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It was a VERY productive day in the studio. A full batch of spoon rests were thrown this morning, stamped this afternoon, “quick-dried” to leatherhard so I could trim them and add colored flashing slip accents. Done. Full batch drying overnight… and into a bisque kiln tomorrow. Plus a whole bunch of other pieces I finished today. Whew!

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Another day with dramatic “mood lighting” in my studio without the ceiling light.
Tough to work “in the dark”… but the task lighting sure does make the textures pop!!!

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While many consider Sunday a “day of rest”…
today I’m calling it a “day of spoon rests”!!!

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This week in my pottery class, I showed them some more interesting glaze techniques, tricks & possibilities… including everyone’s favorite novelty… BUBBLE GLAZING!!! Just a little dishwashing soap in your glaze and a plastic straw to get it going! And when the bubbles pop, you’ve got a pretty sweet glaze application!

And when the bubbles pop, you’ve got a pretty sweet glaze application!

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Loving the groovy shadowplay on this freshly stamped bowl…
and the studio “mood” lighting doesn’t hurt any either!

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Is there such a thing as TOO MANY options when trying to decorate a simple bowl???
I don’t think so!

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Came into the studio last night to find that my overhead studio light has decided to completely stop working!!! So today I’m trying to get a lot done with some dramatic “mood” lighting… and will be until the fixture gets fixed!!!

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Lots of clouds. Lots of wind. Not much sunrise…
but still a great way to kick-off my Saturday morning!

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Great patterns & reliefs on pressed ceiling tiles in the theater lobby at Drury Lane. Might need to make some new stamps now???

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No sunrise this morning… just gray skies.
But plenty of glitzy glamor sparkling last night at Drury Lane Theater.