camp. We have a large plaster bat that we affectionately call “The Graveyard” for all of the dead pots that didn’t quite make it. Usually it’s just a bunch of squishy clay, but today Mister Muddy made an appearance!!!



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Spinning… Trimming… and Trimming some more!!!
And I love my Giffin Grip!!!

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Holy balls of wedged potential Batman!

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I’m making some new vases for an upcoming event.
Hope I can get them stamped, dried, fired, glazed & fired again in time for the big party?!!!
Fingers crossed.

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After scooping out another huge batch of hydrated reclaim clay, I just finished pulverizing another batch of dry clay to start the process all over again!

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My students often ask about spiral wedging. And I quickly admit that I have no technique, no flair, no special way of wedging. I’m more of a straight-forward, push it-muscle it-get it done-kinda guy. But for those of you interested in spiral wedging… this might be a better teacher than me!!! Beautiful to watch the rhythmic wedging… but I think I’ll be sticking to what works for me!

Click here for the video from The Ceramic School.




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After two recent art fairs, it’s time to start up the process again. I’d love to start throwing… but first things first. A little housekeeping with a pile of goopy & gooey reclaimed clay setting up on my plaster bat. A couple days there, a lot of wedging and soon enough I’ll have a LOT of free clay to play with again!!!

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I had sort of ” forgotten” how dirty, gooey & gloppy throwing with terra cotta can be!


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Riding a little higher today after shlepping almost 1,000 pounds of clay home from Minneapolis in my car! Boxes of new clay from Continental Clay, and a friend’s bags of dried reclaim that I need to do a little work on to get it back to where it started.