Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After tackling their wheelthrown spheres, we stuck with the geometric vibe, but switched over to handbuilding. And their next challenge was to handbuild a “perfect” cube… minimum of 4-inch wide. With only a half hour to finish it… they had to work fast with a dedicated plan. Many of them realized quickly that freshly thrown slabs aren’t as rigid as they would have hoped for. But they all perservered… along with some “structures” to help hold up their walls as they forged ahead. They were all a little “iffy” as the start… but quite impressive when they all came together in the final minutes!!!

For some reason, Patti & Jon decided to work together… which was adorable… but they only made ONE cube?! Not quite right… my thinking was each person should make a cube… so it makes sense that two people should make two cubes, right?

Sheesh… look at that craftsmanship… nice sharp corners there Jacob!

At the end of the thirty minutes, we had a table full of square cubes. Some had curved corners. Some were sagging a bit in the middle. All of them were pretty well assembled considering the time constraint.

And again, look at the sharp corners that Jacob had on his winning cube!
He was in the TOP TWO along with our “token” handbuilder Donna!




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