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I snatched up my very first piece William Kidd piece from the Tampa Tour de Clay!!! I’ve admired his work, and fawned over a couple pieces that my friend Cory McCrory has in her collection. Well, tonight was a great night… sitting in my studio during a Holiday Open House Night… when I snatched up this sweet baby by William Kidd

Special thanks to my friend & talented artist Cory McCrory who is a Guest Artist during the Tampa Tour de Clay. She was also great enough to be my “personal shopper” while they were setting up this evening. Smooth move… swooping in under cover of darkness… before they even open to the public tomorrow!!!

Thank you Cory!
Thank you William!!!

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The first of the mugs from the Happy December Online Sale has made it safely to its new owner in Georgia. Always a sigh of relief to find out it made it there in one piece! Glad she liked it… and I hope her morning coffee tasted better than ever!!!

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Tomorrow is my last holiday home show of the season!
Mud & Metal : A Collaborative Holiday Home Show.
After Saturday, the shelves can start coming down… finally…

And I thought I might just taunt you a bit with a few shots of some of my work that will be available tomorrow! Lots of stamping. Lots of textures. Lots of soda-fired flashing. Be sure to stop by for some great holiday shopping… and warm apple cider too!

We’re open from 10:0am-6:00pm on Saturday, December 13th.
Me, my pottery, my tiles and Amy Taylor with her beautiful jewelry.
The perfect chance to knock some names of your holiday shopping list!!!

And as always, we still have “The Tired of Shlepping Sale” going on my back porch. The shelves have been replenished with even more clearance & discounted pricing! First come, first served… they’re priced to move!

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Sure to bring a smile to your face… look at these little cuties that Amy Taylor has been making just in time to debut at “Mud & Metal” this Saturday at my place!!! Come early… I’m sure these “Adorbs” are going to go fast!!!

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I guess I’m just an early-morning glutton for grey?!

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Last night, the weather app on my phone showed a hourly forecast
of clear skies, a good sunrise, and clear sunny skies after that.

Somebody lied.

I know the Internet is “always” true…
but I guess you can’t believe everything you read on your apps now either?!  Ha!!!

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Here’s a sneak peek at some of the beautiful work that my friend Amy Taylor makes. Wonderful designs, stunning stones and classy style.

She’s known for putting hinges in her pieces so they all have a great wiggle & swivel to them. No promise that these actually pieces will be at my place Saturday… but there will be a LOT more just like ‘em to whet your whistle!!!

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Still trying to check some names off your holiday gift list?
Well this Saturday might be the perfect chance!!!

Stop by my place between 10:00am-6:00pm for some great handmade gifts. Plenty of pottery in every room of my condo AND wonderful jewelry by my metalsmith friend Amy Taylor. And heck, while you’re at it… why not get a gift or two for yourself too?!!!

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I’m sure you’re running around with a lot of things going on for the holidays, but…
What are you going to do in January?

Why not buy yourself an early Christmas gift and take a pottery class with me!
Registration is already open for my Tuesday night Beginning & Advanced Beginning Wheelthrowing Class that starts in January. Sign up soon… no one wants to miss out on the fun. Santa’s List, yes. Waiting List, no.

Click here to register online.

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In addition to her jewelry collection, this year at The One-Of-A-Kind Show this year, Sarah is also showing off some of her new sculptural work. A “constellation” of beautiful wall pieces. Each one a beautiful in it’s own right… but we all know that a grouping of three, five or ALL of them would be much better!!!

The two larger pieces have a wonderful blue color to them. Some sort of chemical “etching” process to force the brilliant blue patina. And then the “accent piece” is actually a separate pendant that comes with a chain necklace so you can wear it too! The whole idea is brilliant!!! Not only is the wall piece beautiful, and the pendant gorgeous, but the “stand” that hods the pendant is beautifully incorporated into the overall design as well. She’s a smart one!

The others have stones & gems “stitched” into them. Beautiful textures, colors, patterns and patinas. What’s not to love with such wonderful layers of fun?!

So there they are… wonderful, sculptural wall pieces by Sarah Chapman. Each one a beauty… even cooler as a grouped constellation!

And just for the record… the stunning necklace that she was “modeling” yesterday in this photo sold and went to a very good home. But there are plenty of others stunners waiting for you today at One-Of-A-Kind.