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Tonight was the first night of my new Beginning Wheel class for the Fall Session.
I, of course, brought my standard Oreo’s.

Meanwhile Cynthia, my new teaching assistant, may have won the “Best TA Ever Award”
in the first five minutes by bringing in four flavors of homemade macaroons!

Chocolate with salted caramel filling.
Vanilla with lemon curd filling.
Chocolate with raspberry filling.
Vanilla with white chocolate lemon ganache filling.

Now everyone loves Cynthia… my Oreo’s never had a chance!!!

So now Cynthia has set the bar pretty high.
I hope she knows we now “expect” her to keep up the good work…
we’d hate to have to take away her “award” so soon!!!                       Hint, hint.

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When I got to the studio late this afternoon I found a welcome surprise
of fluorescent lights that actually work!!! Whoo-hoo!!! I can see again…
and wow, take a look at the things I made in the dark?!!!

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Today we heard the sad news that we had lost a shining star.
Our friend Anne Schafer was lost in a tragic car accident last evening on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The Lillstreet Metals Department will never be the same without her positive energy & infectious laugh. As a grade school teacher & metalsmithing instructor she had a wonderful impact on so many. And as a friend, SO many more!!! She will be missed dearly…

Our dear departed friend Anne Schafer on the left… with Pam Robinson.
And on the Lillstreet rooftop with more metalsmithing friends!!!

Remembering the good times.
Remembering her smile.
Remembering her laugh.

Remembering Anne.
Her standard greeting was always “Hello, friend”… with a bit of pause & inflection.
You’d hear her in the hallway. Always with a hug. And semi-smirky “Hello, friend.”
Sadly, it’s my turn…

“Goodbye, friend.”

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Tonight was a very productive night.
Not only did I stamp a LOT of cylinders…
I also finished up another batch of oval casseroles & vases.
Stamped, assembled, slip accented & ready to dry… still in “studio darkness.”

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Tonight I stamped all of the cylinders I threw to make a new batch of mugs. The B-Clay was a little “squishier” at this point than I would normally like, but I needed to get them done as my next kiln date is rapidly approaching. So a little more careful. A little less pressure. And a few more mugs stamped… before & after…

And now they’re all stamped & ready to be wrapped up for the night. A little more “slow drying” and hopefully I can start trimming tomorrow night before my new class begins!

And yes… I’m still working in the dark. Just the glow from my task lighting as the fluorescent light fixture in my studio is not working… and I’m still waiting for the landlord to fix it. Getting a little tired of wearing my “night goggles”… ha!

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My friend & fellow potter Pam Kinsmith is raising money on Kickstarter for an upcoming ceramic show. Her fundraising efforts here will help defray the costs of the venue & marketing for the event. Then potters around the country (like me) are donating mugs for her to sell during the event for the Foster Care System. Each cup in the show “represents” a foster kid in the system hoping to “Find Their Forever.” Please consider contributing to this worthwhile cause. Do it for the “kids”…

Click here to donate on Kickstarter... only six days left!!!

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Categories: Chicago, photography, sunrise
Categories: Chicago, photography, sunrise
Categories: bike, sunrise

Another beautiful morning.
With a crispness in the air letting us know that Summer may be fleeting.

But another great morning…
with MORE free money found on the Lakefront!!!