Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Big sky. Big colors. Big photo… BIG FUN!

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Another beautiful morning… this time with a few low-flying clouds for the sun to splash some color upon! Beautiful colors to kick-off another beautiful day!

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You know how I love seeing my pottery being used… fresh flowers, pretty vase, nice lighting. But in a true sign of the times, it looks like this stamped vase got totally upstaged!!! Figures.

Thank You 2020!!!

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On a bright sunny day, it’s fun to find colorful rainbows bouncing around on my pottery! Still on display for my ongoing HOLIDAY HOME SHOW… with sun beautifully refracting with small prism snowflakes on the holiday garlands! ‘Tis the season for small surprises…

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Spending some time today shooting more pottery photos… getting ready for CYBER MONDAY with a huge update for online sales! To be followed by some extra “fun” on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page to kick-off my “Twelve Days of Christmas”!!!

More details to come… start making your holiday shopping list now!

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After days of gray & gloomy, it was SO nice to see the sunrise this morning! Not a cloud in the sky… just a chill in the air. Below freezing when I started… stay warm & toasty in bed?… or go out to see this natural beauty?

Once again, the sunrise won out… just put on more layers!

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Gotta love a yummy cupcake from Sprinkles… especially when your friend Katie brings it over as a surprise… and knows that I “might” just have a certain affection for OREO’s!!! Looking so fancy on a stamped & soda-fired platter… sadly, it just makes it look like I need MORE CUPCAKES!!! Ha!!! Thanks again Katie!!!

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After the turkey… looks like my “second family” friends down in Chenoa had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday while using some of their pottery collection. From the looks of it, the turkey was great… and the pie looks yummy!

I was invited, but decided it was best to stay home & stay safe! Thanks for sharing your photos Kelly… and thanks again for the invite. I just wish I could have joined you all.

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Oversized “order” pieces out of a bisque kiln… basking in the late afternoon sun… ready for some inlaid glaze! And a tenmoku liner glaze before heading into the soda kiln!

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Gotta love when science & nature collide. Like this wonderful example of photosynthesis. I was first drawn to the vibrant red colors of this bush.

I was noticing how each leaf was a different color, a different shade of red… and even MORE dramatic when I moved a couple leaves to find a bright yellow spot.

A “void” on the red leaf because the sun wasn’t getting to all of the bottom leaf to change it to red! Isn’t Mother Nature AMAZING?!!!