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I must admit I was a little surprised and taken aback this morning by the surprise snowstorm overnight. My mind has already shifted to Spring mode… and not snow! And not just snow, but a fun crusty layer of ice underneath. Guess I need to pull the ice scraper back out?!

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After a beautiful sunrise, followed by some Lake Effect snow, I went out to the Kane County Flea Market with my cousin Kim and friends Gerry & Rosene. We were faced with crazy gale force winds, blizzard-like white-outs, moments of sun, followed by hail, then more wind and more SNOW!!!

What’s going on?…. well at least we all found some great rusty “treasures”!!! My cousin Kim had just about had enough of the cold weather… while I found it QUITE entertaining!!! So crazy… on, off, snow, sun, clouds, wind, on, off, etc.

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A bit warmer today, but also a LOT windier.
Crazy gusty winds along the lakefront… especially blowing between the building!!!
Plenty of clouds blowing through and changing very quickly this morning.
Plus some really great frozen walls near Montrose Harbor.

I was just getting ready to pedal home… thinking that there were too many clouds to have a good sunrise. But then… there was a parting in the clouds, and some of them started to change colors.

And then… out of nowhere, the clouds scattered and became little puff balls. Tons of them!!! All over the place. The blue sky was gorgeous with the contrasting white clouds.

Blue skies, puffy white clouds… and some wonderful tree silhouettes.

But then, as the sun continued to rise and go behind the clouds, the sky took on a more ominous tone. And made the lamp post appear as though it were still shining!!!

So I tried to pedal home… but the sky just kept getting better and better.
More clouds. More sunrise effects. More morning silhouettes.

More blue skies and glorious sunrise moment.

So glad I stuck it out in the blustery wind for a beautiful moment like this!


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Sadly, it sounds like there’s no White Christmas in store for us this year.
On a good note… days start getting longer now!!!

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It was a chilly morning bike ride, Red skies and some beautifully frosted leaves on the ground. Sadly, the frost won’t last long as the sun rises.

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Well, the “big overnight snowstorm” didn’t leave much snow in my neck of the woods.
No snow on the streets. Whoo-hoo!!! Just a little frosting of snow to make it the perfect day
to kick-off your holiday shopping at my Holiday Home Show!!!

1353 West Rosemont #3, Chicago IL 60660
Today & tomorrow from 10:00am-6:00pm.

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Clear & cold. The sky was clear of clouds, just crisp & orange.

The ground was cold, and the first real frost we’ve had by the Lake. The frost covered leaves are always beautiful to see… but I’m not quite ready to give in to the cold.

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Windy. Cold. Dark.
Yet still splashin’ good fun along the lakefront… until you get wet.

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The first signs of Winter snow fencing have appeared along the lakefront bike trail. It was dark ride this morning… and even “darker” knowing that the fencing will go up soon and cold Winter weather won’t be too far behind! Ugh.

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Beautiful blue clouds with white clouds as I’m driving out to the suburbs today.
A precursor of the sunset to come…