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Fresh from the bisque kiln… and ready to go!!! Can’t wait to see what sort of patterns I get with this fresh new batch of handmade stamps!!!

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Playing with porcelain, black slip and my favorite V-Tip DiamondCore Tool to make a few more sgraffito platters. Loving how the clay carves away so cleanly with nice crisp lines… and if the clay is just dry enough you get some pretty wonderful spiral curls too!!!

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Just a quick reminder of what these porcelain sgraffito bowls looked like BEFORE glazing. White porcelain with a band of black slip. Then I carved the patterns around the rim using my favorite DiamondCore Tools. Crisp, clean lines to reveal the white porcelain patterns through the black slip.

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So he’s at it again… the carving addiction has taken a hold of my student Dave.
My class demo intrigued him… so he bought his own DiamondCore Carving Tool
and now he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s definitely found a new direction for his work.
I can’t wait to see where this new passion takes him!!!

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Doing a little trimming on the bottom of the ornament I threw as a “throwing-off-the-hump” demo for my class. So much easier with my Giffin Grip holding it tight, spinning it fast!

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One of my pottery students just bought his first DiamondCore Carving Tool after last week’s class demo. Looks like he’s already channeling his “Inner Carver”! I especially love the little carve-through accents!

Just a few swirls in and he was already hooked!!! I know that cutting through was a mistake… but like that he left it there and fully incorporated it into his overall design. After this we discussed “dribble glasses.” Ha!!

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Last night in class we discussed some surface decoration techniques… stamping, colored slip, slip trialing, sgraffito, sprigs, more colored slip and carving. I shared my love of Diamond Core Tools with my class… and let them all give them a try. They too loved how sharp they are and how they create such clean & sharp edges!

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So it’s been a BUSY week. With ART IN THE BARN this weekend,
I had to keep my head down and focus if I want to get my new Halloween Ghouls done.
Lots of handbuilt accents & details… a lot of scoring & slipping!!!


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Making some textured slabs for a new project…
and these STODOLA carved rolling pins will be PERFECT!!!

I’ve kinda been “saving them” for something special…
and I’m hoping that my new project will show them off. Made my slabs and I’m ready to ROLL!!! For more about these textured rolling pins, check out the STODOLA website!

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Never too soon to make more Christmas ornaments, right???
Just trimming the bottoms of my latest batch… made SO much easier
with my favorite Giffin Grip & Bison Trimming Tool.
Spinnin’ & trimmin’ before adding the ring on the top to hang them from!