Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Last night I finished up two batches of mugs. One made of soda clay, the other B-Clay.
Stamped, trimmed, handled and now accented with colored slip.
Drying for a trip to the bisque kiln.



October 29th, 2014

A noob question – when you talk about soda clay, what precisely do you mean?

November 1st, 2014

FIONA – Soda Clay is basically a stoneware clay body. There are certain chemicals mixed into it that helps promote dramatic color flashings in the soda kiln firing. Where the flames kiss the pots, the clay will react with some dramatic color variations. Regular stonewares wouldn’t have the same dramatic flashing effects. I purchase my Soda Clay directly from Continental Clay in Minneapolis.

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