Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I spy with my little eye… BLUE SKIES finally!!!
And a beautiful mural in the Lakeview neighborhood by Anthony Lewellen.
Getting a “view” of the Lake in Lakeview!


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This morning we awoke to another layer of snow & crusty ice. Perfect April weather…
if you’re a polar bear?!!! Luckily our Spring flowers are trying to be troopers
and enduring the prolonged cold right along with us!



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Yesterday my cousin Kim was hunkering down for another April snowstorm…
bringing in a few early bloomers before the snow got the best of them!
Thanks for sharing Kim!!!

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Last night before teaching class, I had just enough time to stamp another platter…
actually the demo platter I threw for class last week.

I started stamping with one stamp pressed in one… by one… by one… all the way around!


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It’s the Battle of the Ages… MAN VS. PIGEONS!!!

We have a pair of pigeons intent on roosting above my back door behind a decorative wrought iron grate. Adorable as baby pigeons might be, the birds just make a HUGE mess!!!

So my neighbors and I have tried shoo-ing, scaring and other measures… but they are persistent little buggers. So I finally decided to “throw them a party”… let’s see how they like the balloons?!!!

They don’t know who they’re messing with!!!

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Stamped porcelain mug for Mugshot Monday.

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Which really means one more “bonus” day to work on my tax return!
Now if we could just be “emancipated” from all this snowy-slushy weather too?!!!

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After yesterday’s one-day stint of Spring, today we’ve plunged back into cold grayness. Nothing some flowers & textured vases can’t warm up!

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It’s FRIDAY THE 13th… beware if you care!

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Calm & serene with low flying clouds on the horizon delayed the morning sunrise. Not the most spectacular view and a bit breezy, but it sure did feel great to be out on my bike with a hint of Spring weather on the way. .. finally?