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STUDIO LIGHTING UPDATE as of last night…
New light fixture still turned on.
Still plugged into the power strip on the leg my wedging table.
Yet someone has moved it about 4-inches to the right.

Still not quite functional as a “ceiling” light fixture… go figure.

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And so the saga continues… when I got into my studio last night before class, my “new light fixture” was still sitting on the floor propped up against a shelf… but someone had left it turned on??? Not installed. Not in the right place? Just ON!!! Not quite sure what that means… after class, still ON!!! So it’s not like someone was currently working on installing it.

It was just ON?!!!

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Well, THIS is encouraging… I just made it into the studio and found a brand NEW light fixture propped up in the corner. One step closer, right?! Now it just needs to be installed… before I get too excited… we’ve been “here” once before!

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And for those of you who may have noticed my return to the overly “dramatic lighting” in my studio… yes, it’s true… my fluorescent ceiling light is on the fritz again! So whatever it took them two months to fix last time… apparently didn’t work… so for now I’m back in the dark!!!

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Fresh from the bisque kiln… and ready to go!!! Can’t wait to see what sort of patterns I get with this fresh new batch of handmade stamps!!!

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After a fun day outside, I finally made it into the studio to tackle that pile of reclaim clay I had set out a few days ago. Still a bit gooey, but with some wedging, layering, stacking & squishing, I finally got it all packed away into plastic bags. The “real” wedging will happen when I actually get ready to make pots with this FREE CLAY!!!

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One last batch of reclaim clay… just felt right taking 2018′s trimmings
and making new clay for 2019. Starting the New Year off right
with another batch of “free” clay!

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Crunching up some more dry clay… reclaiming scraps to turn back into fresh clay
so I can make more pots! And it’s always more fun to make things with FREE CLAY!!!

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Fun night at the Lillstreet Holiday Opening tonight. So many fun people to chat with.
Many of them doing some holiday shopping. Some getting gifts for others…
many getting gifts for themselves!!!

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GOOD NEWS!!! I finally have overhead lighting back in my studio!
I CAN SEE AGAIN!!! And it only took a two and a half weeks to be fixed?!!!