Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After watching a recent episode of British TV hit “The Great Pottery Throwdown” where the task was to throw some miniature pots… I knew we had to steal that idea and do it again!!! We tried to keep the challenge the same… where they had to throw three pieces each UNDER SIX CENTIMETERS… yes, we’re keeping it metric!!! So they each had to throw a miniature bowl, cylinder and a bulbous vase with narrowed neck. And to go one step further.. they also needed to add some color to their pots!

Now for some reason… on the television reality show, they didn’t allow them to throw off-the-hump?! I don’t think the topic even came up?.. maybe they don’t do that across the Pond yet? So my students didn’t get to either… finding out how difficult it is to wedge, center and throw such a small ball of clay!

After the 25-minute time limit ended, we did a little critique and measured to check that they all made it UNDER six centimeters!

And then we moved onto the next challenge… which was the same…
but now throwing off-the-hump!!!… and with 5 minutes less since it should be easier!

After the 20-minute time limit ended, we went back to discuss and compare the mini pots. And to discuss how they felt, what was easier, what was tougher, and if throwing off-the-hump made much of a difference!

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