Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, sure I haven’t even fired the first batch yet…
but I’m kind of an “all-in” kinda guy. So without any real results,
I’ve already expanded my latest “spoon obsession” to include three more sizes!

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Who would’a guessed that five years ago today I first joined on Facebook?!
Since then, I’ve gathered a bunch of great Facebook Friends & Fans… and shared a lot of photos, stories & some pottery fun along the way. Thanks for “indulging” me and my biking sunrise addiction! And here’s to (at least) another five of Facebook Fun!!! Thanks for playing!

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There’s always more going on than what the folks at Facebook
“allow” you to see
from the business pages you’ve chosen to follow.

Here’s a quick five-year flashback….
and my very first biking sunrise posted on Facebook just five short years ago!
Some things never change…

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The weekend started out nice and Spring was definitely in the air at the Chicago Botanic Garden yesterday. I bet these beautiful flowers are enjoying the rain today… a lot more than me!

And so nice to finally see Spring flowers blooming all over… Winter “might” finally be over?!!!

And I’m kinda obsessed with this crazy cool plant. No idea what it is… but, c’mon… look at those leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, colors and textures!!! It’s like a weird textural bouquet on top of the a plant – growing naturally like this!!!

The weather was so nice yesterday that I took a stroll around the grounds including the Japanese Garden Island.

And so nice to see the waterfalls flowing… and NOT frozen over!!!

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Tonight is the Empty Bowls fundraiser at Lillstreet Art Center.
I dropped off my donation bowls this morning… including a couple fun class demos with marbled clay! Empty Bowls starts at 5:00pm. Get there early for the best choice… although there are HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of bowls to choose from!!!


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Okay, one last procrastination before I “really” focus on my taxes.
I had to do this blog post, right?… people want to see… right?!… right NOW, right?!

Another beautiful morning & another wonderful ride.
I would so much rather be out there this afternoon than inside “working” on my taxes?!!!

Oh, right-right-right… if I had done them sooner… like a month or two ago…

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Eight more hours & counting. And still calculating…

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While I’m still trying to “trim” my taxes, I had some real trimming to do
in my studio tonight before teaching class!!!

And boy, do I love my Giffin Grip!!!

Categories: nature, photography, sunrise
Categories: nature, photography, sunrise
Categories: bike, sunrise

Rippled reflections on another beautiful morning along the lakefront.
The clouds were saturated with color making the perfect backdrop for some beautiful morning silhouettes.