Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Let the glazing begin… lots of mugs getting some glaze inlaid in the stamps,
and a liner glaze inside. Prepping lots of pots for this weekend’s soda kiln firing!!!

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The newest limited-edition Ghouls are almost ready… they’ve been assembled, underglazed and now glazed with a low-fire clear. Sure, it looks green… but it will turn clear after firing! Keep in mind there are only FORTY of each Ghoul… and when they all fly away, they’re gone forever!

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Lots of pots packed in already… and this is only the back stack of the kiln!
I love when the pots fit in tight all the way to the top and hug the curve of the kiln ceiling.

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Still glazing, still wiping. I like to fill all of my stamped impressions with a darker glaze (like tenmoku) to help accentuate the textures & patterns when I’m glazing for the soda kiln. So I paint them all in with a layer of glaze, and then wipe away the top surface to reveal the pattern accentuated by the inlaid glaze.

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Still in my studio glazing… a lot of pieces are wadded & done on my shelves. But it seems like there’s always more to glaze… like this batch of holiday ornaments! Some with colored slip, and some with sprayed glaze accents!

Categories: glaze, mugs, process, production, stamped

Moving into mugs…
still glazing, still wiping, still wadding…

Categories: glaze, process, production, stamped, vases

Working on glazing some stamped vases. Starting with some tenmoku glaze inlay into my stamped impressions. I slather it on, and then wipe off the top layer so it only stays in the indentations. And then I’ve added a liner glaze of tenmoku to tie it all together. Some of these might get some colored glaze accents, while others will go “raw” into the soda kiln. The atmosphere in the kiln will “glaze” the pieces and change the colors of the flashing slips all at the same time!


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So the bisque is LITERALLY piling up in my studio… gotta get my glaze on!
                                                                          … starting with a LOT of mugs!!!


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Textured porcelain buttons up-close & personal…
can’t wait to see what Jill does with them and her beautiful Hooey Batiks!!!
Some glazed, some soda-fired, lots of colors & textures!
ART IN THE GARDEN coming soon!!!

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Just a pile of porcelain buttons headed down to Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks
so she can finish up her part of our collaboration for ART IN THE GARDEN.
Come to our grassroots art fair next weekend in Glenview, Illinois…
Saturday, September 7th & Sunday, September 8th!!!