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I thought maybe a little pre-game kick-off for Thanksgiving was in order… as tomorrow might be the weirdest Thanksgiving Day ever!!! So I’m starting it off tonight with a Pumpkin Pie Concrete from LICKETY SPLIT. Pumpkin frozen custard with a piece of pumpkin pie blended in!!! I resisted… but oh, those pumpkin pie cookies are pretty darn adorable too!!!

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Another mask finding its way from MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW to a new full-time home! Looks like Don’s new ceramic mask has found a great spot in his house on a dark gray wall.

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As we’re all trying to figure out what our new virtual & socially-distanced Thanksgiving might look like this year… I’m kinda drooling over this option!!! I’ll be flying solo on Thursday, so why not eat whatever I want??? And isn’t this every kid’s dream??? I mean… we all know that I have the palate of a four-year old.

If you need more details about this scrumptious dream cake…
The PieCakenclick on

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Fresh from the kiln. A class demo bottle with a class demo glaze! One of my students had used this glaze combo on a few of his pieces, and Ted was more than willing to share the info. So I figured I would give it a try too!!!

The look is pretty sweet, but if I must say, the “texture” of the blended top section is a little “rougher & scratchier” than I would normally like.

Hey Lillstreeters (besides Ted)… Any guesses what this combo is?!

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When Chris bought this green sgraffito platter at MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW, she knew she wanted it right away. But the big question was how it would look if she hung it on her lavender colored bedroom wall… I’d say it looks pretty GREAT. I’m totally diggin’ the color contrast… and yet somehow they go really well together!

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Some stamped patterns and pretty groovy spiral…
all soda-fired for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!
Y’all know how much I love a good spiral !!!

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I’ve been working lately on some oversized pieces for a special commission project. Adding some colored flashing slip accents that will change color during the soda-firing. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never made “mugs” this large before… but it’s been kinda fun! The challenge was to make them large enough to meet the volume requirement!!! And you know how we all feel when the clay starts to shrink… “Did I make them big enough???” Fingers crossed.

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TOO FUNNY! I love this illustration… and will honestly admit that I might possibly still be at the very bottom starting point of the hierarchy! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good pun, a good practical joke & a good slapstick shtick!!! But I’ve been told MANY times by my Summer Campers that I have too many “Dad jokes”… and I’m totally okay with that!!!

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Registration opened today for the Winter 2021 session at Lillstreet Art Center. I will be teaching four different classes… for ALL levels of potters! Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and my favorite… The Great Lillstreet Throwdown!!! Click on the link below to sign-up… as spaces will fill quickly since they’re still limiting classes to eight students again for effective social-distancing… with plenty of safety measure, hand sanitizers & full masks required!

Click here to register for Lillstreet classes!