Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Getting ready to teach my pottery class tonight. It may only be the second class of the new session, but I’m pretty darn confident it will go better than this!!! My students ROCK… and I don’t allow them to make ashtrays!

Click here for a fun Pottery Class with Jeff Foxworthy!

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Stamped & soda-fired mug with some great grooves accented with a colored flashing slip.


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A slightly delayed Christmas gift from my cousins in Minnesota. Looks like they know me a little TOO well!!! Sadly though, Caroline, my Girl Scout cookie connection, has decided not to sell cookies this year. What?! Say it isn’t so… I might need a new hook-up. I’m jones’n already!!!


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The only bright spot on a wet & dreary day.
Navy Pier is celebrating the Chicago Cubs and their visit to The White House today.

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No need to clean ‘em if you’re using them again tomorrow, right?!

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It felt great to be throwing again. Starting with my favorite… a quick two dozen cylinders to become mugs. I have “big plans” for these ones… but not until next November! Okay, so I’m starting “early” on a personal project I’ve been putting off for about three years now!!!

And for now they’re covered for the night… waiting to be stamped, trimmed & handled.

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And it felt great to be throwing again. Spinning, slimey, smooshey, fun!!!
Let the games begin!!!

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Felt great to be back in the studio prepping for a full day of throwing. It seems like it’s been far too long… but you know how tough it is sometimes to get started up again in the New Year?! Especially when the studio is clean and there are no projects drying under plastic that need my attention. But after today there will be…

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Admiring the vivid colors & strong designs of these stained glass pieces on a grey & dreary day at the Richard Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass on Chicago’s Navy Pier.



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My morning under a sheet of ice… as seen through my frozen windshield.
Looks like someone’s gonna be scraping… and late!!!