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My friends Gerry & Rosene are going through a lot of construction at home after some storm damage, and today made everything a lot better when they made a lemon verbena cake with lemon frosting! Which I’m SURE was so much better with fresh lemons hand-squeezed on a handmade citrus juicer!!!

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Okay, so I had planned on making “maybe” ten or so…

And I ended up with another full batch of thirty mugs!!!
You know they’re my favorite thing to make. And I just can’t help myself.

Each with stamped patterns and colored flashing slip accents.
Now drying and waiting for their bisque firing… and eventual soda-firing!!!




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Porcelain vases glazed, wadded, loaded, soda-fired, cooling… and unloading tonight. I can’t wait to see how they turn out before I donate them all to the ArtReach Chicago Fundraiser. I just wish more of them could have made it into the soda kiln so I could have donated even more!!!

For more information about ArtReach and the charitable programs they provide for kids in Chicago… and especially their fundraiser event where you could get one of these vases… click here.



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Another batch of mugs in the making… thrown & stamped.
Next up?… trimming & handles!

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So fun to see my pottery in use… this time it’s my cousin Kim gathering sour cherries! They look amazing together. I told her that the only way they would look better is as a PIE!!! And better still… she already has a handmade ceramic pie dish to bake them in. Bring it on Kim… you bring the pie, I’ll bring the ice cream!!!




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While waiting for some freshly-thrown cylinders to set-up for tomorrow night’s demo, I decided to crank out a quick batch of textured tiles.

Categories: porcelain, stamped, vases

Finished trimming & detailing the porcelain vases with colored flashing slips.
One step closer… drying… and still racing towards the event deadline!

Categories: porcelain, stamped, textures
Categories: porcelain, stamped, textures, vases

Making vase… making patterns!
Just a little stamping on the latest batch of porcelain vases.

Categories: mugs, porcelain, soda-fired, stamped

A small, stamped soda-fired porcelain mug to celebrate Mugshot Monday!