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For those who know me well, you’ll know that today was a double whammy. In a church AND wearing long pants!!! Yikes. Celebrating the marriage of Camden & Kristin… second son of my best friends from college!

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It’s always so much fun to find out that someone out there is actually reading my blog, watching my videos and trying some of my ideas in their own work. I love sharing and story-telling… Good to know that someone is “listening.”

So I got this great e-mail from a “Fan” who is currently living in Japan.
Apparently, they don’t do much stamping in Japan?!

From an e-mail from David in Japan…
“Gary, I have to thank you for your blog and YouTube videos: they’ve been a brilliant inspiration for me here in Japan. Just by copying a few of the things you have done. I’m trying things here that nobody else, even my teachers, have done before. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve just started, but I think I’ll be stamping for quite a while from now. Thanks again!”

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What a fun technique… pressing colors through patterns? Who’da thunk? I will definitely need to try this one. Might be a fun project to try with my students? Thank you Ceramic Arts Daily for sharing Meredith Host’s video excerpt from her DVD : “Form, Pattern and Underglaze: Wheel Throwing and Decoration.”

Click here to see the excerpt from Meredith Host’s video.

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To kick-off April, I’ve decided to start my new Nutritious Raw Food Diet.
Not really sure how it works, but a lot of people swear by it.
And I’m all for giving it a valiant effort. I’m willing to take one for the team.

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This one makes me smile every time I watch it. And trust me… it’s been a LOT of times!!!
I just can’t get enough of this guy. And the song is pretty catchy too!

Click here for the fantastically hilarious video by Luciano Rosso!!!

Love his energy, his expressions and his total commitment to this song. Can you even imagine trying to have a serious conversation with this guy?!

Love it… my vote for Best Selfies EVER!!!


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Look who made it into CERAMIC ARTS DAILY today?! Me, that’s who!!!

Click here for the link to Ceramic Arts Daily online.

So in case you missed it the first, second, third or seventh time I mentioned it…
now you can read my recent article in POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED.
And then be ready to throw some clay on the walls!!!

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THESE DESIGNS ARE AMAZING!!!… and they’re cookies!!! Even better…
Can you just imaging what this artist could do with some liquid clay slip on some well-thrown pots??? Her slip-trailed pottery would be amazing!!!

According to the link on…
“Chef Judit Czinkné Poór is the mastermind behind Hungarian cake decorating shop Mézesmanna, a small studio with a giant social media presence because of the incredible photos and videos they share of their decorative confections. Nearly everything they produce falls into the ‘looks too good to eat’ category, from elaborate illustrations of animals, to intricate patterns inspired by embroidery. Seen here is a quick video of her ‘royal icing’ technique.”

Click here to see the amazing video of Chef Judit decorating a cookie!

And then shortly after posting this originally,
I got an e-mail from a follower who just felt he had to share… and I’m glad he did!!

From Tim…
“I saw the same post you shared from Colossal on the cookie decorating people (who are fantastic) and decided to Google their work.  Found this gem and figured you would enjoy it!  Have a good weekend!”

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Continuing the “Show Me Your PMI Selfie Challenge”… Susan Cordner from Pasadena, California checked in yesterday with her contribution. Not only did she send the Selfie as requested… but she’s been busy in her pottery studio as well.

Sharon took her Selfie, and then went one step further…and started making her own textured wall pillows! Good to know that my little tutorial made sense. That someone could actually read my instructions, follow-along and make something this cool. Glad I did my “job” for POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED. I love the textured pattern she put on them. It looks so much like vintage tooled leather. Style, pattern and surface all look very leathery. Love it.

Here’s my e-mail message from Sharon…
“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work … and all those beautiful sunrises:). Here’s a … choke/gag … Selfie LOL!  And, my attempt at a wall pillow … that isn’t. I made the basic idea, all slab, handbuilt, textured. These will be decorated with oxide and shino then ^5 ox firing. Thanks so much for sharing your processes!!”

For more about Sharon, her pottery and her new textured wall pillows, check out her Facebook page by clicking here. And thanks again Sharon for sharing your Selfie and your pottery!

Anyone else up for the Selfie Challenge??? Just e-mail me a Selfie of you with your copy of POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED!!! Send to


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I’ve always been intrigued by installation art that incorporates a LOT of pieces!
And these wonderful ceramic pieces are pretty darn incredible. Such wonderful details, colors and textures. So amazing when they’re all put together into one amazing installation!!!

According to…
“Doubling as an artist and ocean advocate, Courtney Mattison produces large-scale ceramic installations that draw attention to conservation of our planet’s seas. Her latest installation “Aqueduct” showcases hundreds of porcelain sea creatures including anemones, sponges, and coral sprouting from a porcelain air duct. The piece asks us to imagine the plight of these undersea creatures as tropical sea temperatures begin to rise, asking where they might migrate to once their homes have been rendered uninhabitable.”

Click here to see the full article on

And some detailed looks at some of the amazing details of Courtney Mattison’s work…

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One of my biggest fans with the latest issue of POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED. Looks like she’s found something fun to add to her “pottery wish list.” Methinks I might need to be making more of these textured wall pillows?! And quick…