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A lot of Nature’s beauty out there today, as I went for another solitary afternoon bike ride along the North Branch Bike Trail. Sometimes you can almost forget for a few moments the “icky situation” we’re all going through when Spring’s beauty is popping up everywhere… and then I re-adjusted my face mask!!!

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with this really cool wooden fence I saw on my bike ride today. Live the rustic part with flaking wood & mossy accents. But it was the really cool “almost ikebana” floral & bonsai-like growths coming through the fence that really sealed the deal. LOVED IT!!

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As I was leaving my studio late tonight, I thought what a lot of you would really want to see, is exactly what we’re all missing so much these days! LILLSTREET ART CENTER! It’s just not the same without everyone there being creative & playing in the clay! Everything’s pretty dark these days… including the classrooms & hallways!

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Okay, so you all know I watch far too much TV,
and a lot of Netflix movies & TV show binges in my studio…
but with all of the COVID stuff going around these days…
maybe these two weren’t my best choices?!

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It’s always a GREAT day when a surprise “care package” shows up…
with a promise of wonderful things inside!!!

So I ripped it open!!! To find the newest assortment of trimming tools from my pals at DiamondCore Tools!!! … WHOO-HOO!!!

They even come with their own replacement blades!!!…
so easy to switch out with a simple screw & screwdriver! With all the DiamondCore Carving Tools that I’ve used, I’m only had to switch the blade once… and that was all my fault… as I “squished” the blade when I accidentally pressed it into the edge of my wedging table… awkward… don’t ask…

It wasn’t because their blade had worn-out, it was because I’m a klutz!
But it is nice to know that replacing the blade is always an option!

I couldn’t wait to give them a test drive… their inaugural trip… their virgin voyage… and yet totally LOVING how crisp, clean & pristine they were right now. Knowing that they will NEVER be quite this clean ever again! They’re pretty sexy, right?

Another great design choice… each of the trimming tools has a different shaped end. A point, a square, and wedge and the rounded Potter’s Thumb! Double-duty being able to use both ends of the tool.

And verdict is in!!!…
Their trimming tools are GREAT!!! So smooth. So sharp.
And the handles feel great too… nice weight, nice balance, beautiful wood!!! You know I LOVE trimming… now there’s even more to love!

Thank You DiamondCore Tools… I love your tools. Always so sharp, well-made and perfect for so many uses! I can’t wait for this whole quarantine thing to end… so I can share these beauties with my pottery students!!!

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Now more than ever! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay creative.
Be fearless as we all face these new challenges… in a time where we all need creative solutions. Some day soon we’ll all be back to the place we love. I miss everyone. My friends. My students. My community.

Lillstreet Art Center.

Anyone notice a stamped vase anywhere… I seem to have misplaced one???

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See what happens when it rains…
I keep sharing pictures while I’m stuck at home!!!

Okay, so a lot of you have already been to my place for “My Holiday Home Show” and have seen, touched & loved my tiled wall installation. It’s a small wall between bedroom & bathroom with just under 3,000 handmade tiles on the wall…. 2,894 but who’s counting?! All stamped, textured & soda-fired. It took awhile to install, but I LOVE the final piece… especially with my hardwood accents & overhead track lighting for added drama & shadows!

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Continuing my “Sheltered-At-Home Tour”…
as the sunshine is gone, it’s now grey & dreary, so no afternoon bike ride… here’s a wall hanging I made a few years back with some textured & soda-fired buttons, waxed linen & beads. I love the way it hangs, swings a bit & makes really cool shadows on the wall. The plan was to make more of these to sell at art fairs. But by the time I finished this one that took FOREVER!!!… I’m afraid this might just be a one-of-a-kind!!!

And that’s why it still lives on MY wall !!!

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Okay, now that that succulent diversion is completed,
back to the task at hand. Packing up some pottery pieces to ship out today… or maybe tomorrow if I trip upon another tangent today?! No promises.

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Oh lookanother DIVERSION!
Seems like a LOT of these tangents keep happening to me these days?! So while I “should be” packing up some pottery to ship out, I noticed that a couple succulents seemed a little overgrown & gangly!

And after watching far too much social media, I felt somewhat emboldened to tackle the job… and to try my hand at propagating some of the stems & leaves. Online I saw someone using an egg carton and a little dirt… so I’m doing the same. I mean, if it’s online it’s got to work, right?!

I figure even if I get a couple that grow, it will be a success!!!