Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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More from Cory’s studio… more teasers of the collaboration project we’re working on
for ART IN THE GARDEN. Textures & curves… more to come!

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Colorful flowers to brighten your Friday!

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Cool & breezy this morning… but so much fun with the waves crashing in all over the place! Okay, so sure… not quite so safe, but if you’re smart it’s okay… and quite entertaining to watch those who aren’t!!!


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And speaking of ART IN THE GARDEN collaborations…
here’s another one I’ve been working on with Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks!
Looking forward to seeing what she does with these porcelain buttons…
of course after they’re glazed!

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So I’ve been working on these little “pocket” pieces… still not quite sure why?! One of the best parts of ART IN THE GARDEN is the collaborations that happen amongst the artists. These were “designed” by metalsmith Amy Taylor for our collaboration. She came up with an idea, and I’m always willing to play. I’m still not quite sure what she’s going to do with them after they’re soda-fired… but I’m sure it will be something really cool… like everything Amy does!!!


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A little bit cooler, and a little bit breezier…
on what was a bit of a cloudier start to another beautiful day!

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As part of our last class, my students participated in a fun little “white elephant” trading-exchanging-stealing game with sets of two matching mugs. They received the challenge early on this session… and for the most part… everyone did an AMAZING job!!! There were just a couple who didn’t quite finish the challenge?!… but still played the game!

CHRISTINE’s set of matching mugs…

MICHELLE’s set of matching mugs…

KATE’s set of matching mugs…

PATTY’s set of matching mugs…

KATIE’s set of matching mugs…

CATHERINE’s set of matching mugs…

And a little close-up to show the subtle detail of Catherine’s glazing on porcelain.

JACOB’s set of matching mugs…

DAN’s set of matching mugs…

CASEY’s set of matching mugs…

TINA’s set of matching mugs…

Oh wait… just to show the scale of Tina’s teeny-tiny cutie-patooties…

DANIELLE’s's set of matching mugs… with a wonderful theme… which coincidentally
& ironically is the set that I ended up with and took home with me last night.
It seemed only fitting!!!

ASHLEY’s set of matching mugs… err, well, just one.
The “matching” mug didn’t quite come out of the kiln in time.
So Ashley’s mug came with an IOU for the second one!

SUSAN’s set of matching mugs…
And yes, Susan is my teaching assistant… which explains the perfect set of matched porcelain mugs with a striking black underglaze geometric design!

JOSE’s set of matching mugs… oh well… a pretty little trio of blue bowls and not mugs?!

ALLISON’s set of matching mugs… err, a nice vase… as apparently Allison didn’t get her cups done in time. I know she’s made a lot of mugs this session, but apparently didn’t get her matching set done in time for class. I think time kinda slipped away from her!

All in all, a wonderful way to celebrate the last class of the session. They all did such a wonderful job. And stepped up to the challenge of “MATCHING” which is not an easy task to take on!


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Last night in my pottery class, my students pulled out all the stops with possibly the biggest potluck feast ever!!! We had a theme… retro flashback childhood favorites! I of course had to make my traditional birthday cake… “Mississippi Mud”… a decadent concoction that my Mom used to make every year for my birthday! Chocolate cake with coconut, a layer of marshmallow fluff and then a layer of fudge swirled on top!!!

And YES, I do have the palate of a four year old!!!

And for the record… the leftover cupcakes went to my Summer Campers today…
and the leftover cookies will come with me to camp tomorrow!!! Lucky kids!

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Clear skies & clear sailing. Not a cloud in the sky this morning.
A little warm. A little humid. But still a LOT of fun!


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Sunrise beauty early this morning.
Before the gray. Before the rain.