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I’m so excited about my LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class tonight!!!
This week’s homework challenge was to make a TULIPIERE with the extruder as their primary tool. These are the example photos I showed them… and I know that they’re going to knock it out of the park! Several of them were in the studio last night trying to finish… and I resisted the urge to go see what they were doing. Instead I want the “Big Reveal” surprise in class tonight!!! Can’t wait!!!

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Don’t you love it when you get something fun in the mail… instead of just bills & junk mail??? Like the poster invitation for this year’s ST. CROIX VALLEY POTTERY TOUR!! Always my favorite “pottery adventure” every Spring. Mark your calendar to head to Minneapolis for the weekend to see a HUGE collection of some of the best pottery around. I’ll be going again to do a little shopping & chatting with some of My Talented Friends!

Click here for more information about the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour.

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Just because I LOVE my students…
and it’s almost Valentine’s Day…
and these look pretty darn tasty!

But did I mention I “LOVE” my pottery students?!!!

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Well, THIS is encouraging… I just made it into the studio and found a brand NEW light fixture propped up in the corner. One step closer, right?! Now it just needs to be installed… before I get too excited… we’ve been “here” once before!

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Evergreen encased in ice this morning…
along with everything else shimmering, shining & frozen!

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You know I love a good sunrise, but some days there is just no sun…
but instead sheets of ice covering everything.
Still pretty cool in my book… just another beautiful way to start the day!

And yes, you can thank the streetlight for the sparkle & shimmering shine!

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A little more subtle… not too flashy… just a little soda flashing slip & a few little stamps for this MUGSHOT MONDAY.

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And for those of you who may have noticed my return to the overly “dramatic lighting” in my studio… yes, it’s true… my fluorescent ceiling light is on the fritz again! So whatever it took them two months to fix last time… apparently didn’t work… so for now I’m back in the dark!!!

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And by the time the afternoon was over, all of my class demo bowls had been trimmed and are now drying overnight. Another quick set of bowls done… for now.

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When I did my bowl demo last Tuesday night, I dented & squished one bowl and said I might add a handle to it… some scoffed… but here it is, stamped, trimmed & handled!!! I think it make a sweet little basket.