Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Step up on your tippy-toes and you can get a quick peek into my soda kiln as it cools throughout the day. Looking forward to the “treasure hunt” tonight as I unload the whole kiln with fingers crossed.

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Just one of the many mugs that has been inlaid with temoku glaze, wadded, loaded and was fired in my soda kiln Saturday. The kiln has been cooling and now I get to unload tonight. Can’t wait to see how this mug, and all the others, turned out!?

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My new Summer Art Fair postcards just arrived!!!
Now it’s time to start labeling & stamping… my first art fair
of the summer is less than two weeks away!!!

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Clear skies and clear sailing. After yesterday’s “record low” cold start, today felt a bit more balmy… although I still piled on the layers just in case.

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Gotta love a good pile of gooey reclaim clay!
Just imaging the possibility of all this “free” clay.
It’s amazing what a few trimmings mixed with water can make.

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My soda kiln is firing smooth today… cones are falling… adding soda mixture…
we’re getting really close to cone 10. Almost ready to put it to bed for the night!

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Here’s the back stack of the kiln… loaded piece by piece, shelf by shelf, post by post.

And a quick bird’s-eye-view of some wall pocket vases & ornaments mixed together.

So after a couple hours of focused kiln loading, my kiln was finally full. Pretty much everything fit in… just a few “strays” that will hopefully sneak into the next firing. Pretty pleased with my loading… it took quite awhile, but there’s not any spare space unused in this kiln Hopefully it’s not packed too tight for the soda mixture to fly around inside and hit all of the pots. I guess we’ll find out Monday when I unload?!

Time to close it up, brink up the door… then add a little heat to dry things out.
I’ll be back early tomorrow morning to get it all started.

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And you’ve gotta love the wonderful colors building up on the kiln arch bricks.
The beauty of chemistry in action!

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My studio cart is pretty much full… which means I’ve glazed & wadded enough pots to fill the soda kiln. Of course it’s kind of a guessing game of how it will really fit when stacked in the kiln.

A few quick masking tape “seat belts” and my cart is ready to make the trip downstairs to the kiln room. The masking tape helps keep pots from jumping off while they ride down in the rickety freight elevator!

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After a few days of rain, it was nice to see the sun again.
Clear skies. Beautiful weather. Wonderful morning ride.
And now to the studio to continue glazing… and loading…