Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Dark clouds everywhere… except over the City.

And about 10 minutes later… still TONS of clouds. Just a bit lighter…

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The sky was very dark this morning. A lot of cloud cover spanning the horizon.
With just a small window for the sun to peek through… maybe?!

In this case… maybe NOT.

No sunrise this morning. Just lots of clouds!!!

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Tonight I finally worked up the reclaim porcelain that has been sitting out on my plaster bat. Slicing. Layering. Pounding. Squishing. Repeating. Over & over again. After a little “upper body workout,” it came out to 156 pounds of FREE porcelain!!! Sure, it still needs to wedged fully. But for now it’s “resting” in the bags and I’ll do final wedging when I’m ready to throw some porcelain pots!!!

And then while I was on a roll, I decided to pulverize & soak the “other”¬† half of the porcelain trimmings I brought back from Minnesota in May. Thanks again Emily for the dried scraps… gotta love FREE CLAY!!!

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A little bit hazy this morning. Quiet. Calming. And a little slow to get started.
But once the sun made it over the horizon, Monroe Harbor took on a shiny glow.

And let me just say it again… I’m glad the “Taste Of Chicago” is over.
Let’s get all of their extra clutter out of my sunrises!!!

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Here’s a nice Facebook posting from another wonderful customer…
“My Costco flowers feel like a million bucks in your vase!”
Thanks for sharing Mary Pat.

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When pedaling a hundred miles through rural cornfields with enough wind to warrant wind turbines, it’s never a good sign that your pedaling “towards” the back side of it while the blades are spinning.

Quick explanation… HEADWINDS!!!

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After my class demo last Tuesday night on making bowls, I finally got around to finishing them up tonight. I did a bit of stamping, a little embellishing, and a little refining. I also trimmed all of the bowls so they are set for the night. Drying for the next bisque firing.

One of the bowls during the demo was a flared out flange with a layer of white slip.

The bowl had dried to leatherhard so I trimmed the bottom first, and then I set into a bit of sgraffito. Now I don’t do this technique too often… but I thought it would be a good example to show my students. By the time I had finished carving it though, I must admit I might “need” to do this a bit more often…

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Last Fall I started making these textured wall pillows. Three sizes of textured pieces that can be hung in groups on the wall. It’s been fun watching people do the “mix & match” to make their “perfect” collection. It’s a matter of size, patterns, colors, textures and how they all fit together in a group. Like this grouping here… one large “lacey” one in the center surrounded by six medium ones.

And here’s the lucky Birthday Girl Marilyn!!! Her wonderful husband decided to surprise her with a birthday gift from her favorite potter… ME!!! What a great surprise for her… and for me. It was so thoughtful of him to contact me “secretly” as we worked on her gift without her knowledge. She’s been a dedicated customer and great friend for several years. She’s quite a supporter of the arts… and many of “My Talented Friends.” It was an honor to be part of her big birthday celebration – a surprise gift from her adoring husband.


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Soon to be part of a few collaboration pieces I’m working on with my friend Cory McCrory!!!
Parts & pieces are coming together… mark your calendar for “Art In The Garden”
if you want to see the finished “Limited Edition” pieces. August 30th & 31st.