Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Things are getting festive around here!
With just over a week left to get all of your holiday shopping done…
make your list and head over to my place this weekend for
MUD & METAL : My Second Holiday Home Show!

It will be a great chance to mark a few people off your gift list!
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm. C’mon by!!!

1353 West Rosemont #3, Chicago, Illinois 60660…
the one with the green totem pole in front!!!

Categories: art fair, pottery, soda-fired, stamped, vases

Replenishing shelves… prepping, pricing & placing on shelves all over my place! Just getting ready for the last of my holiday sales… THIS WEEKEND is my Second Holiday Home Show!!! Hope you can make it to MUD & METAL with my friend & metalsmith Amy Taylor!!!

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Sad story from a customer whose mug decided to break… gravity and all… and no longer holds her morning coffee. But it does make a nice home for her cactus! Innovative way to not “let go” of her favorite mug!!! Now we just need to get her one that will still hold her coffee!!!

See the crack running from top to bottom?!!! Look close… there’s a couple!

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Just another stamped & glazed green platter ready to go home with some lucky shopper
this weekend during MUD & METAL… my Second Holiday Home Show!
There’s only one of these babies… so come early!!!

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As we’re zooming towards the holidays, I have a few last minute projects going on! Like a friend’s request for some matching bowls for her parents’ Christmas gift. Not sure if they’ll get done in time… but I’m trying my best. You know I love a good challenge!!… and work best with a deadline!!!

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Still throwing. Still stamping.
Another vase and that one stamp that did all of the tough work!

And a detail of the freshly stamped surface… still a bit wet, and waiting for a little clean-up!


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Kickin’ off the Lillstreet Holiday Open House with plenty of wheelthrown stamped & soda-fired ornaments!

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The first person to “find” this specific mug at the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW today
will win it for FREE!!! No catches… except you must mention you saw this contest on social media!!! First come, first find… first WIN!!!

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A fleet of stamped & soda-fired mugs at the ready to serve warm apple cider to everyone who makes it to the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW today. We’re open & ready for Day Two from 10:00am-6:00pm!

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For this week’s final pottery class of the session, we had a fun potluck & pottery exchange! Ashley suggested we go with a potluck theme and chose “tropical”… which goes against my “all-chocolate instincts.” So I went with a pineapple cheesecake with coconut cookie crust.

But the real question… who cuts a cake from two different sides at the same time? What? I was confused.