Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Well said Reverend Sharpton.
“This is not a competition, this is a movement.”

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Everyone is trying to make the best of the bad situation. Tough times require all of us to be patient, respectful & resilient. Putting down roots and trying to thrive through the difficulties. Hunkering down at home. Searching for the sunlight. Struggling to make the best out of the craziness that we call “Our World” today!

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So simple through the eyes of a child…
making their mark on the world as they want it to be.

Good words for us ALL to live by!

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It feels like another somber day today…
with so much craziness, protests & riots going on in cities all around the country. Somehow these weeds seemed appropriate for a Monochromatic Monday! Resilient even in the harshest of circumstances.

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More bad news today as yet another art fair in my schedule has been cancelled. We heard today that ART IN THE BARN will not be happening in 2020… which was scheduled for the last weekend in September. I know that a lot of us artists were hoping that by then we might have a chance of art fairs coming back. Guess not.

And then coincidentally, my sister Jen sent me a link to this video. Which was so thoughtful, caring, inspirational, a little sad, and yet so moving. A little “bedtime story” that makes you think about the situation we’re all facing, what the outcome might be and why hindsight is 2020… and appropriately, it’s called “The Great Realisation.” As I think we are all beginning to realize the longevity & after-effects of this historic pandemic. Reality is setting in. So far… not a fan of the “new normal.”

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Take the time… relax… breath deep…
and enjoy your time with Kermit during these tough times.
It will most likely be the best three and a half minutes of your day today!

And thank you Kermie… I needed this today!

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Another wonderful installment from the folks at Cirque du Soleil… and even better… this time it’s a SING-A-LONG!!! And for those of you who don’t already know the words… like I do… they’ll run the words along the bottom so you can sing along too! They feature quite a few of their shows in this montage… only two of which I haven’t seen live!

Click here to watch the Cirque du Soleil SiNG-A -LONG Special on Facebook!

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Another morning & another ride with low-flying ribbons of clouds and some waves crashing in for dramatic effect.

A lovely little find on a park bench this morning. Sunrise shadows on this little reminder to love one another… especially during these trying times!

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We’re not done yet… keep cleaning & wiping down everything…
and don’t even think about going to that place where everybody knows your name!!!