Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A little bit cloudy. A little bit hazy. Yet still enough to create some beautiful sunrise colors. I really enjoy when you can see the sun come up… and see the ENTIRE sun perimeter because it’s shrouded a bit by clouds. Pretty cool.

And blah…



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So then THIS is happening today!!!
All new windows in our condo building. A lot of pounding, chipping and vacuuming.

Old wood. Old windows. Lots of debris to clean before the new windows go in.

I’m going to miss the vintage charm of my old wood windows…
but LOVE the convenience, improvements & thermal-ness of the new ones!!!

Out with the old and in with the new!




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Last night we had a “Plate & Platter” Exchange Game to celebrate the last class of the session. Many of my students struggled with getting their plates trimmed, dried, fired, glazed & fired again in time for the game. So we “freely expanded” the definition to “handmade ceramic vessels.” And I came home with this adorable little Josh Blue planter from Teresa…. all ready with a jade plant good to go!!!


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Last night was the last class of the Spring session of my Beginner’s Wheelthrowing class. Every session I challenge them to make a piece to trade & exchange at the final class. This session the “theme” was plates & platters. This Josh Blue & sprayed temoku plate was my entry into the Exchange Game… which one of my students gladly went home with!!!

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There’s some beautiful architectural details on The Bank On Broadway a couple blocks from my place. Unfortunately the bank is now-defunct and has been sitting empty for a long time. My fear is that some developer will swoop in and tear the place down to build condos or some other soul-less edifice. Which would be such a shame with historic craftsmanship like this still lingering in the Edgewater neighborhood.

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As mini windblown “sand dunes” creep onto the bike trail…
it’s always fun to see footprints in the sand.

Sure, sometimes it’s full-blown tire tracks & treads?!! Still cool.



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Simple. Serene. Sunrise… just blue skies without a cloud on the horizon!

Okay, so not every sunrise is idyllic.
Sometimes THIS happens! Luckily it was just a quick fix of a flat tire
and I was back on the road again!


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Carving up a couple more bowls.
A bit of colored slip on the insides carved through with my DiamondCore V-tip.
Such nice clean lines!

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Thanks to everyone who offered up some adorable names for my niece Taylor’s new puppy. And after my “lobbying” for the obvious choice… OREO… she decided to go with one of her original three names… RILEY.

Still cute nonetheless!


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Some sunrise drama this morning as heavy clouds were sweeping through Chicago…. which also meant gusty winds, but I’m okay with that. We had some beautiful colors for a few brief moments before the clouds took over and covered the sky.

And then gone… swept away into the clouds…