Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This week in class I did a “demo-on-demand” on how to throw plates. Sure, I could have left my demo plain, but what fun is that?! Always better after a bit of stamping!

And the stamp that did most of the work…


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After our last day of camp this week, I snuck out this afternoon for a quick bike ride along the lakefront. It was still a bit humid and hazy downtown… but still a beautiful ride with some nice wildflowers along the way. Still enjoying those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer! And now… back to the studio…

Not every bird likes to swim.



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It’s a cloudy start today. Not much in the way of a sunrise. Just a bunch of wonderful clouds blowing through Chicago this morning along with a fair share of muggy humidity from the overnight rains.

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Kathryn’s adorable cat cup in the works! Ya’ gotta love Summer Camp creativity!


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Yesterday was “hump day” at Summer Camp as my kids finished their first batch of stoneware pots in Wheelthrowing Camp. A lot of fun new pieces in all different shapes, sizes, colors… and a few animal faces!!!

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It’s another week of Summer Camp and my wheelthrowers are working hard on their new pots. It’s so much fun to see them working so intently as they decorate their pieces… some with stamps (go figure) and colored slip accents!

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A nice start to the morning with a charming sliver of crescent moon. However, that big cloud on the horizon took over… and cancelled any chance of a beautiful sunrise for today!

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During our bike ride Sunday, we were on the proverbial quest to find some homemade pie along the way. One of our biking traditions. Unfortunately, we failed along the route… and the pie shop in Kankakee had already closed by the time we finished our miles. But I am NOT a quitter!!! I still wanted pie… and had to find some. So I found some pie on my way home, but couldn’t decide. And I figured after more than a hundred miles, I “deserved” more than one piece of pie.

But they didn’t sell slices, so I had to get whole pies! So now I have two pies that I need to finish… somehow… I’m sure it will be no problem!!! I’m a trooper.



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Last Sunday we pedaled over a hundred miles in hundred degree weather through the rural farmlands around Kankakee. We followed along both the Kankakee River and the Iroquois River and had a wonderful trip putting in the miles… and finding little treasures along the way. Like this really cool old building from 1911… abandoned & left behind… but not before someone added a pay phone??? When was the last time you saw one of those???

And then a bit of humor found in the fields…

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We’re just one month away from ART IN THE GARDEN.
A wonderful grassroots art fair with a few of my favorite artist friends!
So much fun in a more intimate setting where you actually get to chat with the artists, hang out and relax in the backyard garden. Even better… there are several collaboration projects in the works ONLY for this show! Artist friends working together & sharing their talents to make some one-of-a-kind works of art.

Mark your calendars… September 8th & 9th in Glenview, Illinois.