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Porcelain vases glazed, wadded, loaded, soda-fired, cooling… and unloading tonight. I can’t wait to see how they turn out before I donate them all to the ArtReach Chicago Fundraiser. I just wish more of them could have made it into the soda kiln so I could have donated even more!!!

For more information about ArtReach and the charitable programs they provide for kids in Chicago… and especially their fundraiser event where you could get one of these vases… click here.



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It was the last day of Wheelthrowing Camp…
and what better way to finish their terra cotta pots than with some decorative splattering?!!! The kids LOVED IT!!!


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Pricing & packing a fresh batch of glazed mugs for the Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival. Two days of fun in the sun in downtown Hinsdale in Garfield Park. C’mon by Saturday or Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm!!!


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Tiny little vases need tiny little stamps!
Two of many mini vases coming to the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival this weekend… Saturday & Sunday!

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Looks like it might be time to consider glazing something?!

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Three little lidded boxes that I glazed for the soda kiln… whoops, what, no lids?! Guess I might “need” someone else to make a lid for these? I think I sense another fun collaboration in the making here. More to come…

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Celebrating Spring with a glazed pop of color.
Okay, so maybe not quite so bright & vibrant, but then again neither is today’s weather!
Happy Spring… kinda.

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And for those who didn’t quite get to see the beautiful glaze combo runs on today’s mug…
here’s a glamour shot without the snow covering any of the mug!!!

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… here’s a quick peek at the bowl we “bubble glazed” last week as part of our class demo. I think it turned out pretty sweet. But I’m kind of wondering where the second layer of green bubbles went to? The bowl has a base glaze of white, then a layer of blue glaze bubbles, and then a second layer of bubbles using a green glaze. I swear. Sadly, the green seem to have disappear.ed… but the blue bubbles still look great! Scroll back about a week to see how we did this!

Click here to jump back about a week to see how we did our bubble glazing demo!
With great photos of Melissa blowing bubbles everywhere!!!

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