Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So by now you may have identified my “addiction” to Reality TV… especially my newest obsession… THE TRAITORS!!! I’ve already binged all of the seasons in all of the countries! But they just announced that filming has wrapped on US Season Three… and here’s the official cast announcement!!! Can’t wait to see them all in that Scottish Castle!!!

But here’s my biggest wish… that they make Tom Sandoval a “traitor”… and then vote him out the very first night!!! Seems fitting to me?! I’m done with him.

So what are your thoughts about these cast mates???
And if you haven’t watched, you definitely must!!! It’s addictively brilliant!!!

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Looks like someone has been “cleaning out” the Lake… and fishing out a few DIVVY rental bikes! Seems like there has been a “rash” of these lately along the lakefront. But this one looked great this morning in a sunshiney monochromatic kinda way! Loving the crusted seaweed on the spokes!!!

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With the sun playing behind the clouds over the lake, the clouds were also sweeping across the City this morning. Wispy white clouds blowing through crisp blue skies!

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A clouded morning along the lake… with plenty of colorful drama as the sun continued to peek through & hide behind the clouds. It felt good to be out on the lakefront as the temperatures dropped a bit overnight… but the prediction is for the temps to go back up later today. Be prepared, stay safe, stay hydrated.

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Janice stopped by the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR… and picked up a stamped & soda-fired flower pot. And now it looks like her little plant is just loving its new home! Thanks for sharing Janice!

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My good friend & former pottery student Kristen is doing a great pop-up this weekend! And who doesn’t love handmade pottery AND chocolate?!!! Stop by the Irving Park location of KATHERINE ANNE CONFECTIONS this weekend to see some of Kristen’s pottery & grab some yummy chocolate too!!!

And if you stop by Saturday between 1:00-2:00pm, Kristen will be in the store doing live demos of her carving techniques!

Plus, if you follow, tag & share them both on Instagram, you’ll be entered in a raffle for pottery & chocolate!!! Two of my favorite things!!!

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So I trimmed this bowl when it was a little wetter than it should have been. But I was headed out of town for the Pottery Tour… so rushed it. As it was kinda soft, I left it out to dry upside down on a plastic bat. Apparently when it dried, the bottom between the footring “moved” upwards a bit as the bowl dried & shrank??? So now the bowl is bone dry… and the bottom center is higher than the footring… so it’s a “SPINNER”!!! ugh.

Really only one thing to do…

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So I had a bit of regret for NOT snagging a fun new mug from Breana Ferreira during the Friday Night Opening Party in Aurora for the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR. But then I saw small table at Lillstreet with a pop-up moving sale as Breana is moving to Tennessee for a new artist residency. So I scored this great little mug… for a great “moving sale” price!!! Loving the textures & colors!!!

You can check-out more of Breana’s work on her Instagram… @brebreanam

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Sure, it might just be a weed… but doesn’t it count more if it’s a “pretty” weed? I’m really digging these purple thistle flowers… and the pointed “crown” around the bottom of the flowers!

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The morning started out a bit hazy, but with much better temperatures in the mid-70s… such a nice break from the overbearing heatwave. But you can definitely tell that the humidity & temps are both going to rise today to make it another steamy day… seems “perfect” for the official FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!