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Sometimes reclaiming clay seems like a never-ending process. Just as soon as I empty out the “big bucket of goo” onto my large plaster bat… the big bucket gets filled up again with dried clay awaiting its turn to slake down.

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Now I’ve got to say how much I LOVE my pegboard… always have, always will
but methinks it might be time for a big cleaning to kick-off the New Year.

Is there such a thing as too many pottery tools?!

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Did a bit of “touch-up” on some of my friend’s wheelthrown pots!
They were all brand new beginners that stopped by my studio one night last week for a “quick” visit. I think they expected it to be a little sightseeing tour of the studio… but I quickly turned it on them by telling them that “pottery is NOT a spectator sport.” They rolled up their sleeves and threw a few pots… okay, so I made a few demo pots as well. So now they’re drying in my studio, waiting to be bisqued… and then I need to glaze them all with the correct pre-specified glaze choice for each pot!!! Oye-veh!

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It’s a New Year and I’m still cleaning up a bit from last year…
taking care of some clay that got a bit too dry.
So I cut it thin, squished it flat, and bent it up so the pile would dry quickly.

Tonight I pulverized it a bit to make it easier to reclaim the clay.
So for now everything is in my reclaim bucket saturated with water.

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So much fun last night with the Krenz clan playing with the clay & getting all muddy at the studio last night. As always, some were better than others… but all of them had a great time!

Suddenly not as easy as it looks…

“Maybe if I watch him doing it… it might make more sense?”

Uh… Kel’s bowl is flopping… save it… save it…

But it looks “someone” found the Mystery OREO’s a bit more enticing than throwing on the wheel.




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Big thanks to everyone who came out tonight for the Lillstreet Holiday Open House Party. Fun to meet a lot of new people, chat with old friends… and see some pots head off to their new homes! Thanks for appreciating handmade & supporting local artisans.

We all appreciate it

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Seven Days & Seven Photos in black & white of your everyday life.
No explanation, no people. Challenge a friend to join everyday.

Day 3 of 7.
I was challenged by my friends Barb Duro & Pammy Walden.
Today I challenge Kelly Green Krenz.

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I have a great rolling cart in my studio that my Dad built for me years ago. Turns out that when I fill the cart with glazed work, it pretty much equals a full soda kiln. So when I’m done glazing, I need to take it downstairs on the rickety freight elevator to the kiln room. I like to add bands of masking tape to the outer edges to keep the pots safe on the shelves during transit… kinda like a masking tape “seat belt”!!!

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So many stamps, so little time…
and never enough pots to use them all.
This is less than a third of my stamp collection.

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So satisfying to finish another wareboard filled with trimmed & signed pots. And in case you’re wondering, my studio wareboards are actually plastic cutting boards from the flea market!