Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Enjoying the shadows thrown on my wedging table while I wait for these handles to stiffen up a bit before attaching. They’re still a bit too squishy to work with… gotta wait.

Categories: mugs, process, production

Pulled handles ready to go… and then looped them over onto themselves to help establish the curve right away. I let them stiffen up a bit like this before cutting & attaching them to make new mugs!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Carrot-shaped nuggets ready to start pulling handles. I know most people hate making handles… but I kinda love it. No worries here… if I could make mugs every day I would be one happy potter!

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Kicking off MUGSHOT MONDAY by finishing off a new batch of mugs. The cylinders are stamped & trimmed. Now they just need handles. So here we go… cutting clay & starting with carrot-shaped nuggets.

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Looks like Martin is starting his morning off right… with some tea & crumpets before he starts painting! And I’m sure his tea is extra tasty this morning… in one of my mugs that he got from our pottery class mug “exchange-stealing-trading” game!!!

You can check out some of Martin’s amazing paintings & other artwork by clicking here for his website!

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And I always love those days when I can throw the cylinders AND stamp them the same day! I did a bit of trimming & cleaning in between… but I felt very productive today. Hopefully tomorrow I can trim these mugs and add their handles too!!! Wouldn’t that be great… especially if it’s gray & rainy outside again.

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Thanks to those of you who have purchased mugs online or at my two art fairs this summer, I need to make MORE MUGS!!! Oh shucks… it’s a shame that they’re my FAVORITE thing to make!!!

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After the mug “trading-exchanging-stealing” game at my final Intermediate Wheelthrowing class… I came away with these two beauties! One faceted, twisted & textured mug by Christi, and a carved texture & shino swirl mug by Stephanie! Both wonderful additions to my ever-overflowing Mug Collection!

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As part of the final class of my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class at Lillstreet, I had challenged them to bring two matching mugs for a fun “trading-exchanging-stealing” game! I made my mugs for the game… although I couldn’t make it to the final class as I was at ART IN THE GARDEN.

My substitute teacher Chelsea covered the class, and they all decided to trade the mugs – but to mix up the pairs so people would get two different mugs by two different people! Looks like Stephanie got one of mine!!!

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Just a quick glimpse at some of the new stamped mugs added to my online store today. You know they’re my favorite thing to make… so there’s plenty for everyone!!!

Click here… .
Remember, you need to “order” your mug through the link on the blog, and not just a comment to this post. Sorry… just trying to keep it all organized in one place!