Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: classes, process, stamps

So last night in class, I did a little “interpreting” of where my students stand in their clay skills. We were scheduled to make mugs out of their existing cylinders… trimming, handles, attachments, etc. However, no one had a cylinder at the right stage. So we postponed that demo and went straight for “Demo-On-Demand.” After a little discussion, we did a basic cylinder from the start for the brand new beginners… followed by a larger vase, a plate and a platter for the advanced beginners. The “challenge” for my students this session is to make a plate that they are willing to trade & exchange during the last class. So we jumped ahead a bit… and went straight to plates!!

After the throwing demos, they all went back to work at their wheels… and we ended the class by making a few stamps. We’ll get them fired and then they can use them on their pots for the rest of the session. Gotta get ’em started early on the stamping obsession!!!

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