Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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In the middle of glazing…
one last kiln to be fired before this weekend’s art fair in Glenview, Illinois.

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

Bisqued, waxed and waiting to be glazed.

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

Just finishing some colored slip accents on the last batch of mugs. These ones will be soda-fired so the slip colors should become more vibrant & reactive to the soda atmosphere. Couple more to go, and then calling it a night… as that sunrise bike ride comes around pretty darn early in the morning… followed by another full day of Summer Camp!




Categories: mugs, production, stamped

After camp today, I finished up my latest batch of mugs. A few finishing touches and now they can be set out to dry. This batch is B-Clay and will be glazed mugs. I still have another batch to finish up made with Soda Clay… so I need to add some colored flashing soda slip accents to those and then they too can be set out to dry.

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Got some stamped cylinders… stamped ‘em… and now they need handles.
So I pulled these handles and let them set-up a bit before starting to attach them to the cylinders…. and it’s MUGS here we come!!!

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Last night in pottery class on July 3rd, we celebrated the Fourth a day early with FIREWORK OREOs… and in between the cookies, my students also managed to trim cylinders and make a few mugs as well.

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Today’s cylinders all stamped and one step closer…
for tomorrow I’ll trim and add handles!

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Kicking off the day with a pile of wedged clay balls…
oh, what to make?… what to make?… why not start with “my favorites”???

A quick batch of soon-to-be-mug cylinders! You know how I LOVE making mugs!!!

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A sweet little stamped & soda-fired porcelain mug
with a wide range of colors & flashing effects to brighten your day!

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Goin’ green for Mugshot Monday! With a drippy green glaze combo
and the succulents that survived the steamin’ hot art fair this weekend.