Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s Day Two of the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival. Blue skies and my flag is flying high!!!
We’re here until 5:00pm… c’mon by Booth #51.

And one of the “benefits” of doing the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival… is the FREE DONUTS! They supply the artists with sugar both days. And one of the organizers who was coordinating load-in by my booth was raving about the mint chocolate donuts. So I had to try one… and he didn’t steer me wrong!

And then THIS happened…

My booth neighbor Claudia asked if we had any rubbing alcohol. Odd.
Of course we did not… and THEN we found out why she was asking.

Apparently she had Super Glued her thumb to the tube of adhesive. And it was stuck.. and stuck good!!! So she did a little recognizance around the fair and finally settled in with some Windex Wipes which apparently did the job eventually. Not the best way to start off her morning… but entertaining for the rest of us!! Thanks  for the story Claudia of Baubbly!!




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