Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating MUGSHOT MONDAY with another stamped & soda-fired mug with some nice flashing & orange peel effects.

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Freshly stamped mugs drying in the studio. Getting ready for the Evanston Lakeshore Fine Arts Festival on August 6th & 7th. Got a couple firings to squeeze in before then!!!

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I know it was crazy hot & humid in Chicago this weekend…
but good god man, this is ridiculous!!! The posted temp this morning!!!

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Big sky show this morning… spanning across the sky and into the Skyline!

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Dramatic skies and high contrast reflections as huge clouds blew across the City this morning. A beautiful ride as some of the weekend’s heat & humidity seems to be leaving Chicago… maybe?!… hopefully?!!… alledgedly?!!!




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One of my pottery students has been traveling in Moscow!!!
Katie was excited to see an old kickwheel there… and even more excited to see that they love OREO’s in Russia too!!! Unfortunately, they have the same flavors we have. I was hoping they might have some crazy Rooskey flavors that she could have smuggled back for us!!!



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One of the many restroom houses along the bike trail…
but this one is definitely the most colorful!!!

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So our bike ride along the Lakefront was a LOT less flooded. Blue skies, a bit of wind and a LOT of sweat!!! Great fun pedaling with Chris… and admiring some art & sculptures along the way! This beauty is just a block or so north of the South Shore Country Club.

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It never really crossed my mind… even after last night’s crazy storms.
When my we scheduled a bike ride this morning along the Chicago River North Branch up to the Botanical Gardens… we never even thought about FLOODING!!! Chris and I parked, got our bikes out, geared up, ready to ride. Only to find out that the bike trail is underwater!!!

And no, this is NOT a lake!!!… there is green grass under there somewhere!

We even tried two different entry approaches… BOTH FLOODED!!!

So we packed it in, drove back to the City and did a fun 70 miles along the Lakefront Bike Trail instead. No flooding along the Lake!!!