Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Adding some colored flashing slip accents to this latest batch of mugs. They will go into my soda kiln next weekend where these muted slip colors will react in the soda atmosphere to create some brighter colors & magical effects… if all goes as planned.

Categories: ornaments, production

Finished detailing another batch of holiday ornament with some colored flashing slips…
heading their way into next weekend’s soda kiln during! Fingers crossed…

Categories: ornaments, process, production

Working on another batch of Christmas ornaments.
Still need to add the cap & ring… and then some colored flashing slip accents!

Categories: mugs, process, production

Making handles. Making mugs. Making more, more, MORE!!
Gotta start my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW with over a hundred mugs… or more?!

Starting with little nuggets of wedged clay…
then slammed on the table to make this little carrot shapes.

Then I pull my handles the traditional way with a bit of water and a lot of friction. I like to flip them into loops like this before I let them set-up. I think it’s easier to set 90% of the curve now BEFORE they start to stiffen up.

Then I cut out a good portion of the handles and attach them to the mugs…
score, slip, attach, repeat.

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Trimming some porcelain bowls with my super sharp Bison Trimming Tools.
Love the curly ribbons of clay that come off so cleanly!

Categories: mugs, porcelain, process, production, stamped

Early morning mugs!
Playing with porcelain adding handles this morning!

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Another large stamped platter and the tools that did “most’ of the work.
Sure, it’s a LOT of individual impressions one after another…
but the final result is pretty darn cool.

Categories: ornaments, process, production

Another batch of Christmas ornaments in the making.
Only 70 days until Christmas… I’m just sayin’!!!

Categories: mugs, process, production

My latest batch of mugs on this Mugshot Monday… ready to dry, bisque, glaze and soda-fire!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped

Adding some colored flashing slip accents on my latest batch of mugs on this Mugshot Monday!