Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Always a fun explosion of color & texture.
A splash of Witch Hazel is always welcome after a long dark & drab Winter.

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Time to do a bit of detailing on the latest batch of bowls. They’ve set-up a bit and are now a “wet-leatherhard” stage. Not quite dry enough for trimming, but stiff enough to hold it’s shape during the stamping process. Gauging the right wetness is kind of mportant when you’re going in to for a full day of stamping!!!

Bowl #1 -


Bowl #2 -

Bowl #3 -

Bowl #4 -


Bowl #5 -

Bowl #6 -

Bowl #7 -

Bowl #8 -

Bowl #9 -

Bowl #10 -

Bowl #11 -

Bowl #12 -

And for now these bowls are stamped and back under plastic for the night.
But then coming soon… power tools to make them berry bowls!!!






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Another batch of textured tiles drying in my studio. I love how the textures and different colored slips will all work together after soda-firing. I like to refer to them as a ClayQuilt… as though each square is a different piece of clay “fabric.”

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Finger painting with thick slip on the inside of a bowl!!!




Categories: production, textures, tiles

Cranked out some more textured tiles today… kiln filler one day, tiled wall the next!!!
And by “next’ I mean somewhere down the road after my next soda kiln firing when the colored slips actually become colorful.


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Caught by the teeniest sliver of sun through dining room blinds.
Slab-Wheel Combo Mugs ready & waiting for this Saturday’s Holiday Home Show!!!




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Concentric cone six circles. Some smooth, some stamped. All a beautiful shade of green!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, textures, vases

And oh, but wait there’s more…
Sure there are larger soda-fired square vases… but adorable small ones too!
These have a different pattern on each side as well. Turn them, flip them, switch it up!
Perfect for a smaller bunch of flowers, or just a few stems.

Fun eryngium flowers… also known as blue sea thistle.



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Weren’t we all told as a child to “not play with your food”???
Well, my friend Allison has been playing with her food on top of one of my textured tile trivets.
And boy am I glad she is… too much fun!!!

Categories: production, textures

Last minute masks racing towards this weekend’s soda firing. Textures & colored flashing slips should look a lot better after soda-firing. Come see the finished pieces at my Holiday Home Show… always the weekend before Thanksgiving.

A little side-by-side duo action…