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I have a great rolling cart in my studio that my Dad built for me years ago. Turns out that when I fill the cart with glazed work, it pretty much equals a full soda kiln. So when I’m done glazing, I need to take it downstairs on the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room. I like to add bands of masking tape to the outer edges to keep the pots safe on the shelves during transit… kinda like a masking tape “seat belt”!!!

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So, I’m trying to get my act together quickly…
as I still have a LOT of glazing to do…
and I need to load the soda kiln tonight for tomorrow’s firing!

Still inlaying glaze into the stamped textures. Once it dries, I’ll wipe it out so the dark temoku glaze only stays in the stamped recesses. A light glaze over, some wadding, and they’ll all be ready to go. If only it were really that easy?!


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There’s something almost therapeutic about waxing the bottoms of pots. I like to use a green tinted wax so I can easily see where I’ve already waxed.


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A quick glimpse at some of the mugs that came out of my most recent cone 6 glaze kiln LATE Friday night… just in time to make their way to ART IN THE BARN. Some might have still been a bit warm?!

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The newest addition to The Ghouls are GLAZED!!!
The crazy green color is actually a low-fire clear glaze. The real colors will pop-out after firing… and that’s not the only thing that will be popping-out!!! Just sayin’… hint, hint…

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Some more festive pumpkins to replenish the Halloween stock.
Under the low-fire clear glaze (which looks green now) there are the real pumpkin colors!

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With ART IN THE BARN getting closer & closer…
and so many “Ghouls” still to make… I decided to squeeze in one more kiln firing just because I can. So I threw together some quick replenishment pieces that will get a quick cone six glaze firing early next week… just under the wire. Sure, it’s not my best packed kiln. But it does have a lot of mugs & bowls for ART IN THE BARN. As well as a little holiday surprise on the top layer!

Bisque Kiln Layer #1my favorite thing to make... mugs, mugs and more mugs!!!

Bisque Kiln Layer #2 – some stacked bowls and small trays for salt & pepper shaker sets.

Bisque Kiln Layer #3 - more bowls, more trays, and some ikebana vase tops.

Bisque Kiln Layer #4 – which in this case turned out to be a low-fire GLAZE kiln layer!!!
The green glaze is actually a low-fire clear glaze. After firing, these little pumpkins will show their true colors… warts and all.





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Just found this little Summer Camp demo piece on the glaze cart. Looks like it was greatly under-reduced. Not even a hint of the copper red glaze it was supposed to be. No red here!!! Just another example that there’s no guarantee that this whole pottery thing is going to work how you expect it to. There’s a certain humbling nature to it all thanks to the Kiln Gods.


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Since we’re in-between class sessions, I thought this morning might be a good chance to glaze my past class demo pieces. My students know all-too-well how much I “love” glazing and how my pots tend to pile up! Too many glazes. Too many options. Too many ways for the glaze to “ruin” my pots after I’ve employed some of my “control issues” to get them to this point.

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There’s been a LOT of glazing going on in my studio lately.
Getting ready to load my next soda kiln. Getting ready for ART IN THE GARDEN.
Lots of liner glazes. Lots of glaze inlay. Lots of wiping clean.
Lots of “tricks” to help make the textures pop more after soda firing!