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Excited to get another batch of beautiful postcards from THE POSTCARD CLUB in the mail today! Sure, I could just send an e-mail from my laptop… but isn’t it a lot more fun to get a handwritten note in the mail???

Now I need to decide who’s gonna get these ones??

If you’d like to get quarterly postcards in the too, to “begin you snail mail adventure”… check out

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The second large bowl from yesterday’s demo had a flared-out rim just screaming for some decoration. “HEY, DECORATE ME!!!”

So here’s the bowl after some stamping…
and a glimpse at the stamp that did all of the work!

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One of the bowls from yesterday’s class demo was a basic round bowl desperately in need of some decorating. Today I stamped the exterior of the bowl, leaving fingerprint indentations on the inside. Sure, I could have stopped there… but instead continued with a small stamp for added details inside & out, and a little extra fluting along the rim!

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My large bowls from yesterday’s class demo are now stamped… shocking, right?! I always tell my students that the wheel makes the bowls round, but it’s up to them to make the bowls SPECIAL! I choose to stamp textures & patterns… but I encourage my students to follow their own path and to decorate their bowls to make them their own creations!!!

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Well, It was been truly a momentous week in Washington DC… for Joe & Kamala… but especially for our friend Bernie who has been quickly making the rounds all while sitting in place!!! Gotta love how people can hop on board with a creative meme in no time!!! Here’s just a few of my favorites in case you’ve missed them… but how could you?!


And even the now infamous “Dude With Sign” got involved…

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This morning’s class demo was throwing larger bowls. I showed them how to make two different styles. They’re now up in my studio… maybe… hypothetically… “allegedly” waiting for a little stamped detail fun!

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It’s a new day.
It’s a new clay!

Finished up my latest batch of reclaim clay with a bit of wedging & bagging today. Sure, it still needs more wedging when I go to actually use it… but for now it’s back to being real clay… real FREE CLAY!!!

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Preparing to teach my morning Wheelthrowing class under beautiful blue skies through the Lillstreet skylights.

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Adding a few “details & accents” to the bowls that I made Monday night as part of our class demo. The goal is to turn these into berry bowls in class next week. But before I can do that… I just HAD TO add a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to them!!!

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Tonight in my Advanced Beginner’s Wheelthrowing class we tackled trimming, handles & making mugs! Working with the cylinders they threw last week… they cranked out a LOT of mugs tonight! Not bad for only their second class of the session!!!