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Hanging out in the studio tonight watching The Emmy’s… happily trimming with my DiamondCore Tools… so smooth, so sharp, so crisp! Surprisingly, The Emmy’s aren’t too painful to watch without anyone there! Glad I have some more mug cylinders to trim though… a nice diversion when an acceptance speech drags on a bit!!!

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Did a little glazing tonight… and kinda loving how the sprayed glazes
bead-up so quickly on the pre-waxed bottom!

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Spent a little time making some more bowls. They’ve were thrown yesterday and kept under-wraps overnight. So today they were just a little too damp to stamp. But after leaving them set out for a half hour or so, they were good to go. So I did some stamping… because I’m addicted… and because MORE IS MORE!!!

So here they are… before… after… and the stamp that did most of the work!!!








So for now, they’re all back under plastic so they can dry a bit slower. They still need to be trimmed & dried… and then bisque fired… glazed… and fired again! Still a ways to go – but they’re looking pretty good so far!

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Another day of reclaiming my clay scraps & trimmings! They’ve been soaking & slaking down for awhile now, and finally to the right consistency to lay out on my oversized plaster bat. So for the next few days it will be drying out a bit… and then the real fun begins.

LOTS OF WEDGING to come!!!

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Spent some time in the studio finishing up a couple batches of new test tiles. I think I want to do two more batches with two more kinds of clay. Then I can bisque them and start the actual glaze tests. I’ve been wanting to clean out & update my studio glazes for awhile now. Guess after five months I’ve waited long enough…

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Today I did a bit of cleaning, detailing & accenting on my mugs with some colored flashing slips! With the “magic” of the soda kiln, this colored slip will change to a nice mustard yellow with some flashed modifications around the cup based on where the flames “kiss” the pot during firing.

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And another batch of mugs done! Well, kinda…
still waiting for some clean-up, detailing & accenting
with colored flashing slips for the soda kiln.

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Two done… eighteen more to go!
I always love when my making more mugs lines up with MUGSHOT MONDAY!!!

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Score…. slip… attach… turning stamped cylinders into STAMPED MUGS!!! I’ve got twenty mugs to work my way through this morning. A labor of love as they are my favorite thing to make!!! Mugs, mugs & more mugs!!!

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Enjoying the shadows thrown on my wedging table while I wait for these handles to stiffen up a bit before attaching. They’re still a bit too squishy to work with… gotta wait.