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And another batch of mugs done! Well, kinda…
still waiting for some clean-up, detailing & accenting
with colored flashing slips for the soda kiln.

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Score…. slip… attach… turning stamped cylinders into STAMPED MUGS!!! I’ve got twenty mugs to work my way through this morning. A labor of love as they are my favorite thing to make!!! Mugs, mugs & more mugs!!!

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MUG UPDATE: Trimmed, but not handled.
TEST TILES: I got a little side-tracked tonight by starting a new batch of test tiles. A friend gave me a new clay body to try out… and I’ve been wanting to make new test tiles for some of my studio glazes. Apparently tonight was the night to get the project started. Not like I’ve had a couple “free” months to work on this…

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My cousin Kim likes to grow them, but doesn’t like to eat them!
So this is where I come in… enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Loving how much homegrown vegetables taste so much better than store-bought… and EVEN BETTER when stored in a beautiful bowl?!!! Just sayin’…

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And I always love those days when I can throw the cylinders AND stamp them the same day! I did a bit of trimming & cleaning in between… but I felt very productive today. Hopefully tomorrow I can trim these mugs and add their handles too!!! Wouldn’t that be great… especially if it’s gray & rainy outside again.

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Looks like another mini vase found a great use at a good home.
So fun to see these cutie-patooties making their way out into the world! If you think you might “need” one or two… I just uploaded a bunch of them into My Online Pottery Store on my blog. Here’s the link…

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It’s always fun to see student work on the carts at Lillstreet where your “influence” can be seen! Darcy took my online stamp-making workshop a couple months ago… and has clearly been giving her new stamps a little workout! These look GREAT Darcy!!! Keep it up… but be careful, it’s a VERY slippery slope!!!

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Looks like Sarah and I are not the only ones doing a little re-planting… Diane bought a terra cotta flower pot at ART IN THE GARDEN specifically for her eucalyptus plant. Looks great, looks happy in its new home… but I must admit, I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen a living eucalyptus plant.

Odd… they’re always dried bundles?!

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When I was re-planting the larger succulent, this little guy was kinda wedged in under the other one! So I separated them to give this one a little more breathing room! Loving the little red tips & accents… maybe they’ll get more prominent now that it’s out of the shadow of the bigger one???

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Inspired by Sarah’s recent “non-collaboration” succulent plantings… I decided to replant a new succulent for my window too! Luckily, I had a large flower pot all ready to go. Can’t wait for this new one to grow into its pot!