Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This Saturday, My Talented Friend Amy Taylor will be joining me once again for the Second Holiday Home Show at my place. She makes some amazing jewelry… lots of great stones, shining silver and wobbly hinges!!! Yes, almost everything swivels on a hinge!!! So if you’re looking to buy more than just pottery, swing by to see Amy’s work at my condo this Saturday!

Mud & Metal : A Collaborative Holiday Home Show
Saturday, December 6th from 10:00am-6:00pm


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Another afternoon of fun hanging out with the talented Sarah Chapman
at the “One Of A Kind Show.” Lots of beautiful work, baubles & shadowplay!


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Spent the day with my friend & talented metalsmith Sarah Chapman down at the “One Of A Kind Show” downtown at the Merchandise Mart. Her jewelry is pretty darn amazing… and so is she! Stop by tomorrow from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Amazing jewelry. Great designs. And fun customers…
one of whom referred to this second piece as “tiny baskets of frickin’ jewels.”

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Still need to do some holiday shopping? Looking for that perfect gift for that perfect someone… or even yourself? Well, next Saturday is my Second Holiday Home Show. The perfect chance to swing by my place to do some shopping, chatting or just kickin’ back on my sofa! Also, my friend & fantastic metalsmith Amy Taylor will be joining me for the day with her beautiful jewelry. So mark your calendars for Saturday, December 16th at my place… and bring a friend or two!!!


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Looks like my friend & talented metalsmith Amy Taylor has a lot of shining beauties on her workbench getting ready for next weekend. Remember, she’ll by my Guest Artist again for this year’s Mud & Metal : My Second Holiday Home Show on Saturday, December 16th. Mark your calendars!

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Just two weeks away… another HOLIDAY HOME SHOW!!!
This time with my friend & metalsmith Amy Taylor joining in the fun at my place.
Perfect for those last few people on your holiday shopping list… or if you’re like me,
a great chance to start your shopping! Mark your calendars now – December 16th!!!

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Okay, so here’s the explanation… and a great show in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex by my friend & metalsmith Kelly Novak. Her pieces are incredibly stark, sharp and surprisingly perfect for my week on the B&W Photo Challenge! Lots of metal, black leather and incredible shadows on the walls. And that’s why today I challenge her!!! “INTERVALS” by Kelly Novak through the end of the year.

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This weekend I received a wonderful gift from one of my many Talented Friends!
Allison did a new illustration every day through the month of October… Ink-tober !
One of her masterpieces featured one of my stamped & soda-fired mugs upfront & centered. Huge thanks to Allison for my gift… and for sharing her art & talents with all of us!




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Here’s a few of the collaboration salt & pepper shakers sets that went home yesterday. It’s a “mix & match” your own perfect set collaboration. You get one Cory shaker, one Gary shaker and one tray by either me or Cory. A fun game to put together your “perfect” set… a little harder for some with far too many combination options! Remember, again today only at ART IN THE GARDEN. We have a lot of great shakers & combinations left to play with!!!

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So Cory has added a thin layer of glaze on her pieces. Looks like her trays have been dipped… while she has a brilliant “trick” to keep the glaze out of the ole of her salt & pepper shakers!