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So the birds are still “naked”… while the jars have now been glazed & wadded for the soda kiln. I can’t wait to see how my flock turns out after soda-firing. The random flashing effects & soda atmosphere should change the colors a good bit… and hopefully all in a good way!

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Okay, so my birds are still working their way closer to the soda kiln… I’ve added some colored details to the twigs & leaves! Not quite sure what I’m doing with the birds yet… I have too many options, but not enough decisions!!!

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And speaking of MUGSHOT MONDAY… just showing off two new mugs for my “already-overflowing” Mug Collection! Beautiful mugs & glazing effects by Steven Showalter in Minnesota! I’ve admired his work for years… his techniques, his teachings and his willingness to share everything online! We’ve never met, but it seems like I know him already thanks to social media! And you should too… look him up on Facebook or Instagram… his work is AMAZING!!!

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So here I am still showing off some of my pottery collection! Here’s another kitchen cabinet with my Steven Hill dinnerware set. Long story… it’s all here on my blog if you just do a quick search for Steven Hill… I never thought I was going to get it… it was a long time coming… but Steven pulled through, and “surprised” me with these beauties!

Great glazes. Great pottery. Great guy!!!
Thanks Steven!

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Back from my ride, showered & changed…
time for a little breakfast. Starting with some fresh Vitamin C!!!

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Drippy glazes on vases & pitchers! Sale starts in thirty minutes
only on my Facebook page when I post the “official” Photo Album!!!

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Just a few more detail shots… stamped & soda-fired.
I’m addicted to the process with the random effects that happen during the firing. Flashing slips. Drippy glazes. Bright colors. Repetitive patterns. All of which can be found on the pitchers & vases that are part of tomorrow morning’s MOTHER’S DAY POTTERY SALE. Handmade gifts are the best… and the flowers you gonna buy her need a good home, right?! The sale starts tomorrow morning on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page at 10:00am CST.

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a stamped & amber glazed mug… where I’m lovin’ how the glaze is pooling & breaking in all the right places to highlight the stamping & throwing lines.

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Just doing a little early morning glazing…
yes, on a “different” set of mugs than the ones I finished making last night!

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A super-smooth greenish-blue glaze with subtle variations from the soda-firing on Mug #19
coming up for sale tonight at 8:00pm central only on my Facebook page!