Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Sure, the fog & sunrise was beautiful this morning… but the frosted leaves were pretty amazing too! I love how the frost accentuated all of the veins & stems of the leaves… and the muted medley of colors in the frozen fall leaves.

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What better way to start MUD & METAL Day Two than with a pre-show bike ride
along the Lake?! Amazing amounts of fog & frost abound… probably not the safest time
to be riding in the dark, but it sure what gorgeous!!! And when the sun finally made
its way through…. it got even gorgeous-ER!!!


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Categories: nature, weather

After the rain at Ravinia, it was nice to have clouded skies WITHOUT the rain today! A moment of free-time to hangout on my bike along the lakefront… and taking a quick break at Montrose Harbor.


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And what better way to celebrate Spring finally making it to Chicago
than with some bright flowers in a few different stamped & soda-fired vases?!

Square, traditional or vertical cylinder? Which is your favorite???

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This morning we awoke to another layer of snow & crusty ice. Perfect April weather…
if you’re a polar bear?!!! Luckily our Spring flowers are trying to be troopers
and enduring the prolonged cold right along with us!



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Which really means one more “bonus” day to work on my tax return!
Now if we could just be “emancipated” from all this snowy-slushy weather too?!!!

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Enough snow today that even the Chicago Cubs Home Opening Day had to be postponed until tomorrow! Sure, it may be a bit warmer & drier for everyone… but I was kinda looking forward to watching players literally SLIDING into Home Plate… and continue sliding into a snow bank! C’mon, this coulda been hysterically fun to watch!!!

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Really?… again? Another snowy Spring day in Chicago…
at least it made for a serene morning in Wicker Park.

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Good Morning icy, cold & crusty!!!
Another “beautiful” Spring morning in Chicago… seems like we’re going the wrong direction?!