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It was a VERY productive day in the studio. A full batch of spoon rests were thrown this morning, stamped this afternoon, “quick-dried” to leatherhard so I could trim them and add colored flashing slip accents. Done. Full batch drying overnight… and into a bisque kiln tomorrow. Plus a whole bunch of other pieces I finished today. Whew!

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While many consider Sunday a “day of rest”…
today I’m calling it a “day of spoon rests”!!!

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Loving the groovy shadowplay on this freshly stamped bowl…
and the studio “mood” lighting doesn’t hurt any either!

Categories: bowls, process, production, stamps

Is there such a thing as TOO MANY options when trying to decorate a simple bowl???
I don’t think so!

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Came into the studio last night to find that my overhead studio light has decided to completely stop working!!! So today I’m trying to get a lot done with some dramatic “mood” lighting… and will be until the fixture gets fixed!!!

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Mugs assembled… but needing some colored flashing slip accents. So each stamp is getting a little touch of colored slip that should change color and become more vibrant during my next soda-firing… in about two weeks!

Details. Details. MORE IS MORE!!!

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Making mugs. Attaching handles. Celebrating Mugshot Monday by making my favorite thing!!!

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Last week in my pottery class I challenged my students to make some ovals for our final class exchange game. I made two as part of our class demo… but then I figured maybe I should make some more?!!! Still a work in progress… unless you want an oval that doesn’t really hold anything?!!!

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Thrown, stamped & trimmed. Just needing some handles to turn them into mugs!
So I’ve pulled my handles the traditional way and let them set-up. Now it’s a process of deciding which handle goes on each mug, and where they get attached. High? Low? Big? Small? Proportion & placement can make all the difference!

And now after a lot of scoring & slipping, I have another batch of mugs ready!
I’ll keep them under plastic overnight and then add some colored flashing slip accents tomorrow.


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Let the stamping begin!!!
Suddenly these basic porcelain bowls are not-so-basic anymore!