Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So I’ve been a little busy… one thing leads to another…
suddenly it was the holidays, then art fair season, then Summer Camp…
and all of a sudden before I knew it… it was a year later!!! A year ago TODAY!!!

But IRONMAN is more than just one day. It’s a full weekend of fun!
That also means I also have a full weekend of photos & stories to share.

So here we go… a year later… hopefully worth the wait… and several posts to go!!!



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Thrown, stamped & trimmed. Just needing some handles to turn them into mugs!
So I’ve pulled my handles the traditional way and let them set-up. Now it’s a process of deciding which handle goes on each mug, and where they get attached. High? Low? Big? Small? Proportion & placement can make all the difference!

And now after a lot of scoring & slipping, I have another batch of mugs ready!
I’ll keep them under plastic overnight and then add some colored flashing slip accents tomorrow.


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Another beautiful morning along the lakefront. I’m kind of enjoying the fact that the Chicago Marathon & Triathlon season is over… so all of those people “training” have packed it in and it seems like I pretty much have the ENTIRE bike path to myself!!! Plus, the construction is coming along nicely… we should be able to ride the bike trail straight through without missing patches of pavement just in time for Winter!!!

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A good day to get out of the office and see the artwork of Alexander Calder & Jeff Koons
at the Museum of Contemporary Art… and the coolest staircase in Chicago!!!

After the museum, we went over to Wrigleyville for lunch…
and again, because it’s MY Birthday Week…. nachos for lunch from Smoke Daddy!!!




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Let the stamping begin!!!
Suddenly these basic porcelain bowls are not-so-basic anymore!


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My friend Chris sent me a photo of her Halloween GHOULS COLLECTION.
She appears to be missing a couple of my ghoulish characters!!!
Not quite sure how THAT happened… but…


Who can tell me which ones she’s missing?
And yes, it is more than one!!!


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BRRRR!!!! Yep, it’s a COLD morning out there today.
Summer is DEFINITELY over as I piled on the layers this morning…
including pants, wool socks and winter gloves!!! With the clouds in the sky,
and not much of a sunrise to speak of… it even looked cold!!!

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Fall is in the air… even though tonight it feels a bit more like Winter!!!
And it’s always fun to see people using my pottery in their homes…
especially to dress up their table with some candles, acorns and a stamped red platter
by you know who! A beautiful combination.

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BIRTHDAY WEEK… Day 6!!!... the actual birthDAY!

Today’s my birthday… so I’m gonna splurge if I want to!
We started out with OREO ice cream and brownies at work. Yummy!

After work I stopped by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for my FREE birthday ice cream!
A trio flight of Salted Caramel, Sweet Potato and Toasted Marshmallows
and my favorite Bangkok Peanut.

And as I was leaving Jeni’s, I just happened upon a Farmer’s Market and found PIES!!!
I couldn’t decide so I got TWO!!! They’re small… so it’s not quite as bad.

Then I went to the studio and worked for a couple hours…
and then ended the night with my FREE birthday ice cream from Margies!!!
Just had to bookmark my birthday with ICE CREAM!!!


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Playing with porcelain again… starting with some simple bowls!