Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just a quick glimpse of some quick cylinders I made for my LILLSTREET THROWDOWN students. They had made “matching” cylinders to turn into mugs last week… this week they’ll get these cylinders to take them in a different direction!

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Looks like my friend Nancy made an amazing dinner tonight… and healthy too…
but “maybe-just-maybe” that platter has something to do with it?!
Thanks Nancy for sharing the photo!

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It was a beautiful sunrise this morning… and I just LOVE that some of my wonderful “followers” thinks of ME when they see a beautiful sunrise. Ha!!! So much so that they sent me a photo of the view from their window… with one of my flower pots waiting for the sun to come up further to make that plant even happier!

Thank you Sheila for sharing your view this morning!

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The new session of pottery classes are well under way…
so it only makes sense that we have NEW OREO’s too!!!

Thanks to Kate for finding these new flavors and bringing them in for us to enjoy!
Yummy & yummier!!!

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Another texture for Texture Tuesday… totally tubular… bonus!!!


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Another Texture Tuesday two-fer!!! One stamped & soda-fired…
another colorfully withering away


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Spring is going to get here eventually…
so I’m making sure that I’ll have some flower pots ready to go!
More throwing… more stamping… making homes for more plants!!!

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Working in the studio tonight doing a little stamping.
Looks like more mugs in the making. Go figure.

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Don’t you just hate coming into the studio and finding “that” bowl sitting on a shelf to set up a bit… while all the timing telling yourself this is a bad idea so far out of the way… and then totally forgetting to trim it or wrap it up before going home!!! Done. Dry.

And sure, it was already stamped & detailed. Of course.

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Stamped & soda-fired for Mugshot Monday.