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Another batch of cylinders on their way to becoming MUGS!!!
Of course they needed to be stamped… soon to be trimmed and have their handles
attached. Until then… they’re just kinda pretty cylinders!!!

Cylinder #1 -

Cylinder #2 -

Cylinder #3 -

Cylinder #4 -

Cylinder #5 -

Cylinder #6 -

Cylinder #7 -

Cylinder #8 -

Cylinder #9 -

Cylinder #10 -

Cylinder #11 -

Cylinder #12 -


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Still blooming… so much fun to have one of my orchids RE-blooming while living in one of my stamped & soda-fired mugs! Great to have so many blossoms going up the stem… more flowers to come!!!

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Back in the studio refilling inventory a bit… building enough work to fill another soda kiln in a couple weeks. Oh, and look at this…. making more MUGS!!! Go figure!

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Some simple soda making all the difference on another stamped & soda-fired mug
for another MUGSHOT MONDAY!!!

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And it wasn’t just glazed sgraffito platters in that kiln last night…
there were also a few pretty sweet & colorful mugs!!!
Also coming out to Naperville for the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL.


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Tonight in my Beginners Wheelthrowing class, we tackled mugs and it’s only their second week!!! Sure, one of them might not hold much liquid… but it was Mario’s first pot, first time trimming and first time adding a handle. I told him I t will only get better!!!

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Cleaned & waxed… ready for a quick night of glazing.
Just one final glaze kiln before this weekend’s art fair in Naperville…
this Friday night & all day Saturday!

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Finishing up the latest batch of pitchers & mugs… stamped, trimmed and handled.
Now just finishing some colored slip accents… which will change color when soda-fired.

First another set of mugs ready to dry & bisque… before soda-firing!

And jugs… or in this case, medium pitchers… also painted with colored flashing slip accents, now drying and ready to bisque fire.




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When I got home from NCECA yesterday, I was greeted by one of my orchid plants
that decided to bloom again… must like living in a handmade mug?!

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HAPPY MUGSHOT MONDAY… with another fun surprise
seeing one of my stamped mugs featured in a friend’s Instagram Story!
Thanks Allison for sharing YOUR good energy!!!