Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With a large cloud sweeping across the sky, a sliver of color early on led to a sweeping sunrise sky show. Still a bit chilly with a breeze coming in off the Lake… yet SO encouraging that Spring may actually be here soon!!!




Categories: bike, sunrise

A beautiful start to the morning. Gorgeous color playing low on the horizon as the clouds continued to roll in. A great way to start the day… before the sun disappeared for the remainder of the day!


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The sun finally came out today!!!
And a new garden of flowers has started blooming in the back stairwell at Lillstreet Art Center… thanks to the mosaics master Rochelle Borrett and the kids of ArtReach Chicago.

And still a work in progress…

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Not bad for one bag of clay, huh?
Another project in the works… one I’ve been “putting off” for quite awhile now!
Finally decided to get it done! So now I’ve got some stamping to do!!!

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I spy with my little eye… BLUE SKIES finally!!!
And a beautiful mural in the Lakeview neighborhood by Anthony Lewellen.
Getting a “view” of the Lake in Lakeview!


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This morning we awoke to another layer of snow & crusty ice. Perfect April weather…
if you’re a polar bear?!!! Luckily our Spring flowers are trying to be troopers
and enduring the prolonged cold right along with us!



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Yesterday my cousin Kim was hunkering down for another April snowstorm…
bringing in a few early bloomers before the snow got the best of them!
Thanks for sharing Kim!!!

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Last night before teaching class, I had just enough time to stamp another platter…
actually the demo platter I threw for class last week.

I started stamping with one stamp pressed in one… by one… by one… all the way around!


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It’s the Battle of the Ages… MAN VS. PIGEONS!!!

We have a pair of pigeons intent on roosting above my back door behind a decorative wrought iron grate. Adorable as baby pigeons might be, the birds just make a HUGE mess!!!

So my neighbors and I have tried shoo-ing, scaring and other measures… but they are persistent little buggers. So I finally decided to “throw them a party”… let’s see how they like the balloons?!!!

They don’t know who they’re messing with!!!

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Stamped porcelain mug for Mugshot Monday.