Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like my pottery doppelganger is at it again… and I’ve already had three people mention to me that “one of my platters” is on the bisque cart. It’s not mine… it just one of my students!!!

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Pretty pink caladium leaves with fantastic veining & a wide range of colors. Every time I see these, I think to myself… “I need to plant more caladiums next year.”

And then I forget…

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Looks like stained glass artist Retta Hentschel has been making a lot of work for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN. Bright & colorful, with a lot of vintage glass & unique pieces all worked together in these incredible pieces! Hope you can stop by this weekend.

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Another kiln done for this weekend. This time a cone six glaze kiln with some bright colors. More fresh pots inside cooling… getting ready for this weekend’s ART IN THE GARDEN art fair in Glenview!

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Happy Belated Birthday Tina! Looks like you had a yummy birthday cake… errr, cheesecake… presented on a nice stamped & glazed platter! Making every celebration a bit more special… although I don’t see any candles here?! Thanks David for sharing the festivities!

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Little berries hanging on the vine.
A fun little pop of color climbing up the courtyard fence!

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I’ve always loved the whimsical nature of Cory McCrory’s work… but these have me totally intrigued! I know they’re part of another collaboration project for ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend. But it’s not with me… and I can’t wait to see what’s going on?!

A big part of the FUN at this art fair is seeing the crazy & cool collaborations that happen between the artists!!!

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Not a cloud in the sky! Just clear skies & clear sailing along the lakefront this morning. Chilly though with a wind from the west… kinda wish I had long sleeves for the first few miles?!

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Just a few more “teasers” of what my “cohort in collaboration” Cory McCrory has been up to in her studio as we prepare for ART IN THE GARDEN. We’ll be combining our efforts this weekend… and we’d love for you to see the final results!!! Limited quantities… come on out early!!!

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Always good to see some of my pottery being used… covered with cheese and looking YUMMY!!! Remember, all of my pottery is food-safe & dishwasher-safe. So you can add some pottery into your everyday life… and then just throw it in the dishwasher!!! Thanks for sharing the pics Rosene!