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A quick reminder that THIS SATURDAY is my final Holiday Show.
It’s the second Holiday Home Show… this time with my friend & Talented metalsmith Amy Taylor. It’s the perfect chance to swing by my condo and cross a few names off your holiday shopping list!!!

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So I’ve been rushing around this week trying to get everything set-up for this Saturday’s Second Holiday Home Show. I’ve even glazed and fired a cone six glaze kiln just to replenish the shelves!!! I unloaded the kiln tonight… always fun to see the bright pop of colors in a cone six firing. A stark contrast to the earthy colors of a soda kiln firing. And I’m pretty pleased with how the glazes I’ve made are not only nice colors, but are also breaking & highlighting the stamped patterns really well.

Mark your calendar for THIS SATURDAY for “Mud & Metal” A Collaborative Holiday Home Show. It’s at my place this Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm!


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We’re inching ever closer to Christmas… November’s gone… and here’s another batch of holiday ornaments made by me & four of My Talented Friends.

Remember, we all signed-on for a Monthly Holiday Ornament Challenge almost a year ago. The plan was for each of us to make a new ornament each month of the year. We’ve finally made it through the eleventh month… only one more to go!!!

My Talented Friend : Cory McCrory
Cory decided to “top it off” this month with a whimsical top hat. Just like the one that blew off of Frosty’s head! And for size comparison, Cory’s friend decided to take it for a test drive! Looks like a match made in Heaven!!!

My Talented Friend : Sarah Chapman
Sarah’s gone a bit more organic this month! A beautiful, textured copper leaf with a fantastic torch-colored patina.

My Talented Friend : Roberta Polfus
Roberta decided to go Christmas thematic this month… but it looks like the partridge was too tough. Ha!! So she just went with the pears! Love the gentle curves and the natural pear coloring.

My Talented Friend : Amy Taylor
Amy’s entry for her November ornaments are these two glass bead pendants. Nifty hinged pendants with a sterling silver bezel.

My Talented Friend :oh wait, it’s ME again!!!
My November ornament is a textured scroll pattern with a gentle curve! They’re made with soda clay… and some of then have been painted with colored flashing slips. Looking forward to seeing how the soda firing process affects the colors & textures of the scrolls.

So I made the ornaments first and let them set-up a bit.
And then a quick layer of flashing slip…

And set to dry on my plastic grid racks…

So there they are… November ornaments from My Talented Friends Cory, Sarah, Roberta & Amy. Hard to believe we’re just one month away from finishing the year. Just one more batch of ornaments to go!!!

Be sure to check out everyone’s websites. They’re all in the LINKS section in the far right column. And they all have fun Facebook pages too. Find your favorites & follow them everywhere!






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So I knew ahead of time that my vase would get smashed.
I knew that it would be on Episode Eight of “EMPIRE” Season Three.
I knew that it was finally going to air last night on Fox TV.
I didn’t know the context, the scene or how it would actually go down.
Who knew that such a sexy vixen would be smashing Lucius’ collection to get his attention… as though her strappy lingerie wouldn’t do it alone?! About 46 minutes into the episode… my vase got its 30 seconds of fame!

Pose… Pontificate… then she let go! SMASH!!!
And it smashed on the floor… and she moved onto the next precious item.

As a reminder… when I last saw my vases, they were freshly thrown and “done”.
Sixteen of them for rehearsals and multiple takes during filming.
The Props Dept. at EMPIRE painted the vases on-site for their own “vision.”

Very fun to see finally on television.
It was a great project to be part of… even it they did smash everything?!!!
Special thanks to my friend Amanda for hooking me up and making it happen!




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Word on the street says that there might “allegedly” be a vase smashing on tomorrow night’s “EMPIRE” episode on Fox TV?! Can’t say too much… but watch for a ceramic vase made by “you know who” that may not survive till the end of the evening! They’ve been painted by the Props Dept. so even I don’t know what my vase might look like before it shatters!

If you see it, I’d love a good “screen grab.” Thanks!!!

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And while we’re selling mugs online today, I’ve been in the studio waxing bottoms and glazing a kiln full for this weekend’s Second Holiday Home Show! Shelves will be replenished, shlepping sale will be restocked, and a lot of new pots fresh from the kiln!!!

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So the “St. Nick’s Day Online Sale” started this early this morning.
We’re off to a good start with half of the mugs already being snatched up. The sale will continue until this Friday at midnight or when all of the mugs have been claimed.

To see the full selection, scroll back on my Facebook Pottery Page to see the “official” St. Nick’s Day 2016 Photo Album from earlier today. Any mug that has not been claimed in the Comments is still available. Don’t try to buy them from these pictures… some of these mugs have already been claimed!!!

Click here for my Facebook Pottery Page.

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So we’ve just gone “LIVE” on Facebook with the annual “St. Nick’s Day Online Sale.” Just go to my Facebook pottery page to shop and claim your mug. The first person to Comment within the Photo Album will claim their mug. They’re $50 each which includes shipping & handling (withing the contiguous US please.)

Click here to go directly to my Facebook Pottery page… and then click “FOLLOW”…

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Another fun day down at “One Of A Kind” with the uber-talented Sarah Chapman. So many great pieces of oxidized sterling silver with textures, patterns and spots of gemstone colors!

To see more of Sarah’c amazing work, click here for her website.

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The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time for another online sale! A quick chance to grab up one of twenty mugs!!! The perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list… even if that someone is YOU!!!

So the plan is much like the last online sale…
I’m posting photos of all twenty mugs here on my blog. Both sides of each mug for comparison. Some are the same on both sides, while others have some dramatic flashing effects from the soda-kiln firing!

Then this Tuesday, December 6th at 7:00am CST, I will post the “official” Photo Album on my Facebook pottery page. Once posted on Facebook, it’s gonna be a first come, first served race to the end. The first person to post a “MINE” Comment on a photo in the Facebook Photo Album with “claim” their prize. The online sale will continue until midnight Friday, December 9th.

Feel free to post comments here on the mugs, but keep in mind that ONLY the first person to Comment on Facebook will get the mug! Use this blog posting as your “window shopping” opportunity before the store opens!

Each mug is priced at $50 which includes shipping & handling (within the contiguous US please.) And remember, that all mugs are handmade and one-of-a-kind. As well as food-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe… just not gravity-safe!

Click here to go to my pottery Facebook page. Be sure to click LIKE so you’re ready for the big sale this Tuesday!

Mug A – soda-fired

Mug B – soda-fired

Mug C – soda-fired

Mug D – soda-fired

Mug E – soda-fired

Mug F – soda-fired

Mug G – soda-fired

Mug H – soda-fired

Mug I – cone 6 oxidation

Mug J – cone 10 reduction

Mug K – cone 6 oxidation

Mug L – soda-fired

Mug M – soda-fired

Mug N – soda-fired

Mug O – soda-fired

Mug P – soda-fired

Mug Q – soda-fired

Mug R – soda-fired

Mug S – soda-fired

Mug T – soda-fired

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