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No sun this morning means no sunrise to share.
Plenty of frozen “puddles” along the lake though.

Always intrigued by these thin layers of ice “floating” above air
where the puddled water used to be. So fragile. So thin. So beautiful.

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Another dry morning today.
Another chance to get out and pedal.

It didn’t start with much sunrise potential.
It was slow in the making, but it was definitely worth the wait.

And seriously… how often do your see actual ICICLES washing up on the beach?!
Crazy, right?

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The mornings have been cloudy & rainy for days.
I try to avoid riding when the bike trail is wet or slippery.
It’s just not safe… or fun.

Finally… a dry morning today. Great to be out on my bike
even though there was still no hope of a sunrise.

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For those of you kicking off the Hanukkah season tonight,
here’s a little song & dance to get you started.
Every holiday needs a good flash-mob, right?!

Click here for the YouTube video.

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Every potter loves playing in the mud.
But that doesn’t mean that they want to wear it all the time.
So a new potter’s apron might just be the perfect holiday gift this season!
Claim them in the next couple days and I’ll do my best to get it to you in time.

Here are some quick details about the specialized pottery aprons:
* Durable & washable heavy broadcloth fabric
* Lower section splits into two panels to cover each leg as you sit at the wheel
* Patch pockets on the back of each hip
* Straps actually go over the shoulders to avoid neck strain & fatigue
* Three buttons for height adjustments
* Three buttons for width adjustments
* One size fits all….for the most part.

Listed below is the current pottery apron inventory.
If you are interested in purchasing an apron please send me a quick e-mail
to “secure” your choice…

They are $50 each which includes shipping & handling in the contiguous United States.
They are first come, first serve! Don’t miss out.

Navy blue with a small pattern of green, red & light blue across the apron.

A retro-vibe with a musical flair.

Green background with geometric pattern and multicolor striped accents.

Striped navy and green with contrasting bib and pockets.

Waves of rust and gold with a touch of brown.

Green, yellow and light blue fireworks on a deep blue background.

Irregular squares of black, royal blue, and yellow on blue background.

Rust, orange, and creme circles on a dark brown background.

Again, just let me know if you would like to purchase an apron.
Send me a quick e-mail to “claim” your apron…
First come, first served!!! Grab’em while you can!!!

My Mom would be thrilled to  sell some more of these custom pottery aprons…
which then means she can make some more!


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A huge “Holiday Thank You” to everyone who stopped by today for “MUD & METAL.”
It was so much fun for Amy and I to see everyone, share stories and help check a few gifts off your holiday shopping lists. We had a great time… and we hope you did too! Thanks for playing. And thanks for shopping handmade, shopping local and for supporting local artisans. We both appreciate your generosity and continued loyalty.

And you weren’t the only ones doing some shopping today.
Guess who has two new “presents” for himself?… ME!!!

Here are my two new pieces from Amy Taylor. First, I knew I had to have one of her new “adorbs.” So happy. So funny. So much like looking in a mirror! And one more necklace pendant that kept shining and calling my name. It’s an actual red reflector! So much fun!!! I love Amy’s style and sense of whimsy!!!

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Today’s the Day. My second Holiday Home Show : MUD & METAL.
My dining room table is covered with wonderful beauties by my friend Amy Taylor… surrounded by shelves full of my pottery in every room of my condo. You’ve still got plenty of time to swing by this afternoon for some MUD & METAL. Did I mention cookies & brownies too?

We’re open until 6:00pm this evening… and there’s plenty for everyone!!!
Plenty of cookies too…

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The doors of MUD & METAL have been open for eleven minutes…
which means it’s now 10:11. 12/13/14. Special event on a special day!

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Today is my MUD & METAL Holiday Home Show from 10am-6pm.
Anyone who enters the front door of my condo already singing a Christmas Carol can have their choice of a FREE ceramic Christmas ornament! I have several styles to choose from. Each more festive than the next. All worthy of a holiday sing-a-long.

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I snatched up my very first piece William Kidd piece from the Tampa Tour de Clay!!! I’ve admired his work, and fawned over a couple pieces that my friend Cory McCrory has in her collection. Well, tonight was a great night… sitting in my studio during a Holiday Open House Night… when I snatched up this sweet baby by William Kidd

Special thanks to my friend & talented artist Cory McCrory who is a Guest Artist during the Tampa Tour de Clay. She was also great enough to be my “personal shopper” while they were setting up this evening. Smooth move… swooping in under cover of darkness… before they even open to the public tomorrow!!!

Thank you Cory!
Thank you William!!!