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So this happened in the studio tonight…
a little bit of CHROMATICA with Lady Gaga OREO’s!!!

Kinda fun… but a little weird if I must say. They’re not a strange flavor, just strange colors… kind of flamingo-pink cookies with an oddly kelly green creme filling??? Pretty much the basic golden-vanilla flavor, yet a bit “thicker & crunchier” than normal OREOs??? I think I expected a little more from these “Little Monsters”!!!

But they did remind me of another great Carpool Karaoke with James Corden & Lady Gaga! Watch the YouTube video for a little Friday Night Dance Party… while driving in a van?!

Click here for the YouTube video!

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February 20th, 2021

I love those cookies! (Not to eat, just to imagine, and enjoy the colors) I read your blog often, but it’s too much trouble to fill in name, email and website every time I want to comment, since I use the regular blogger rather than wordpress. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the lake and snowy banks the other day! I’m a retired potter.

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