Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Early morning detailing with a dab of colored flashing slip on every stamp.

Categories: stamped, textures, tiles

Making more textured tiles for another wall installation. Not quite so many tiles this time. Slightly larger tiles, therefore, “fewer” tiles to make. Let’s hope the colored flashing slips “pop” a bit more after soda-firing this weekend.


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Okay, so I don’t drink coffee… or even tea…
so I’m always looking for new ways to use my mugs. So here’s a fun floral alternative.


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Spent the nigh stamping mugs in the studio. I threw the cylinders yesterday and kept them covered overnight. They were still a smidge too wet… but I unwrapped them today and gave them a few more minutes to set up before stamping.

Categories: bowls, soda-fired, stamped

Small bowl stamped & soda-fired. Ready to fill with ice cream & hot fudge!!!

Categories: flowers, soda-fired, stamped, textures, vases

I’ve been working on adding some new “square” slab vases into my repertoire. Two different sizes, each with two different patterns on the two different sides. Textured, detailed with colored slip and/or glaze and soda-fired to help show off Nature’s beauty.


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The heatwave has subsided and Fall is definitely in the air.
Thanks to Jay & Cathy for sharing their Fall decor on a green stamped plate!

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A quick glimpse at some of the mugs that came out of my most recent cone 6 glaze kiln LATE Friday night… just in time to make their way to ART IN THE BARN. Some might have still been a bit warm?!

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While I sadly consider the “berry season” pretty much over at this point, it is good to know that cherry tomatoes need to be rinsed as well. Thanks to my Cousin David for sharing his bountiful harvest in one of my handmade berry bowls.

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Another batch of textured disks drying on my plastic grid. I like to elevate the grid on some wood strips so more air can get under the grid to dry the disks more evenly. Less warping makes me happy.