Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My friend Donna Sauers posted a very thoughtful post on her Facebook page yesterday about how important art friends are during these trying times. And I have to agree. Being sheltered-in-place alone at home can be very quiet & lonely… but it’s great to be surrounded by a lot of artwork made by your Talented Friends! And we’re all looking forward to the day art fairs may start again, so we can get out to show-off our wares, and finally play with our Talented Friends again face-to-face!

I’ve collected a lot of art… and well as “collected” a lot of Talented Friends over the past few years. It is so great to have talented friends to play with, chat with, collaborate with and to help support & promote each other! So here’s Donna’s original post sharing some of her “collection”… including art by me & my Talented Friend Cory McCrory! Cory makes amazingly whimsical paper clay pieces, and Donna makes beautiful glass beads, jewelry and some new welded-metal-mixed media pieces!!! Check them both out on Facebook… while you’re still sitting on the sofa waiting for that commercial to end!

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Yesterday was another great Instagram Live with Steve Lee from the Archie Bray! He’s doing weekly “shows” every Friday… this time from his own shelter-in-place studio in his basement. It was great to see him doing some throwing demos again, this time on the treadle wheel he built for himself back in college! Crazy, right?! Be sure to tune in next week on the Archie Bray Instagram Feed for more with Steve Lee!

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After Steve Lee, we were also treated to my pal Mike Stumbras on INSTAGRAM LIVE! Mikey took us on a wonderful “tour” of his ceramic journey through education, history, dead things and so much more! His work is amazing… so if you’re not following him on Instagram yet, you definitely should be!

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This afternoon on INSTAGRAM LIVE, I got to watch one of my former teachers Steve Lee working in his studio at The Archie Bray in Montana. He did a few demos of how he trims pieces on a chuck, carves his designs and inlays his colored slips. We also got a sneak peek of their soda kiln being loaded.

This social distancing is new for all of us, but in some weird way we’re getting to “see more” of everyone on social media. Weird, right?!

If you follow Archie Bray on INSTAGRAM, it sounds like they’re going to try doing these LIVE events every Friday afternoon during the pandemic. Check it out for a little more ceramic inspiration… and great diversion from all of that self-isolating going on!!!

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Some smaller wall pieces by metal artist Darlys Ewoldt. Each one perfect it it’s own right… but even “perfect-er” when grouped together. I mean… more is more, right?!

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Two AMAZING sculptural metal wall pieces by Darlys Ewoldt… hollow constructed forms with amazing color & patina surfaces. Just one of the talented artists at the Pop-Up Gallery Show this weekend at Space 900 in Evanston.

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Just a couple of Sarah Chapman’s sculptural wall pieces… each with an actual pendant necklace that works into it now… but can easily be taken off to wear out as a piece of jewelry!!!

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So good to spend time with my talented metalsmith friend Sarah Chapman this afternoon! She was here for a quick Pop-Up Show in Evanston at Space 900. Three talented artists working together to put on this gallery “sculpture” show… Sarah Chapman, Darlys Ewoldt & Steve Skinner.

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Here’s another wonderful gift from one of My Talented Friends…
Sarah Chapman and I had discussed doing a collaboration project “awhile back” where we would work together to make lidded jars. Well, she’s had “plenty of time” to work up a plan… but she totally surprised me when this beauty showed up as part of my Christmas Gift!!! I had totally forgotten about them… but now I LOVE IT!!!

And I LOVE having Talented Friends!!!

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Gotta love post-Christmas get-togethers with Talented Friends… specially when they make you “sweet” gifts!!! Like this handmade spoon from my friend Pam… who I co-teach a summer camp for kids with where they make a full placesetting in clay & utensils in metal! Kinda like this spoon…. but not quite so “refined” shall we say! And of course some of my favorite ice cream to help the spoon fulfill its destiny!