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One of my students has been working on some small handbuilt vases with a brick pattern. But she was frustrated as she was limited in size to the texture mat she was using for the brick pattern. So I offered up some of my textured rolling pins from STODOLA as an option. Rikke chose this grid pattern… and is so excited to make larger versions of her small vases now that she can roll larger slab textures! So excited that she’ll be ordering her own custom brick pattern rolling pin from STODOLA soon!

Click here to go to the STODOLA website!

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Another season DONE!
Lots of changes, twists, turns & new characters in Season Two!!!
Including one of my favorites… DESMOND.
Not to mention this “Other” character…
with his quirky quips, manic manipulations & fiendish facial expressions!!!
Gotta love him. Gotta hate him.

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a quick reminder that you can shop online anytime! You can get your own mug to “celebrate” along… over 50 to choose from… as well as bowls, vases, berry bowls, and bunches of other pottery pieces.

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Well, it’s another Monday, so I guess it’s time for another Mugshot… or eight?! Just a few more mugs hanging out on my back porch on a Monday afternoon!

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Here’s my February entry in the 2021 Chain Challenge set-up by my talented metalsmith friend Sarah Chapman. Sure, it may not be traditional “links” like a metalsmith’s chain might be… but I think this still works! It’s a 36″ necklace chain of soda-fired beads, turquoise rondelles & copper wire.

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It’s the last day of February… so I’ve got to finish my February Chain Challenge piece quickly! You know I “appreciate” a good deadline!!! Sure. I’ve had a month to get this done… but why not start it today?!!!

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The sun finally came out for a brief moment this afternoon… and backlit this orchid just perfect to make the new blooms really shine!

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While today may be gray, yesterday was a great day to PLAY!!! After a full day in the studio, I got to sneak out yesterday for a great, late afternoon ride along the lakefront. Lots of melting snow, lots of puddles & lots of wet-grime flicking up on my back!!!

Didn’t care… too much fun pedaling!!!

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Four simple letters than can totally make your day!

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POTTERY FLASHBACK! So my good friends wanted to get their granddaughter some new pottery. Apparently, Sarah has been “complaining” that everyone else in the family has “nice Gary pottery” and all she got stuck with was “The Ugly Mug”!!! It was this stamped amber mug that Sarah had at home… while everyone else thought it was a different “ugly” mug?!!!

Turns out a different family member had the original “Ugly Mug”… from early on in my pottery career even before stamping!!!

Either way, “ugly” or not… Sarah ended up with some new bright blue pottery to add to her collection thanks to Rosene & Gerry. Hopefully overshadowing & wiping away the memory of Sarah’s original “ugly” pottery!!!