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And then today after Summer Camp, I decided to re-fill my “recently-emptied” reclaim bucket. So I washed it down and started filling it with porcelain scraps. A potter friend in Minneapolis gives me ALL of her reclaim scraps… so I have a lot of dried porcelain to process. This afternoon I started pulverizing, filling my bin and then adding water to help slake it down. A little bit of work to get a whole lot of FREE clay!!!

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Yesterday, after summer camp, I turned out a huge pile of reclaimed clay. These are all of my scraps & trimmings from my weeks of art fair production. I broke down the scraps and soaked them in water for a few weeks. The trimmings are nice & gooey. So I mixed it up and turned it out onto a large plaster bat to help absorb the excess moisture. When it stiffens up a bit, I’ve going to have a LOT of wedging to do!!!

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A little urban artwork in the alley behind Lillstreet Art Center. So much better than a normal industrial garage door… it’s actually the back door to the clay storage room! Every city alley should be home to some great art.

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Today was another messy day in Wheelthrowing Camp. The kids were throwing with terra cotta clay… and found it to be a LOT dirtier & sloppier than regular stoneware. Messy… but so much FUN!!!



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Quick pic of a soda-fired, class demo bowl that just came out of the kiln.
With an altered rim and stamps on one half of it… just ‘cuz.


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Last night we started the new Summer Session of my Beginning & Advanced Beginner Wheelthrowing class. We also started with the NEW Oreo flavors! Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Pie. And you know how I love pie!!!

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Big drama this morning along the lakefront during my sunrise bike ride.

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It was an AMAZING morning!!! When I first made it to the lakefront, the clouds were just starting to illuminate. Vibrant colors layered above the horizon. As the morning continued, the sun made its way up – brighter, but still with the drama intact. A harbinger of the storms that are forecasted to blow through Chicago this evening.

And then the clouds won out…




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Okay… so today was the first day of my second week of camp.
Another great group of kids for a week of Wheelthrowing Camp.
A little bit older then the group last week, More experience throwing too!
Off to a good start… until…

So I’m doing my first throwing demo with all of the kids gathered around.
We’ve already done introductions, week plans, goals, expectations, etc.
So I’m sitting at a wheel throwing, talking & demo-ing. When I started to hear some commotion going on behind me. Not sure what it was, but I knew it was a couple of the older kids. When I turned to look over my right shoulder, I could see one of the older girls slowly leaning forward, dropping slowly, fainting all the way down to the ground. What?!!!

So I hopped up to check on her and she was already coming to and trying to get up. More embarrassed than injured. She had no color in her face so we had her sit down and drink some water. She said she was feeling better and the color started to come back to her face.

I went back to my demo… with one eye on her at the same time.
She said it was not her first time fainting. And her friends knew that she had done it before at school. Yet nothing about it on her camp medical list??? I asked if she wanted us to call her Mom, she said no. But when she started losing color again… and started vomiting into the garbage can… we knew we had to call home. Mom came and picked her up from camp.

We all hope that she’s feeling better…
and that she makes it back to camp for the rest of the week!

Not the best start for Week Two of Summer Camp. Tomorrow will be better…

TUESDAY UPDATE : She’s back at camp… as good as NEW!!!



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Celebrating the Summer Solstice with a colorful Mugshot Monday!
Here’s to a sunny & colorful Summer! Giddy-up!