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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Fall is in the air, and I’m already planning & making pieces for my upcoming Holiday Home Show. And if I’m going to hit my annual goal of starting the show with 100 MUGSI’ve got to make some more!!!

Mark your calendar now for my annual Holiday Home Show…
My Home For The Holidays Home Show
– 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday, November 22nd & Sunday, November 23rd
Always the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving!
More details to come…

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With a chill in the air & the sun rising, the colors were ablaze this morning. You gotta love the vibrant colors of Fall. The leaves are dropping fast… let’s hope they hang on a bit longer!

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So chilly this morning that I wasn’t surprised when I saw the “first frost” on the ground along the lake. Sparkling ice crystals in the early morning light.

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A chilly morning along the lake.
Layers of clothing were definitely needed.
But well worth it with such wonderful layers of colors all around.

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Tonight I started another batch of wheelthrown Christmas ornaments. It may be the middle of October, but it’s never too soon to get started on holiday ornaments, right?!!!

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Another pile of porcelain reclaim pulled out tonight… plopped onto my plaster bat for some drying time. Maybe tomorrow I can start wedging it up. And then I’ll need to figure out what to make out of it?!

Thanks again to my friend Emily for passing along her dry scraps… I love free clay!!!

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Special thanks to my friend Maryann for the wonderful treats in my belated birthday care package. “Somehow” she must have figured out we like Oreos… but then baked them into a brownie with layers of peanut butter. Pretty darn tasty… especially as “The Breakfast of Champions”!!! Good thing I rode this morning, huh?

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Categories: bike, sunrise

This morning was dark & windy. Not much of a sunrise…
but still a beautiful Fall glow if you look in the right places!

With all the dark clouds and strong winds, the waves were crashing all over the place.
Overflowing the edges of the Lake. Making it a little difficult to get out to the lighthouse!

With the waves and cold winds, even more important to NOT get caught off guard when the water comes flying towards you while you’re focusing elsewhere trying to catch the perfect photo. Okay, so it may have… might have… quite possibly… got me once or twice… I’m just sayin’…

Okay, so I think they’re right… maybe NOT a good place for swimming today?!

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Another batch of textured tiles in the studio.
Drying on a plastic grid hoping to avoid warping.