Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Finally a dry morning. Sure, it might have been a bit chilly in the thirties… but I was just happy that the streets & bike trail were dry. So I put on the layers and headed out for a cloudy bike ride. It looked like we were going to be clouded-out of a sunrise… but then, out of nowhere… we got an amazing little sky show under the cloud mass. Wonderful colors as the sun lit-up some of the smaller clouds as they blew by!

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And for now this batch of mugs is done. Slowly drying for my next bisque firing… working towards my next soda kiln just a couple weeks away!

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Painting colored slip accents & details on my latest batch of mugs!
The color will “magically” transform in the soda kiln firing.

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Cylinders trimmed & handles pulled… time to start attaching!
Making more MUGS!!!

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After playing in the fog yesterday, I figured I better hunker down and get some work done in the studio today! I mean, it’s still raining outside so I have no diversions, no excuses! So I’m starting with some trimming with my DiamondCore Tools & my fast-spinning Giffin Grip! A perfect studio combo!!!

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I’m a firm believer that generally gourds are cooler than pumpkins!
Great colors combinations, funky textures, groovy shapes & squiggly stems… even better when gathered & displayed in a handmade stamped bowl!!!

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Another wet morning… as seen through my living room window.

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With a forecast of a warm & partly-sunny afternoon, I decided to take the afternoon off to play hooky at the Illinois Beach State Park north of the City. A new adventure destination for me! As I drove further north, the temp started to drop. As I got close to the park an ominous fog covered the sky. The waves were crashing all around but oddly coming coming out of a foggy distance. The colors were beautiful but oddly shrouded in fog… as I pretty much had the entire lakefront park to myself in an isolating fog.

The scenery was AMAZING…
albeit not the warm & partly sunny afternoon by the lake I had expected.

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Mimi got a new berry bowl…
and quickly added it to her pottery collection!

Then quickly filled it with strawberries, raspberries & blackberries! And the quickly shared it with me… so I of course will share it with YOU!!! Thanks Sharon.

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Looks like some new GHOULS made it down to Orlando, Florida… and quickly joined the festive family! Including one of the retired & much-coveted Mummies!!! Thanks for sharing your Ghouls Collection with us Anna!