Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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This morning started out pretty normal. Kinda dark. Kinda plain.
Low flying clouds without my expectation of anything special this morning.

But then, the clouds blew into place & the sun was ready to pop. Timing aligned.
And out of nowhere… MAGIC HAPPENED.

And then, while everyone was looking East at the sunrise over the lake…
and by “everyone” I mean ME… there was an entirely different sky show going on West.
Big clouds were blowing in and they were oddly illuminated by the morning sun.
A second “BONUS” sunrise!!!

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I’ve driven past this “mural” for years now. It’s gotten a bit beaten up & faded… until someone just recently refreshed it and gave her a bit of a facelift. You gotta love some good graffiti now and again, huh?! Especially when they take time to “care” for it too?!!!

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“It’s nice to have you back where you belong.”
Classic musical reference anyone?!

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Looking straight-down on another platter.
And loving how the dramatic side lighting accentuates the stamped textures & center spiral.

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Looks like my cousin Kim has been out collecting more homegrown strawberries for breakfast. Good thing she has a nice ceramic basket to put them in. Just sayin’…

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So the ArtReach bricolage in the back hallway at Lillstreet is coming along nicely.
There was a “team” working on it this weekend. Tile. Snip. Break. Glue. Stick. Repeat.
Good to see a few of my shards have made the wall… check out the green eyeball.

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Categories: bike, sunrise

Another cloudy morning. But this time you could actually see the edge of the cloud front.
You know… that dotted line with triangle arrows that the weatherman shows on TV
and you never quite knew what he meant?!

Well, it’s this.
Clear on one side. Cloudy in the other. Insert dotted line here.

Meanwhile, the clouds were rolling through downtown…
taking out the tops of many of the buildings!

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Glazed & loaded another kiln today.
This time, a cone 6 firing for a quick pop of color.
Just in time for the Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival next weekend.