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So my latest batch of stamped cylinders are ready to become mugs!
We need some handles first… so I start with some wedged and shaped “carrots” of clay.

I pull my handles separate from the cup. Starting with the wide end of the “carrot” in your fingers tips, I gently slide down the clay with wat hands a bit of fiction. A little more friction and the clay begins to stretch into a handle. I like mine to be more of a strap than a tube. They need to set-up a bit before they can be attached to the mugs. So I carefully prop mine up with a nice “mug handle curve” already established. When they are no longer wet & squishy, I start attaching them.

Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT.
Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT.
Score, slip, attach, refine… REPEAT… REPEAT… REPEAT…         did I say REPEAT???

Soon enough I’ve got a LOT of mugs!!! My favorite thing to make.

Next up?… some color accents with flashing slips painted on the top portions and in some of the stamps.


August 30th, 2016

Nothing like rows of handles waiting to become one with their cups!

And what’s up with this commercial cup trend of wide, sharp handles which are totally uncomfortable in the hand? I’ve picked up a few in stores and have been completely underwhelmed!

August 30th, 2016

Good point… err, I mean BAD POINT if it’s on the side of a handle. All the more reason to buy handmade from an artisan who gets it… and cares. Thanks.

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