Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Little ball of “potential” wedged and ready to go… err, I mean throw!!!

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Interesting… maybe that explains the crazy week ahead…
with another prediction of SNOW?!!!

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Tomorrow night is the Empty Bowls Project fundraiser at Lillstreet from 5:00-8:00pm. Hundreds & hundreds of handmade ceramic bowls to choose from. I’ve donated these twelve bowls for the fundraiser. Stop by tomorrow to purchase a bowl, fill it with some great soup & bread from “First Slice”… and help a great cause!

The Empty Bowls Project is a nationwide effort by potters to end hunger. Lillstreet Art Center is proud to host this 7th annual event to benefit First Slice, a local hunger-fighting organization. Stop in for a modest meal of soup and bread, served in a bowl donated by a ceramic artist that you may take home as a reminder of all the other bowls you will have helped to fill. Bowls will be $25 each, and there is no limit to the number of bowls you may purchase. Sales begin at 5:00pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lillstreet Art Center – 4401 North Ravenswood (at Montrose), Chicago, IL 60640
Empty Bowls – Friday, April 11, 2014 from 5:00-8:00pm.

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It was warmer this morning, with a bit of a “breeze” sweeping across the lakefront. I hope this good weather sticks around for awhile. I love wearing fewer layers in the morning… and I don’t want to have to put them back on again for several months!!!

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Well, I guess it’s time to get started, huh?
Receipts. Statements. Paperwork. Everywhere… and April 15th just a few days away!!!

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A beautiful end to a beautiful Spring day.
And we deserve it… now let’s just hope it stays for awhile!

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I just posted my SECOND pottery video on YouTube!!! Whoo-hoo!!!
And let me just say for the record, this one went a LOT faster in iMovie… and I remembered to shoot the footage in landscape mode so it fills the screen this time!

Click here for the YouTube video : Bowl Stamping by Gary Jackson.

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Today I continued working on my latest batch of flower pots. I trimmed all of the bottoms on the flower pots… AND threw all of the drip plates to go with them! And again, by the time I finished throwing the last one, the first ones were ready for fluting, stamping & detailing. I love when a plan comes together.

If all goes well, I hope to finish up the flower pots by drilling drainage holes and then letting them dry. As for these drip plates, they all need to be trimmed with a good “deep” foot. When this batch is done, I’m hoping to make another batch… a little shorter & wider! Similar, yet different. Might be cute as a twosome of flower pots?!!!

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This morning had a glimmer of hope… a hint of a sunrise starting early on.
But the clouds won out and we never quite got a sunrise to speak of.

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I think it might have been the hint of Spring yesterday that “inspired” me to make flower pots. So I spent the day in the studio throwing tall flower pots. I decided to make them in two pieces, instead of the attached water drip plate version. Today I focused on the flower pots… the drip plates will be another day.

It was an extra productive day today… as I not only threw all of the pots, but I also had the time to stamped them all as well. It was great how quickly they were drying. When I finished throwing the last one, the first ones were getting stiff along the top edge – perfect for stamping. Talk about a pottery assemble line!!!