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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like the fortune cookie scavenger hunt is well under way. Last weekend I hid twenty-two handmade ceramic fortune cookies throughout Illinois Beach State Park to spread some “good fortune” for 2022. Looks like my friends Allison & Terry have found three of them… which makes nineteen more to find… so maybe today is a good day to head to the beach for a little scavenger hunt fun?!!!

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Think you might need a little help finding some of the fortune cookies at Illinois Beach State Park? Well, here are a few visual clues… one for each of the fortune cookies! Located in both the north & south areas of the park, my textured fortune cookie rattles are waiting to be found to bring “good fortune” to those who can spot them!

Happy New Year 2022… celebrating with 22 fortune cookies!

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Part of yesterday’s adventure was celebrating the New Year… while spreading some “good fortune” along the way. Again this year, my second time, I took several of my own textured fortune cookie rattles and hid them all throughout the state park for random people to find in the days to come! Twenty-two to be exact… celebrating 2022!!! Get it? So the next time you happen upon Illinois Beach State Park… keep your eyes open while you enjoy your hike!

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Always good to have a little early morning sunrise “affirmation” along the Chicago River… made me smile! Thanks.

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On a gorgeous day like today… escape any way you can!
Me on my bike… others don’t need to pedal.

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So exciting to see when your students take on your teachings, lessons & encouragement to create a masterpiece like this! It’s always encouraging to see when they can use “my influences” and yet make it their own style… instead of just replicating MY style!

Thank you Christine… I can’t wait to see this plate again after it is glazed & fired! Another stunning piece… with just a “little” stamping… good to see you “got the memo” on MORE IS MORE!!!

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Last night I had the pleasure of doing a little ZOOM studio tour & demonstration for the Glenview Art League. They all “stopped by” for some chatting & banter…. then a few demos of throwing on the wheel, followed by some stamping & surface decoration… and more discussion. Hopefully they all had fun… I know I did. After all, it was all about ME!!!… ha!

Such weird times when we’re still showing our studios, artwork & process through a small, non-tactile computer screen. I so look forward to getting back to in-person face-to-face fun! Keep getting those vaccines so we can get some herd immunity and get back to more normal days!

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Well, it’s the last day of April… and the last day for Monthly Handmade Chain Challenge entries! As I’ve been working hard in the studio lately… I saw some “inspiration” right in front of me on my pegboard. So I decided to make this month’s handmade chain out of the wire twist ties that all of my clay comes in from Continental Clay!

And what’s the perfect pendant for a clay-bag-twist-tie-necklace?…
well, a miniature bag of clay with its own twist tie of course!!!

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We’re nearing the end of the month…
and again, I’m looking for a little inspiration!