Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It was a warm & humid morning. Lots of clouds gently breezing across the sky…
and reflecting in the calm, rippled water. I loved then the reflections looked a bit
like a clouded sunrise Rorschach image!

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So fun to see my students actually using their own pottery!
Here’s Patty showing off her version of round sphere bud vases…
as inspired by the Tulipiere Challenge!

Her black spheres have holes pierced through for the water & flowers to be inserted.
Beautiful with these colorful round blooms!

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After throwing all of the cylinders I’ll need for my collaboration project…
I still had some time & some clay.

It’s never too soon to start making Christmas ornaments, right???

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Working on my collaboration project with Cory McCrory for ART IN THE GARDEN. She may have had a bit of a head-start… but I think I did pretty good at catching up today!!! More to come…

Okay, now let’s not get crazy…
these are three views of the same cylinders!!! It’s NOT over  a hundred cylinders!!!

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And not to end on a dreary & cloudy note…
here’s a more impressive sunrise from Friday morning down on Navy Pier.
Beautiful clouds, colors & silhouettes down on The Pier.

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Woke up this morning to lightning, thunder & rain… oh my!
So no sunrise ride this morning. But I figure it’s a good chance to share a cloudy morning ride from last Thursday. Kinda what I envisioned as I rolled over to go back to sleep!

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One of the best parts of ART IN THE GARDEN is that we get to “play with” the other artists on some fun collaboration projects. Looks like my pal Cory McCrory has already started her part… guess I need to get started on MY part of the project too! She’s got a good head-start on me… hopefully I’ll “catch-up” tomorrow!!!

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Okay, so I’ve been a little “busy” lately… both good & bad…
and I’m now having a bit of a calendar FREAK OUT!!!

I just realized that my next art fair is just three weeks away!
Uh oh… guess I gotta get my act together and quick! Still a lot of pots & projects to make
before ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview, Illinois!!!

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This morning was kind of magical. A quiet moment with a stunning sunrise before the crowds infiltrate the lakefront for this weekend’s Air & Water Show. Not my favorite… but loving that I can see this beauty before the crazy begins!!!

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Last night in my pottery class, my students rallied with a LOT of sweetness…
both with a sweet sympathy condolence card and a LOT of OREOs to sweeten the sorrow.