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Stamped porcelain mug for Mugshot Monday.

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So it’s not Monday, but it’s ALWAYS time for another MUGSHOT!!!
Lots of mugs being cleaned, priced & packed for tomorrow & Saturday’s
Prairie View Arts Invitational in Naperville!


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My friend Kristen shared a quick pic of her mug collection! Lots of “recognizable” lovelies!
Start your own collection this Friday night & Saturday at the Prairie View Arts Invitational in Naperville!

Click here for more information about the Prairie View Arts Invitational.

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While broken pottery is never a fun thing…
it is always nice to know that people out there are actually using my mugs…
and looking for more!!!

I’ll be at the Prairie View Arts Invitational this coming Friday night & Saturday
with PLENTY of new mugs for everyone!!!



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Here’s a quick peek at a few of the mugs that came out of this week’s soda kiln. Some beautiful colors & soda effects… and a crazy cool flashing mark on one of them!!! Not sure how it happened… nor if I like it yet. I must have had something sitting too close to it in the kiln.

What do you think about the crazy flashing mark?

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Last night was the final class for my Tuesday night beginning wheel students. They all did an amazing job this session… so we ended it with an amazing potluck & mug exchange! We all submitted a handmade mug disguised in a brown paper bag. And then with a fun White Elephant kind of picking-trading-stealing game, we all went home with someone else’s mug as a class souvenir! I came away with this beauty by my teaching assistant Susan Slogoff. Inside and out… just perfect.

And top treat of the night?… at least for me?…
oh, they know me oh too well... HOMEMADE OREO’s!!!
Best way to this teacher’s heart is through my stomach!
Thanks Teresa – you’re MY FAVORITE!!! Ha!

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Attaching handles to freshly stamped mugs.
I always attach the top first, and then “play with” the bottom attachment
to get the size & proportion right… like this one that’s still a bit too big!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Mugs in the making… freshly pulled handles soon to be attached!

Categories: mugs, porcelain, soda-fired, stamped

Fresh out of the soda kiln just in time for Mugshot Monday.
Lots of colors & flashing effects on this little one!


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Making mugs… adding some color slip accents & details…
all posing for another Mugshot Monday!