Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: bowls, patterns, textures

After making a batch of ten basic bowls last Tuesday night… and showing them how to do some quick alterations to the rims to make each one unique. But then again, you know my mantra… MORE IS MORE!!! So I did some more!!! Some stamping & indenting of rims, adding patterns & textures… just to make them one small step over-the-top!

Here’s a few of the bowls… and the some of the tools I used to make the magic!

So for now, the ten bowls have all been “accented & detailed” a bit. They are back under plastic for the night as I hope to trim them tomorrow night.

Categories: animals, soda-fired, stamped, textures

Celebrating a little TEXTURE TUESDAY with these stamped & soda-fired pieces! Loving the color, the soda “orange peel” finish… oh yeah, and the shadow!!!

Categories: flowers, nature, textures

Thanking Mother Nature for another beautiful surprise on TEXTURE TUESDAY. Who knew that cactus like these could grow naturally in Chicago? I didn’t think they would survive our harsh winters… but I found these growing around Montrose Harbor!

Categories: color, garden, textures

Some colorful coleus leaves on my front porch…
Mother Nature’s striking entry for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

Categories: stamped, stamps, textures, totem pole

Stamping just one cylinder is fun, but stamping a whole table full of them is AMAZING!!! So much fun seeing these pieces transform with new textures & patterns!

Categories: stamped, textures

Doing a little bit of stamping again… one by one, row by row, stamp by stamp… celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

Categories: bowls, textures, tools

New tools mean it’s time for some new carvings! Playing around with some new patterns & textures using my new PF5 fine point U-tip carving tool from DiamondCore Tools!

Categories: nature, textures

Mother Nature kicked it outta the park again for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

And while I’m on nature, bark & texture… here’s a couple more…

Categories: garden, nature, soda-fired, stamped, textures

Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a few spring ferns…
one natural, and one stamped & soda-fired!!!

Categories: patterns, stamped, stamps, textures

Making another TEXTURE TUESDAY happen in the studio.
Just stamping that “replacement” piece I had to make after Sunday’s ZOOM debacle!