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Okay, so I finally succumbed to the hype… “all the cool kids are doing it”…
and I went to see the “cultural phenomenon” known as “Avatar” in 3D.


Let’s just preface this by saying that I really don’t like movies that rely completely on
computer graphics for their impact & appeal. So I was quite hesitant when “Avatar”
started making the rounds. I’m sure it’s beautiful. I’m sure it’s breathtaking.
I’m sure it’s cool and all… but c’mon, do I really need to see a creepy, glamorized,
blue-skinned version of “Clutch Cargo”? Flying creatures? Glowing landscapes? Nope.

But once the movie began raking in the money hand-over-fist, and everyone was talking
about Pandora and how wonderful it all was… I started to question if I was missing anything.
So I decided to check it out… in 3D.


Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised, but not completely won over. I’m glad I saw it.
The 3D effects were great. The colors were vibrant. The “cinematography?” was well done.
I think they did a fine job at creating a visual masterpiece… albeit a bit contrived.
Love story for the teenage girls. Chaos & destruction for the teenage boys.
Revering your elders for “the elders” out there. Family values. Spiritualism. Peace. Harmony.
Eco-friendly message for all those “green” people out there. Be yourself. Help Others.
Cheer for the good guys. Hate the bad guys. Let’s all love the Earth. Blah, blah, blah…
I felt a little manipulated during the movie – a little too preachy. But still enjoyable.



The colors were incredible. The 3D effects we breathtaking. The creativity never-ending.
I would recommend going to see it just because it’s a beautiful piece of film. And if you do…
I think you need to see it in 3D… otherwise, you’re missing some of the best parts!
Should it win the Oscar for Best Picture?… I sure hope not. But if it does…
it will be for the technological advances they made in the making of this film.

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September 8th, 2014

I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. It’s funny and romantic.

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