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As we’re zooming towards the holidays, I have a few last minute projects going on! Like a friend’s request for some matching bowls for her parents’ Christmas gift. Not sure if they’ll get done in time… but I’m trying my best. You know I love a good challenge!!… and work best with a deadline!!!

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After a stretch of below-freezing mornings, today felt a bit warmer… albeit WINDY-ER!!! Not much of a sunrise to speak of, but it still felt great to be outside playing along the lakefront. At least until the final surprise… drizzling rain for the final mile!!! Great. Just great.

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Well, the first batch of mugs are wrapped, packed & ready to head off to their new homes. Thanks again to everyone who shopped during the ST. NICK’S DAY ONLINE MUG SALE. Aren’t empty clay boxes the best?!!!

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Celebrating MUGSHOT MONDAY by packing up a bunch of mugs which will be headed off to new homes tomorrow… thanks to the ST. NICK’S DAY ONLINE MUG SALE last Thursday. Loved this twosome that one savvy customer paired up during the sale!

And just for the record…
there are only four mugs left in the ST. NICK’S SALE until this Friday!
You still have time!!!

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Going down to the Merchandise Mart again today to hang out with my metalsmith friend Sarah Chapman in Booth #2118. C’mon down for the last day of the ONE OF A KIND SHOW. And you’ll see beauties like these necklaces by Sarah… with stacked freshwater pearls & citrine beads, or vintage faceted cherry amber!

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Just a quick reminder…
We’re just one week away from another Holiday Home Show!!!
This time it’s MUD & METAL with my metalsmith friend Amy Taylor joining in for the festivities. We’re going two days this year for twice the fun. So be sure to mark your calendar, share this post, and make a good holiday shopping list… which should obviously have your own name on it too!!!

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Just checked my kiln… so far so good. Always a sigh of relief to see that CPLT!!!

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So excited to be included in another pottery book…
by author Peter Cosentino.

It’s a great collection of potters making beautiful work with all different techniques.
Page 60 is all about stamping… err, “Impressing” as they apparently call it across The Pond…
and Page 61 is all about ME!!!

Thrilled to see two of my “impressed” & soda-fired bowls take up an entire page! AMAZING!
Thanks for including me Search Press as my work has now been published internationally!!!


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When my tile-making friend Mike Skiersch found out I was firing a cone six kiln… he was eager to “squeeze in” a few new glaze test tiles! Little did I know they would be so large, so perfect and so many. No worries… I’m always anxious to see some new glazes. I just hope a couple of these new recipes work out perfect… and that Mike is willing to share the recipes with me?!

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Glazing more bowls & pots for a quick cone six kiln this weekend…
just in time to replenish the shelves for next weekend’s
“MUD & METAL” Holiday Home Show!

If all goes well, these bowls will be a beautiful green!