Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: kiln firing

Think of it as three-dimensional TETRIS with pots! Packing as many pieces in as you can. Shelf by shelf. Post by post. Building it up from the bottom. Layer by layer. All the while pacing yourself to spread pots all through the kiln. WHile packing it tight, but not too tight. Remember, for a good soda firing you want a good amount of open air for good air movement during the firing.

The back stack is loaded first… one shelf all the way up.

And always trying to get pots as close as possible to the curved roof of the kiln. Gotta use every possible space. I even threw in a couple student pieces to fill the shelf as I had run out of tall pieces for the left side of the shelf.

The front stack is two shelves deep. Again, pacing yourself trying to get is as many as possible. But restraining yourself from packing it too tightly. I think I did pretty well. All of the pieces I had glazed & wadded fit… okay, so two mugs are sitting on the bag wall, but… and I even had some space for a few student pieces. Like the little row of pumpkins second shelf from the top!

Cone packs have been put in top and bottom. And now the kiln door has been all bricked up. Packed with pots. Ready to be fired!!!



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